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AI-supported 3rd-level support

Reply is setting a new standard for 3rd-level support with specialized agents. These agents perform technical support tasks like fixing code or executing tests almost autonomously.


AI agents automate troubleshooting

The increasing complexity of IT environments, the growing number of IT systems, and a shortage of skilled labor are leading to bottlenecks and delays in 3rd-level support in many companies. But it is precisely here where quick action is usually required. For example, errors in critical production environments or security risks need to be fixed immediately in order to avoid or at least minimize economic damage.

This is why Reply is constantly developing AI agents that work together to evolve 3rd-level support.

Tailored solutions

Depending on the company's requirements different agents are used, each fulfilling one of the following tasks almost autonomously:


Creation of analytical insights

By comprehensively processing and evaluating all available data, this AI agent provides deep insights that allow employees to better understand and analyze the problem and develop a customized solution with the help of the agent.


Fixing errors in the code

In order to not only recognize and understand errors quickly but also to eliminate them, Reply has developed this agent. It corrects the code completely autonomously.


Generation of new code

If not just a correction, but a completely new code is required, this agent comes into play. It develops new code in a matter of seconds based on proven best practices.


Execution of tests

This AI agent ensures that the adaptations and new code parts that the other agents have generated actually work.


Deployment of the revised code

With this AI agent, companies can ensure that the revised code is seamlessly integrated into the existing environment. It automates the deployment.



This AI agent automates the documentation process in order to provide detailed and up-to-date information to support teams, product owners, and testers, for example. This ensures the connectivity and traceability of the solution.

Perfect interaction

These intelligent agents allow companies to resolve complex problems faster and more efficiently and minimize the impact on the business.

Thanks to the multi-agent framework KICODE Reply, managing the agents is a piece of cake. Thanks to the holistic concept, nothing prevents perfect interaction. And so Reply's innovative approach sets a new standard in technical support.

The advantages at a glance

Further development instead of hotfixes

Thanks to the AI agents, companies can significantly speed up 3rd-level support. This enables extensive improvements in cases where previously only hotfixes, in other words, punctual adjustments, were possible.

Higher code quality

All solutions are based on proven best practices. This ensures high quality.

More efficient use of resources

Thanks to the support of AI agents, employees can concentrate on developing new and innovative solutions.

Easy integration

The AI agents can be easily integrated into existing environments and can be managed centrally thanks to KICODE Reply.

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