Microsoft Dynamics / 4PS


CMSA is a construction company which is currently expanding its operations from a regional to a national scale. A new ERP system was needed to meet the requirements associated with project control, planning effectiveness and the use of new technologies.

The objective was to adopt an innovative, international and integrated system, capable of providing a unique and comprehensive view of business activities in terms of finance, administration, planning and on-site activities. Moreover, the integration of specific features and technologies available on the market, such as BIM, was also required, as well as tools needed for installations and to facilitate on-site data entry and operation, enabling project managers to use the system.

Massimo Pascarella, CMSA Operations Director and project manager explains: “The new system allows us to have a single, real-time view of the projects and processes in place, thereby enabling us to take timely actions relating to planning and scheduling; moreover, with Reply’s support, we are looking to further expand the functional limits of a solution that allows us to present ourselves as a leading company from a technological point of view".


CMSA made a highly innovative choice by launching, 12 months ago, a project focused on the digital transformation of their activities based on Microsoft technology. Cluster Reply accompanied CMSA along this journey, focused on Microsoft Dynamics’ 4PS Construct ERP solution, which not only guarantees a unique and integrated management of the technical areas (estimate calculation, construction sites, equipment) and administration/control (budgeting, contract management and economic/financial planning), but also makes it possible to open up to the latest technologies available on the market (BIM, IOT, augmented reality).

The project objectives are:

  • monitoring of the environmental conditions of the construction site
  • real time asset management
  • energy management
  • the use of predictive models to support the maintenance of the works

The project developed into a partnership that saw the solution extended to cover the specific characteristics of the Italian sector, primarily in the areas relating to construction site management, subcontracting, ATI (temporary association of companies) and consortium companies. The Board of Directors of CMSA selected a strategy that brought the company to the forefront of the sector, supporting a transformation that will allow it to consolidate its business capacity on a national scale.

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    The CMSA (Cooperative of construction workers, labourers and similar) was founded in Montecatini Terme in 1944 and operates in the construction market. In recent years, with an average annual production value of approximately EUR 90 million and 130 partners and employees, CMSA has established itself as one of the leading companies in the sector at national level, both in terms of quality and in the quantity of work.


    Cluster Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in Microsoft technologies and applications. The company is focused on innovation and has followed the evolution of Microsoft’s wide range of cloud and on-premise products and services up to the latest versions offered in the Modern Workplace, Business Applications, Applications and Infrastructure, Data and Artificial Intelligence realms.