Case Study

Accelerate business requirements collection with AI

Introducing an ecosystem of agents to expedite business requirements collection as part of the AI-powered software development lifecycle.

#Generative AI


A faster time to market with low impact on core systems

Reply has developed a suite of specialised Generative AI-based agents tailored for service providers such as Telco and Utilities, focusing on streamlining the commercial offer management process.

These agents aid both the Marketing and IT departments by expediting the creation of commercial offers, products, and services for market release, while ensuring minimal or no disruption to legacy systems and processes.

The main features of the agents ecosystem

Marketing Copilot

It assists in identifying inspirations by conducting analysis of previous offers thanks to large language models, defining commercial and technical data using knowledge base and historical data, and retrieving or generating missing information through Generative AI.

IT Copilot

It facilitates requirements management and automates information completion, data verification, and control. It also aids in KPI recovery and progress tracking based on data analysis, leveraging internal wikis to expedite human processes.

Testing Copilot

It provides an end-to-end perspective, spanning from transformation of requirement into test case to test implementation, while also ensuring validation of human steps within the process..

Several benefits for all the stakeholders

The agents' ecosystem could be seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive redesign of the software development lifecycle by incorporating AI-powered agents collaborating at every stage. This integration holds significant potential for cost savings within the IT Department. Moreover, leveraging this innovative solution to achieve a Faster Time To Market not only enhances efficiency, control, and quality but also ensures adaptability to rapidly changing market dynamics. The agents' suite's focus on business requirements facilitates the streamlined creation and implementation of commercial offers, thereby reducing errors and misunderstandings between departments and minimising invoicing errors (i.e., revenue leakage).


Combining knowledge base improvement and conversational interfaces

Reply's solution harnesses the power of Generative AI to establish a robust knowledge base tailored to each client's unique needs, forming the bedrock for understanding and crafting offers. The suite enhances efficiency and accuracy by assigning specialised agents to handle specific tasks, thereby optimising overall performance. This involves establishing a structured framework for managing and updating the knowledge base, ensuring that it remains up-to-date and relevant to evolving business needs.The communication interface between AI and all the stakeholders integrates various tools, including chat and chatbots, to facilitate seamless interaction between business users, IT staff, and AI agents acting along the value chain. These interfaces promote effective communication and collaboration, enhancing the effectiveness of a smoother workflow.