Coping with the relationship between individual and company, Smart Working provides people with flexibility and autonomy. Discover how you can gain the benefits of rethinking “intelligent” ways in which work is carried out both inside and outside your company.

Work goes digital

Reply enables your employees to get their job done wherever and whenever works for them.
Reply help roll out digital smart working solutions on both G Suite and Microsoft 365. We also inform and prepare your workforce for this new way of working through clear communications and best practice adoption.

Put your employees first, create interactions and engage people

We offer services to enable and engage employees to work remotely: communicating workplace strategy to employees, ensuring employees engaged and ready for the changes, helping employees choose the best digital tools for the job.

Reply knows how to deal with the need of making work digital and innovative In order to support change management and digitalization of all business areas.

Design and implementation of new solutions to support work on mobility

Migration on cloud of corporate/business apps in order to be accessed from everywhere, at anytime

Innovation on workplace and employees experiences to make workforce more productive and successful

Processes and training redesign with best practice guides on working remotely in a smart way

Digital Collaboration

Employees from different locations can today work as a team thanks to social enterprise platforms and communication tools, with 24x7 availability of knowledge bases and business applications.

Social enterprise platforms are the base to build up modern Intranets, with a high level of customization and profiling. They merge corporate contents, discussion areas and seamless access to applications on the cloud inside well-designed, effective employee-journeys.

New powerful communication tools enable high-definition and 3D video-collaboration, collaborative editing of documents, and universal access to e-mail and live collaboration tools. Developers from different organizations can easily work together too on shared code source and easily deploy on cloud.

Smart Working

Digital workflows and smart processes let employees work from home and in mobility, safely and efficiently. Managed Desktop and Mobile Device Management let companies be on the safe side, protecting their data and devices from malicious use from unauthorized parties.

Mobile applications on tablets enable the salesforce to work in-store and at customer’s home seamlessly, with real-time synchronization with central systems and the opportunity to sign legal contracts with mobile OTP’s.

Even jobs once strictly based on physical places like customer care, now can be easily be done at home. However, companies must set up new distance training processes to let corporate users understand how to use systems, applications, and devices.

In some European countries, smart working is allowed on a strong legal set of rules: Reply has relevant experience on how to deal with legal and compliance challenges.

Workplace Digitalization

Actual offices and factories are often old and not sustainable. The green redesign is helpful to make them more eco-friendly and efficient at the same time, thanks to the adoption of the Internet of Things.

Digital twins help companies in different industries to make business decisions without huge investments in prototyping. Augmented and Virtual Reality offer different opportunities in several fields, including design, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Chatbots and virtual agents can take in charge low-profile jobs and are available 24x7. Robot Process Automation lets companies redesign internal processes to make administrative tasks faster too. Workforce Management Solutions give flexibility to employees thanks to self-service features on schedule management, boosting coverage of shifts on complex organizations.

Smart Collaboration

Do you need to provide employees with the tools and technology to work wherever and whenever they need?
Discover Reply best practices and success stories!


News & Communication

Reply’s Hybrid Work research confirms that “Hybrid work is not a passing trend”, as it focuses on the rapid evolution of technologies designed to support the new ways of working

Increased productivity and advanced collaboration are only two of the benefits the new hybrid work models bring and will soon be the new normal in the business world.



Hybrid Work

Digital and technology are reshaping the future of the employee experience: companies need to foster digital literacy and the skills of their employees. Innovative leaders, moreover, must integrate sustainability, digital and technology into corporate culture and identity. The evolution of organizations relies on new ways of working, including the collaboration between humans and AI-powered assistants.

The research explores the opportunities of new hybrid work models

Hybrid Work 0

Digital Workplace


TamTamy learning experience

TamTamy Reply redefines the concept of a Learning Experience Platform: putting the employee first by providing a personalized learning path, simple and engaging learning content, enabling peer to peer training, enhancing collaboration and communication. TamTamy is a unified solution for learning, enterprise social networks and intranets. Listen to the voice of your employees with TamTamy’s tools, formats and services.

Robotic Process Automation

Case Study

Helvetia Versicherungen, Austria: Relieved from unloved tasks

Simple manual processes tie up many resources. Macros Reply has automated these for Helvetia Austria with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Thanks to a solution with UiPath, customers now also benefit from faster responses.

Digital Workplace

Case Study

Workstation Modernization with Windows 10

Cluster Reply helped the Client to create a deployment strategy for Windows 10 using System Center Configuration Manager; that automated all the deployment processes without any user interaction, providing a customized ready-to-use workstation.

Workstation Modernization with Windows 10 0


Best Practice


Due to the Corona crisis many Companies are becoming even more aware that many processes are still manual and non-digital. Efficient and remote (home) work is only possible with digitization. Now is the time to set up the organization of the future.

Macros eWorkplace is the intelligent suite for document and procedural processing without media breaks.


Digital Workplace

Case Study

Empower people with Smart Working

The Client’s requirement is the adoption of an unified Digital Workplace platform managed centrally and with a high level of security. Discover how Cluster Reply designed a new Corporate solution.

Empower people with Smart Working 0

Digital Workplace

Workplace from Facebook

Workplace from Facebook and Avvio Reply are combining technology and comms expertise to build a fully connected and highly engaged workplace community, leading to guaranteed business results. Avvio Reply bring their creativity and engagement expertise to guarantee successful and long-lasting application adoption


News & Communication

WM Reply Recognized as a Finalist of the 2021 Microsoft Employee Experience Partner of the Year Award

WM Reply today announced it has been named a finalist of the Employee Experience 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award.

Modern workplace

Case Study

"I think the Platform is a work of art."

Transport for London (TfL) are using native SharePoint Online functionality to deliver their intranet. Supported by WM Reply's Accelerator to deliver an enhanced experience, TfL have migrated away from three legacy intranets onto a unified Platform, positioned right at the heart of their digital workplace.

Digital Workplace

Case Study

Improving Collaboration with Teams

Cluster Reply helped the Client to define a change management strategy to deploy Microsoft Teams following very high security requirements on Windows 10 workstations and mobile devices; that cultivated a new approach to team collaboration and improved productivity by leveraging on easy-to-use, intuitive tools and processes.

Digital Workplace

Case Study

Drive value with Digital Workplace transformation

Cluster Reply helped the Client to create a digital workplace strategy around Windows 10 and Office365 integration; that cultivated a new approach to team collaboration and improved productivity by leveraging on easy-to-use, intuitive tools and processes.


Case Study

Atlantic challengers use Microsoft technology to communicate

A sister and brother rowing team are using the latest communications solutions from Microsoft while involved in a competition to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a 3,000-mile-long race. Experts in Microsoft collaborative tools, at WM Reply, we can assist you with bespoke solutions for your business needs.

Digital Workplace

Case Study

How to help companies' employees shift to remote working

As a response to an increase in remote working, Sky wanted their employees to have access to the best possible tools to enable them to operate as efficiently as possible. Avvio Reply were asked to develop a communication strategy to ensure a successful transition to this new way of working.

How to help companies' employees shift to remote working 0

Digital Workplace

Case Study

Digital Workplace strategy for companies

Nationwide wanted to create a truly ‘digital workplace’, providing employees with the tools and technology to work wherever and whenever they chose. Avvio Reply helped Nationwide to communicate their workplace strategy to the business, ensuring employees were ready for the change.

Digital Workplace strategy for companies 0

Digital Workplace

Best Practice

Productivity and Work Transformation

Go Reply has developed an adoption framework that incorporates both technology and processes. Go Reply approaches projects with the end user experience in mind. Implementations drive business benefits from collaboration and productivity and also minimise any disruption to the end user through careful change management.

12.03.2020 / Online


Prepare your colleagues & digital workplace for large scale remote working

Join Reply's network, connectivity and digital workplace experts to run through the top 10 considerations to handle an increase in remote working and record sickness.

React quickly to the outbreak and prepare for a surge in remote working


Best Practice

This must be the digital workplace

TamTamy Reply redefines the concept of a collaborative platform with the introduction of the Digital Workplace solution. The Digital Workplace is an ecosystem in whose work tools and methods are rethought in order to guarantee an experience similar to that of our personal sphere.

Intranet Strategy

Best Practice

9 tips for a successful intranet strategy

WM Reply has compiled 9 tips for a successful intranet strategy, based on the vast experience gathered in numerous projects for a wide range of customers.

12.02.2020 - 13.02.2020 / London


Learning Technologies 2020

TamTamy Reply will be present at the Learning Technologies 2020 event on the 12-13 February at Booth C48. The Learning Technologies event is Europe's leading workplace learning event.



From Intranet to Digital Workplace.
From Engagement to Employee Experience.
TamTamy X is the platform that enhances people and collaboration in everyday work.


Mobile Applications

Case Study

Connecting people through technology at British Gas

British Gas were in need of a business solution that would engage their employees across 12 call centres and provide the necessary training to over 1000 employees. WM Reply worked towards a tight deadline, delivering the solution in a short space of time.

Engagement & Adoption

Case Study

"I Have Never Felt So Globally Connected."

A multinational alcoholic beverage company approached WM Reply to help migrate 30,000 users to SharePoint 2013 and Office 365. Find out how we led the change.


News & Communication

Lloyds implements Microsoft technology to fuel digital transformation

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) has officially announced a new strategic partnership working alongside technology giant Microsoft in a bid to accelerate the organisation’s journey towards complete digital transformation. At WM Reply, we create bespoke solutions for specific enterprise needs using the most cutting-edge technology from Microsoft.


Case Study

Guiding employees through change

TFL were going through a period of huge change from both an infrastructure and organisational point of view and staff were being bombarded with new information all the time. Avvio Reply worked with TFL to develop a solution to help staff understand their new roles and organisatonal structure, while also educating them about the proposition and strategy behind it.

Guiding employees through change 0

Modern Workforce

Best Practice

"Where do you Workplace?"

Today’s workspace is on-the-go. Implico Reply & Workplace help you break down geographic and technology barriers to communication and collaboration to satisfy the needs of your changing workforce.
Workplace’s personalized feeds, live chat, video broadcasts, secure file sharing and familiar interfaces encourage open communication that accelerates idea sharing and drives productivity.

Discover more!

Social Networking solutions

Best Practice

How Social Networking and Crowdsourcing can boost your business

Social Media have changed our way of communicating and interacting. People of all ages use the new communication models increasingly pervasively and naturally in their daily lives; businesses, too, have now embraced these models on a massive scale.

Digital Workplace

Case Study

A strategic approach to Yammer collaboration

When you’re working within a global organisation with a diverse workforce, ensuring your people have an outlet to work together, share their views and collaborate is essential to the growth and success of your company. But how do you bring your people together in a way that allows them to work together openly? You take a strategic approach with WM Reply.

Digital Workplace

Case Study

Diageo's Success Story

Hear the story of how Diageo became one of the most engaged enterprise networks in the world. From identifying obsolete stock opportunities to sharing stories about how Alia, an archivist at Diageo, uses Yammer to share powerful brand stories from the past to influence products today. Diageo and their Adoption Partner, WM Reply, show us how they created, nurture and analyze this world-class Yammer network.

02.04.2020 / English Language


Fall in Love with the new Yammer

The Fall in Love series is back with its latest instalment all about the New Yammer!  With Microsoft heralding 2020 as the 'Year of Yammer', the WM Reply team has organized a series of enlightening lightning talks and panel discussions around the all new Yammer.


News & Communication

New Microsoft acquisition helps customer cloud migration

Many companies are now choosing to make the move from on-premises storage to cloud-based platforms to house data, as they offer both lower energy costs and improved scalability. As experts in Microsoft technology like O365 and SharePoint WM Reply is ideally placed to assist you.


News & Communication

Real conversations about workplace collaboration

WM Reply's Senior Change and Communications Consultant Charlene Cottle talks about the beauty of Yammer and collaboration in the workplace.


News & Communication

Take-up of collaboration tools a focus for Microsoft

In several key moves which may come as good news for administrators of enterprise social network collaboration platforms, Microsoft has chosen to add a free version of its Teams workplace communications tool, as well as boost cross-platform support for its popular Whiteboard app. Get in touch with WM Reply!

Strategy Cascade

Case Study

Bringing BP's strategy to Life

In an industry facing ongoing change and volatility, BP Shipping identified a need to rearticulate their strategy to reposition their function within the wider BP context. Avvio Reply worked with BP to produce an engaging way to communicate this strategy both onshore and offshore across all regions. The strategy cascade workshops were a big success, with an overwhelmingly positive employee response as the strategy was accessible to all.

Corporate Social Network

Best Practice

Announcing 'Fabbrica Futuro', the social platform for Reale Group employees

The aim is to transfer knowledge about the group’s strategic projects in Italy and Spain by engaging with employees in a new and innovative way. Fabbrica Futuro is a genuine corporate social network that has been created in cooperation with TamTamy Reply, the Reply group company that specialises in designing and developing commmunities.


Best Practice

Microsoft Teams for Sales

How Microsoft Teams Can Optimize and Automate Your RFP and Proposal Process. ​One of the key factors in the success of a new business proposal is not only the quality and competitiveness of the proposal content but the speed with which it can be provided.

Employees Collaboration

Case Study

Driving Adoption of Digital Collaboration Tools: The Coca-Cola Enterprises Project

With the support of Avvio Reply, Coca-Cola Enterprises has successfully communicated the benefits of its new digital collaboration tools. As digital becomes an increasingly important sales driver for CCE, it’s vital that their employees’ own understanding and knowledge of the power of digital keeps pace.

Driving Adoption of Digital Collaboration Tools The Coca-Cola Enterprises Project 0


Best Practice

MICROSOFT TEAMS - Rapid Deployment

A framework for fast and wide implementation and integration. Valorem Reply’s Rapid Teams Deployment solution is designed for organizations that have transitioned to the Office 365 but have not deployed Teams.

Public Sector and Automotive

Case Study

Reti Amiche on the Job “Worker-Friendly Networks on the Job”

With the signing of the Memorandum of Intent with the Ministry of Public Administration, FIAT now offers its employees the opportunity to use services offered by the Piemonte Region and the City of Turin through the company’s own network, with the solution “Reti Amiche on the Job” (“Worker-Friendly Networks on the Job”), developed in collaboration with Cluster Reply.

Sharepoint intranets

Case Study

Highstreet Retailer Connects Employees Around the World

A British high street retailer was looking to introduce a new intranet which would allow increased efficiency between corporate and retail based staff. Valorem Reply has introduced a new multilingual intranet would cater for these requirements.


Best Practice

A Must-see for anyone planning a Sharepoint Migration

Discover how to prepare, plan for and deliver one of the most challenging transformation projects enterprise businesses face with WM Reply. Top tips and our lessons learned from our many projects taking clients from SharePoint on premise (2007-2013) to Office 365 (O365) and SharePoint Online.


Best Practice

Office 365

At WM Reply, we have an in-depth knowledge of Office 365 and will take the time to get to know your business; helping us to understand how your organisation can benefit from its features.

Engagement & Adoption

Case Study

'It's all about connections' at the Arts Council

Arts Council England commissioned WM Reply to help them to encourage user adoption of their new SharePoint and Yammer business solution.

Smart Enterprise

Pave the way for immersive holographic telepresence with HoloBeams.
Discover how to leverage Augmented and Virtual Reality within the enterprise.
Push digitalization opportunities for Industry 4.0 factories, farms, and logistics.


Best Practice

Collaborative Work with Virtual Reality

Online meetings are practical: they are quick to set up, do not require any special technology and do not involve any travel time. But they do have a certain bland aspect: the interactivity of a face-to-face meeting is lost. Infinity Reply's solution: Virtual workspaces supported by immersive technologies.



Training VR solutions for Industry 4.0

Virtual reality is a technology that is set to radically improve all aspects of our lives, including learning. Protocube Reply has developed a VR Training solution integrated with Industry 4.0 logics that can ensure an objective series of advantages and that have already successfully been tested in real-world situations.



Meably System

Meably is a platform for iOS tablets composed of a series of integrated tools that make it possible to integrate and automate many of the operations involved in management and maintenance processes.  For the Protocube Reply R&D Department automating Sea Marconi’s management and maintenance processes represented a major challenge: that of developing an Industry 4.0 maintenance service based on the most advanced and reliable 3D technologies currently available.



HOLOBEAM - Holographic telepresence technology

Valorem Reply’s holographic telepresence technology, HoloBeam, makes it possible to remotely communicate with your colleagues, partners and clients using 3D depth, motion, and full color volumetric video and a standard internet connection, from anywhere in the world, in real-time, and with no perceptible delay.

26.06.2019 / Modern Workplace Award

News & Communication

Valorem Reply Wins 2019 MSUS Partner Award for Modern Workplace- Teamwork

Valorem Reply is honored to have been selected as the Microsoft 2019 MSUS Partner Award for Modern Workplace – Teamwork!

Immersive Technologies

Best Practice


Now is the time to break away from pure analogue reality and enhance experiences with virtual components. But are you ready to fully utilize the possibilities of the digital transformation for improved user experiences and to incorporate virtual, augmented or mixed reality (XR) into your business model?




Forge Reply developed a virtual reality application to showcase the working cycle and functionalities of the ACS system. Based on the Unity 3D game engine, the application allows the visualization of a 1:1 scale reproduction of the filling system thanks to the virtual reality headset HTC Vive. First person virtual reality navigation of a pharmaceutical laboratory with simulated hand controlled work cycles.



VR training for medium voltage ABB systems

To answer to the specific needs of ABB, Forge Reply deveolped an e-learning platform dedicated to the training of personell operating on medium voltage systems and apparatus. 3D and VR interactive platform built to train staff employed in maintenance operations on ABB's medium voltage systems.

VR training for medium voltage ABB systems 0



Messersì Saturno VR

A Saturno wrapping machines virtual reality simulation on Gear VR mobile devices. To answer Messersi's needs, Forge Reply developed a virtual reality app to showcase features and working cycles of the Saturno wrapping machine, using a Samsung Gear VR headset.

Immersive Experience

Best Practice

Area 360: The Reply Center for Augmented & Virtual Reality

The leading center for augmented and virtual reality – where dedicated technologies are tested and innovative solutions are designed in support of business. From the creation of 3D virtual reality applications to the production of multimedia content, a wide range of solutions and services designed to meet specific customer needs.


Digital Twin

Best Practice

Digital Twins for the Intelligent Factory

Manufacturers must leverage the potential of technological developments such as IoT, cloud computing and machine learning to stay competitive. One possibility: the concept of the Digital Twin.