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Generating functional analysis documents with KICODE Reply

Reply, with its proprietary solution KICODE Reply, is supporting a major Italian banking institution in the application of an AI agent for the generation of functional analysis documents.

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To automatically construct functional analysis documents starting from complex, heterogeneous datasets.


Redefining software development with AI

With the increasing spread of Artificial Intelligence tools, the banking sector is facing the challenge of optimizing the entire software development lifecycle, from the initial analysis phase through to coding and testing.

In this context, a major Italian banking institution needed to speed up the functional analysis phase in particular, starting from various data sources ranging from written texts to audio files and various kinds of documents for the development of an application dedicated to its employees. The goal was to implement a solution that could not only automate the creation of functional analysis documents, making the process faster and more efficient but also improve the accuracy of the documentation generated, to optimize the effectiveness of internal development processes.


KICODE Reply for the generation of functional analysis documents

To address the needs of the banking institution, Reply introduced KICODE Reply, the proprietary framework that leverages Generative AI to manage the entire software life cycle in an increasingly autonomous manner. The proposed solution is designed to process and transform incoming information, such as technical or business requirements, into functional analysis documents that are not only accurate and consistent, but also perfectly aligned with the standards and needs of the banking institution. The tool offers the flexibility to select specific templates for the creation of these documents, ensuring that each output precisely reflects the required format and style. Furthermore, the ability to aggregate and organize input information allows users to query the knowledge base via a chat, making it easy to find information and identify the original source of any data included in the final document, ensuring complete traceability and greater ease in information management.


An automated workflow for document consistency


The need for manual intervention is reduced, thanks to the aggregation and automatic analysis of all input data within a single database.

Standardized outputs

Uniform and complete documents are generated from predefined templates.


It is possible to efficiently manage a wide range of heterogeneous data.

Semantic accuracy

Precise semantic correspondence is guaranteed through the use of advanced embedding techniques.

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