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How to unleash the full potential of Oracle Transportation Management Cloud

Learn how two customers, supported by Business Reply, have migrated their existing OTM system to the Cloud.

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Managing the transportation of goods through OTM

Two world-class leaders in the production and distribution of capital goods, operating in multiple regions, back in time were part of the same Group, which since 2006 started managing and tracking the transportation of goods across regions in a centralised, structured and tailored way using OTM (Oracle Transportation Management). The solution allows for the planning and optimization of transportation requests through the network, the tracking of the shipments, the control over the relationship with the carriers, and the allocation and invoicing of transport costs.


The journey towards OTM Cloud

After many years of rewarding activities, the Group confirmed the partnership with Oracle, and Business Reply as system integrator, by choosing to migrate towards OTM Cloud Solution. The journey to migrate OTM towards the SAAS Cloud consisted of a deep review of the existing functionalities and a profound technology modernization.

After the separation, both companies have confirmed OTM as their Transportation Management System with two separate platforms. For one of the two companies in particular, the next step will consist of completing the onboarding of After Market Solutions Europe onto OTM, in order to address the challenges of the distribution of Spare Parts and their related services.

Towards the optimal cloud solution

Business Reply relied on the know-how acquired through many years of OTM projects, to define and recommend the optimal cloud migration. More specifically, a solution that enabled the customers to address country-specific needs across 4 global regions, and enhance transportation processes and preserve existing data from the withdrawing on-site OTM platform.

Requirements standardization

Business Reply listened to each of the four regions’ logistic centers to validate a 'standard' system product and ensure that every local requirement would be covered - taking into consideration the existing OTM regional customizations as well as those under development.

This strategy allowed for the implementation of an incremental Go-live plan for the four regions to the Cloud, according to their increasing complexity.

Parallel implementation

Two parallel actions were established to safeguard the functionality of the system during the migration. One was process-oriented - involving the system's operational and technical aspects, as well as the transportation planning. The other was technological and focused on the migration of historical data from the old to the new Cloud platform. These synchronised actions enhanced the efficiency of project activities and represented a key element for the success of the initiative.

Looking at the results

The Cloud migration has represented for the customers a turning point towards a more advanced Transportation Management System. Not only does OTM Cloud make use of cutting-edge tools, it also solves problems of technological obsolescence: system version update projects are no longer required, since maintenance and quarterly functionality releases are done automatically, saving money and time.

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