Autonomous Warehouse Lab

We integrate Reply’s Warehouse Management platforms with automated warehouse management solutions based on drones

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Welcome to Autonomous Warehouse Lab

Reply's Autonomous Warehouse Lab, located within Area42, is where we test and develop autonomous solutions for the management of warehouse operations (inventory, picking, operations optimisation) through drones, autonomous vehicles, computer vision and advanced Warehouse Management platforms.

Drones and autonomous vehicles for warehouse management operations

Traditionally, paper-based and mobile-based approaches are used for carrying out warehouse management activities. Consequently, they often require a large amount of manual labour and are often prone to error.

To speed up and automate these operations, we test the integration of Reply’s proprietary Warehouse Management solutions (LEA ReplyTM and Click ReplyTM) with self-driving drones in our Autonomous Warehouse Lab. We aim to demonstrate the effectiveness of current and future technologies that can be adopted within a warehouse, gaining insights from data in real time.

Areas of experimentation

Our experts dedicate their time to the study and experimentation of innovative technologies, including drones, intelligent software that exploit Machine Learning algorithms, and Computer Vision techniques, sensors and AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). Moreover, we integrate the most effective solutions with products from Reply’s proprietary WMS suite: LEA ReplyTM, based on a microservices architecture and cloud computing technologies, and Click ReplyTM, based on the classic 3-tier architecture.

The tested solutions guarantee extreme precision of inventory activities, thanks to the drone’s ability to recognise the barcodes of materials in stock immediately, thereby reducing costs and the need for manual work, as well as ensuring greater safety. The integration with Reply’s WMS also offers an intuitive interface through which users can plan each warehouse management activity, and monitor the results in a clear and simple manner.


  • Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

  • Autonomous scanning

  • Image capture

  • Autonomous indoor navigation

  • Self-charging solution

  • Computer Vision

  • LEA ReplyTM

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