Logistics Reply delivered an end-to-end logistics solution for PepsiCo warehouses operated by Grupo Trino to cover all processes, from WMS implementation to the stocktaking using drones.

The first Stocktaking by Drone in Grupo Trino operations

Have you ever considered streamlining your warehouse processes using Drone solutions?

Find out how Logistics Reply helped Grupo Trino, a third-party Logistics provider specialized in (but not limited to) the food sector, streamline all its warehouse processes, including inbound, quality inspection, inventory management, stocktaking, picking execution, packing management, and outbound processes delivering value to its entire supply chain.


"This digital and technological transformation brings us many benefits. The main aspect is that we improve the accuracy, productivity, and efficiency in our stocktaking processes."
Gerson Barros, Director of Grupo Trino

In an increasingly competitive market, Grupo Trino has sought out the best market practices, integrating technology and innovation in its operations.

To increase productivity and ensure the safety of the operators, Grupo Trino has adopted the use of drones in their central warehouse for PepsiCo, to perform cyclical and monthly inventories, in collaboration with Logistics Reply.

Now, Grupo Trino is one of the only logistics companies in Brazil to use this technology!


The partnership between Logistics Reply and Grupo Trino started in 2019, at that time, Grupo Trino was looking for a technological solution provider that could help the company to improve its logistics processes aggregating leading technologies and strong processes that would allow the company to grow in a very competitive market.

After extensive research including product capabilities demos, benchmarking, and visits to Reply’s customer operations, Grupo Trino chose Logistics Reply for a partnership and to improve its supply chain. Starting with a challenging project for PepsiCo, one of the biggest food and beverage companies around the globe, Grupo Trino and Reply delivered an end-to-end warehouse operation including a very innovative solution for stocktaking in 2019. Since then, Grupo Trino and Reply delivered a full solution to another huge operation for PepsiCo in a site that includes the industrial process for cookies production and a major distribution center.

Apart from PepsiCo operations, together Grupo Trino and Reply also implemented the full Reply WMS solution for one of the biggest multinational home appliances manufacturers from the USA with sites in Brazil. With these very positive results, the companies are right now working on a roadmap that will cover all Grupo Trino customers and new leads.


Based in the Brazilian market, the 5th largest country in the world, with a very challenging logistics infrastructure and quite a different HDI between its regions, Grupo Trino needed a flexible, easy-to-implement, easy-to-use solution, focused on high productive processes. This would allow the company to manage operations for huge multinational companies and overcome multinational 3PL providers on the bids.

The company needed to support 24/7 operations with high volumes and aggressive service level agreements for customers that are leaders in their segments.


  • Better inventory management

  • Full traceability

  • Faster stock audit processes

  • Real-time monitoring of inventory progress

  • Flexibility to integrate with external solutions


Our award-winning drone stocktaking solution completely changes the way companies perform their stock audit. A solution that has already been chosen by several companies from different sectors, capable of operating 24/7, with very high volumes, to carry out a semi-automatic stock audit.

Logistics Reply R&D is currently working on the next release of the product that will provide a fully autonomous drone-based solution.

Why do our customers trust and choose Logistics Reply's drone stocktaking solution?

Based on our customer experiences, the average time to audit a warehouse stock location is less than 5 seconds, including all efforts spent in indirect activities such as battery replacement and the time spent to move from one stock location to another. It is much faster than any conventional method to perform the stocktaking.

The drone automatically recognizes the barcodes of stock locations and the Handling Unit, and then compares the expected HU and the actual HU found in the location. For each location, an image is recorded, allowing the operator to analyze possible stock divergences from the comfort of their workstation.

There is no need for a forklift, order picking platforms, or any other equipment to perform the stocktaking. The drone does the work, reducing errors and contributes to avoiding workplace incidents/accidents, especially when needing to reach high shelf locations. During the entire process, the drone is under full control and enabled with obstacle avoidance mechanisms.

With our intuitive web interface, LEA ReplyTM stocktaking progress and outcomes can be easily monitored in real-time. It allows the company to have a clear and accurate view of the stock on hand.

While the solution natively integrates with our LEA ReplyTM WMS and Click ReplyTM WMS, it also works well with any other WMS. Stocktaking results can be shared via API interfaces or Excel files, allowing to easily activate the solution without complex projects.

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    Logistics Reply provides cutting-edge software solutions that help companies achieve an efficient and more connected digital supply chain where different systems, partners, humans and machines seamlessly interact embracing the use of next-generation technologies such as AI, robotics, wearables and IoT. Logistics Reply accompanies its customers in this transformation journey ensuring rapid time-to-value and long-term quality results thanks to over 20 years of experience and deep knowledge of technologies and supply chain processes. Logistics Reply is a Reply company. www.lea-reply.com


    Exceed expectations. This is the goal of Grupo Trino, which for years has been looking for differentiated alternatives within a market that is growing in demand. Grupo Trino is a company from Pernambuco, Brazil, with over 30 years of experience in logistics services, that works for many companies in several Brazilian states, including (but not limited to) PepsiCo, Whirlpool, Carrefour, BIG (former Walmart Brazil operations). Since then, it has been expanding its operations throughout Brazil and growing year after year, also as a reference relationship with its employees, following a path of 30 years of great success and satisfied customers through hard work, dedication, and focus on the future. https://www.grupotrino.com.br/



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