Best Practice

Metaverse collaborative space

A Metaverse environment reproducing the Solar Lab Reply where you can interact with people and items.

#Virtual Spaces

Using VR headsets, the mobile app or the web interface, users can explore the digital twin of the Solar Lab Reply. Users can discover and add contents to the room while meeting and talking to other people in this Metaverse environment.

A customisable platform for different use cases

The room is hosted on an easily customizable multi-platform solution that allows the creation of public or private environments for different use cases ranging from design reviews and brainstorming sessions, to the setting up of exhibitions and digital events.


Infinity Reply specializes in 3D visualizations and the development of customized XR solutions. Based on the latest VR, AR and MR technologies as well as 3D visualization solutions, Infinity Reply enables innovative storytelling and interactive product communication. The portfolio includes XR consulting services, the development of creative and technological concepts, the production and implementation of content based on established technologies, data formats and interaction devices. Possible applications include product design and development, marketing and sales, training and service, and entertainment.