Case Study

Successfully embracing digital feedback processes

With the support of Valorem Reply, Wunderman Thompson revolutionized its previous paper-based feedback processes, through digitization journey based on the THRIVE application.

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Implement a digital feedback system integrated into the workflow, engaging employees and centralizing conversations on professional development.


Evolving beyond traditional paper-based methods

With a global workforce of nearly 20,000 professionals across 90 markets, Wunderman Thomson, a global marketing communications agency understands the importance of empowering employees to develop their personal brands and to promote a safe space to provide continuous feedback to leadership. To achieve this, they sought a digital feedback system that was simple, easy to manage, engaging, and seamlessly integrated into the workflow. Previously, most employees were not actively participating in feedback initiatives due to the lack of a formal process for soliciting, recording, and following up on employee input. Valuable insights often remained buried in email exchanges or scattered across various documents and personal accounts.

Recognizing the need for a streamlined feedback system that spans all levels of the company, Wunderman Thompson turned to Valorem Reply.
Together, they devised and implemented a new Microsoft Teams application that enables employees to capture their personal brand through self-reflection, feedback gathering, and goal setting. With the successful rollout of the THRIVE app to approximately 11,000 employees, the process of collecting, tracking, and collaborating on feedback and career development conversations has been centralized and made easily accessible. The aim was to create an intuitive tool that seamlessly integrates with existing productivity tools, promoting widespread adoption.

The Solution

Driving employee engagement and adoption company-wide

Valorem Reply developed a scalable solution capable of empowering Wunderman Thompson employees to manage their personal brand through an effective feedback process. The primary objectives included offering career development and coaching based on performance and behavior-based feedback, simplifying the steps for requesting, submitting, and tracking feedback, and standardizing the process and timing of career conversations with managers. The THRIVE application, integrated with Microsoft Teams, was designed to address these needs, allowing Wunderman Thompson to successfully eliminate its paper-based review process. Employees can now set goals and nominate peers for year-end reviews without leaving their Microsoft Teams interface, with an intuitive user experience. The THRIVE app enhances the feedback process by simplifying the nomination and removal of reviewers and enables managers to access employees' professional goals and collaborate on development plans. With all feedback-related tasks managed within Microsoft Teams, the platform securely stores all forms and data in one place, facilitating continuous reporting and analysis.

We’ve seen an 85%+ increase in engagement with the THRIVE App since upgrades to the UI/UX based on consultation with Reply. Reply is not just a technical partner, but a true thought partner invested in helping WT and our employees derive the maximum value out of the solution we’ve designed and built together.

Vidhi Thakker
Global Sr. Manager, Talent & Org Development, Wunderman Thompson

Next steps

Continuous improvement of the feedback process within Microsoft Teams

The THRIVE app on Microsoft Teams has become an integral tool for all Wunderman Thompson employees. However, the project doesn't end there. Through four phases of development, THRIVE has undergone multiple iterations of its user interface and user experience to meet the preferences and needs of its users. Based on early user testing, Valorem Reply implemented a reporting dashboard that local and regional HR offices now utilize daily to track and manage employee engagement with THRIVE. This invaluable tool enables HR personnel to understand usage patterns and identify areas for improvement, ultimately increasing employee participation. Valorem Reply continues to make iterative updates to the solution, which has played a pivotal role in boosting adoption and garnering thousands of daily active users for Wunderman Thompson.

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