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We test Autonomous Robots integrated with the power of the Cloud for new business opportunities

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Welcome to Robotics Lab

Reply’s Robotics Lab, located within Area42, is where we test the agility of autonomous robots in carrying out patrolling, inspection and anomaly detection activities, combined with the power and capabilities of the cloud in processing the data collected and understanding the results.

Robots and cloud computing for new business models

The evolution of AI and mechatronics continues to expand the capability of robots to move and understand the world around them, from patrolling complex environments, to reading signs and signals, to detecting anomalies. But how can we manage and analyse the large set of data generated by these operations?

In our Robotics Lab, we test the agility of autonomous robots and their components capable of capturing and recording information during their operation, processing the data collected thanks to Artificial Intelligence platforms and cloud-based algorithms.

Areas of experimentation

Our specialised technicians work on the configuration of autonomous robots that perform maintenance and control tasks, even potentially repetitive ones, over large areas. Thanks to the integration of these robots with cloud-based solutions, it is possible to directly monitor or view the results of the operations carried out, without the need to be physically present on site.

In our Robotics Lab, we design and test scenarios of interaction between robots and the surrounding environment, in order to carry out monitoring activities or enable the detection of values and anomalies on different types of devices.

Thanks to the cloud, it is also possible to view the data, photos and videos captured by the robots and the results of Machine Learning algorithms, enabling the management and storage of results through specific real-time monitoring platforms.


  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (like Spot, developed by Boston Dynamics) with anomaly detection, inspection and patrolling capabilities

  • Microsoft Azure Platform

  • ROS

  • Cloud dashboards

  • Machine Learning

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