Industrial IoT Lab

We experiment with innovative solutions to develop autonomous and intelligent devices in the fields of diagnostics, predictive maintenance, process optimisation and real-time control.

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Welcome to the Industrial IoT Lab

Reply's industrial IoT laboratory, located within Area42, is the place where smart devices which integrate industrial platforms and cutting-edge artificial intelligence are developed in the fields of manufacturing, automotive and energy.

Solutions for Industrial IoT and AI on EDGE

The need for intelligent and autonomous devices is growing rapidly and technological innovation is aimed at an increasingly integrated decision-making capacity on the edge. How do we make autonomous devices safe and reliable? How will robots and devices interact with each other and with humans?

To meet the new demand for embedded intelligence, in the Industrial IoT Lab we are experimenting with integrated solutions in field devices and connected platforms. This opens up new application scenarios for AI in the industrial sector and aims to increase the life cycle of assets and improve productivity through process monitoring and control. The industrial applications concern robotics, automation, wearable devices and consumer electronics.

The areas of experimentation

Our technicians equip industrial machines with smart sensors and on-edge technology to optimise production processes, develop autonomous driving software for robots and industrial vehicles, and IoT platforms for controlling and monitoring production and logistics activities.

In the field of industrial mobility, we create control and dispatching platforms for autonomous mobile robots, integrating various partners and vehicles for industrial logistics.

Additionally, at the Industrial IoT Lab we are developing demonstrations of various industrial applications, in partnership with HW suppliers such as ST-Microelectronics.


  • AI on EDGE

  • Autonomous Driving Algorithms

  • Model-based Design

  • Matlab & Simulink

  • Real-time Simulation

  • Machine Vision

  • Battery Management System

  • Data Driven Anomaly Detection

  • Predictive Maintenance

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