Nexive - LEA ReplyTM advanced parcel management

Have you ever considered how many times your e-Commerce shipment is handled before it is delivered to your door?
Are you curious how digital transformation is impacting what happens behind the scenes?

Find out how Logistics Reply helped Nexive, one of the major players in parcel distribution in the Italian market, empower the sorting and shipment of over eight million parcels each year with its next generation supply chain execution platform LEA ReplyTM and the latest automation technology.


The collaboration between Logistics Reply and Nexive started in 2015, when Logistics Reply developed the LEA ReplyTM Last Mile Delivery App for Nexive, a cloud-based Android App that assists drivers in handling all of the operations typical of “last mile” deliveries: trip composition, route optimisation, delivery certification, electronic signature capture, payment processing and real-time ETA notifications.

In 2016, Nexive decided to invest in a new solution to manage its logistics hubs and transit points for the parcel business. They were looking for a solution that would be able to cope with the intense growth that the company was undergoing and forecasting for the next years. In particular, the solution would need to address the following requirements:
  • Guide operators in their daily work managing parcels from check-in and sorting to the truck loading.
  • Provide monitoring dashboards to inform supervisors about the progress of daily activities and exceptions or delays.
  • Offer unlimited scalability to support peak volumes typical of a business significantly affected by seasonality.


Nexive again turned to Logistics Reply to meet these needs. LEA ReplyTM Hub & Network is the solution that manages receiving, sorting, cross docking, consolidation and shipping activities in multi-level distribution networks; and consists of a mobile and a web application. Logistics Reply extended and configured this solution to make it the perfect fit for Nexive’s operational model.

  • The mobile application provides improved usability to guide users through all steps of their daily work, from check-in and sorting to the truck loading.
  • The web application provides a complete set of live dashboards and reports for advanced monitoring and to inform supervisors about the progress of daily activities and about any exceptions or delays to be addressed, with the possibility of easily drilling-down to the relevant data in order to take the appropriate actions.

LEA ReplyTM Hub & Network was successfully rolled out to the entire Nexive parcel network in May of 2017, thus managing, from its day one, a logistics network made up of over 160 sites across Italy, and supporting over 700,000 shipments per month.

In a second phase of the project, which started in 2018, Logistics Reply helped integrate the LEA Hub & Network solution with “Autonomous Sorting” capabilities. This part of the project focused on the integration of autonomous robots called Rovers, which can move through a warehouse area, in the traffic of other rovers, capturing useful information (e.g. weight, size) and sorting parcels into the right containers or gates for shipment.

The LEA ReplyTM Platform is the core brain steering the decisions that the robots take. LEA Reply uses EDGE technology and a Fog architecture to allow the Rovers to respond within milliseconds and guarantee precision, security and performance.


using the Lea Reply solution

  • Excellent balance between
    efficiency and flexibility

  • Scalable investment according
    to seasonal peaks

  • Greater visibility and control over
    the entire shipment network

  • High level of reliability as rovers
    can easily be substituted in case of need

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    Nexive, is the largest private postal operator in the Italian market. Headquartered in Milan, Nexive began its operations as TNT Post in 1998 after subsequent acquisitions of private delivery agencies and other product and service companies in the sector, including the historic brand Rinaldi l'Espresso. In 2014 TNT Post became Nexive: a name that provides the company vision to be the platform for excellence in mail delivery and e-commerce. Every day, Nexive reaches 100% of Italian families with over 400 million envelopes and its parcel distribution network that in 2018 handled about 8.5 million packages. Nexive employs over 8.000 employees and oversees the Italian territory with a network of almost 1.900 direct, indirect and retail points.


    Logistics Reply is the Reply Group Company that offers customers a complete range of cutting-edge services and solutions from digital supply chain consulting to turnkey application delivery based on innovative technologies. Logistics Reply has over 20 years of industry experience driving customer success with its proprietary product suites Click ReplyTM, SideUp ReplyTM and LEA ReplyTM. LEA ReplyTM is the latest evolution of Supply Chain execution software, a state-of-the-art microservices platform for Digital Supply Chains to power a new generation of Supply Chain Execution Applications offering warehouse management, visibility, scheduling, cross docking, smart tracking and point-of-sale logistics solutions.