Case Study

Automated 24/7 inspection of a solar park

Thanks to a drone solution from Autonomous Reply, the Neue Energie West solar park now benefits from efficient, AI-supported monitoring - completely autonomously and around the clock.

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Automate the monitoring of the solar park and thus enable continuous inspection of the entire system

The scenario

Using solar energy efficiently with the help of drones

Regular maintenance is essential for solar parks. Damage and contamination can quickly lead to reduced electricity production. This is why the use of drones has proven its worth in this area. This is also true for the Neue Energie West solar park, where a drone already enables extensive monitoring from the air, which also serves to safeguard the systems. However, as this drone is dependent on manual control, monitoring cannot take place around the clock. The operator was therefore looking for a solution that would automate the operation of the drone.


The solution

AI-based monitoring

A single drone now monitors the 17,000 modules at the Neue Energie West solar park fully automatically and around the clock. This is made possible by a AI-supported drone solution from Autonomous Reply. It enables the drone, which is permanently stationed on site, to patrol independently at all times, detect defective panels, check fences, detect unauthorized persons or check the condition of the lawn. If it identifies damage or a problem, the drone displays this on a dashboard and automatically creates a ticket. This allows the operator to react quickly and avoid downtime. In addition, employees who previously had to be on site can focus on more value-added activities.

How we achieved this

Customized AI modules - safe in the cloud

The solution is based on a variety of advanced edge AI modules. Autonomous Reply's experts have trained these individually to adapt the solution precisely to the customer's needs. All data was analyzed and stored in the cloud in full compliance with GDPR. The appropriate hardware was provided by DJI, an important cooperation partner of Autonomous Reply and the world's leading manufacturer of camera drones.

The result

Easy and efficient inspections

Thanks to the AI-supported drone solution, the Neue Energie West solar park now benefits from the following advantages:


24/7 operational readiness of the drone on site


Fully automated inspection operations


Convenient mission planning remotely


Rapid response in the event of malfunctions or problems


Autonomous creation of tickets


Unique insights from a bird's eye view


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