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Hybrid work audit

How to optimize your hybrid work strategy to ensure employees collaboration, cybersecurity management and a smooth integration with your company culture.

What do we mean by “hybrid working”?

Currently, for many companies, “hybrid working” is thought of as a combination of two distinct working models: remote and office work. As a result, many organisations struggle to articulate and manage the challenges which accompany hybrid working. A true hybrid working model should instead consider a new, blended way of working.

Challenges associated with hybrid working

In order to assess hybrid work configuration and policies, a variety of elements have to be evaluated.

Collaboration regardless of location

Technology and processes need to support collaboration from anywhere. Are they working effectively, long-term? Does your company have the right tools in place and are they accessible to staff?

Integration with company culture

How do you ensure employees benefit from company culture when remote? Each company has to guarantee its hybrid set up is a lever for employee engagement and satisfaction.

Cybersecurity management effectiveness

Maintaining a secure access to remote devices is a must have. Do employees understand how to work securely when remote? Does your company have appropriate security detection and response capabilities to respond to remote attacks?

Efficient IT teams & equipment

IT teams need to assist in supporting remote workers. Do employees have access to all the equipment they need to work efficiently from home?

Four core modules for a comprehensive audit

WM Reply, Net Reply and Cluster Reply have joined forces to offer a hybrid working audit which consists of four core modules.



In this module, WM Reply assesses the current hybrid collaboration experience for employees through a series of discovery workshops, end user workshops and interviews, surveys, and stakeholder interviews. We also review the effectiveness and set-up of online working and collaboration tools, as well as the hybrid working roadmap.


Culture & leadership

In this module, WM Reply assesses the company culture, leadership approach and manager effectiveness regarding hybrid working through discovery workshops, end user workshops interviews and surveys. Our goal is to provide insights on how to improve the effectiveness of your hybrid working strategy.



Net Reply's module assesses end user security awareness through workshops and surveys, and reviews security policies and strategies. We also assess current cyber security capabilities through interviews with IT and Security Architects, and review hybrid risk strategy and policies. Our goal is to enhance cyber security readiness and reduce risk.


IT infrastructure

Cluster Reply's module assesses the IT infrastructure scenario through interviews with key stakeholders. We review mobile device management, configuration management, virtual desktop infrastructure, identity solution, remote scanning and printing solutions, and automated OS deployment use cases, aiming at optimizing infrastructure for better performance.

Ready to maximize your hybrid work productivity? Reach out to us and deep dive into our comprehensive audit.