The research investigates the implications of the lengthening of the life expectancy of a growing segment of the world’s population

A rapidly growing market

The number of “older adults” is growing globally and in the medium term, they are likely to become the key market in sectors such as healthcare, banking, insurance, hospitality, the automotive industry, as well as making decisive contributions to the fashion, food, real estate and consumer electronics sectors.

Our extended lifespan and a “smart” approach to the second part of our lives will be among the key issues in the near future


The united nations estimates the over-65s demographic will grow from 700 million in 2019 to over 1.5 billion in 2050. 

Thanks to scientific and technological innovation, the Healthy Life Expectancy is growing (+15,8 years) , at the same time are increasing the solutions and services dedicated to this new target.

Discovering major trends related to longevity

With the aim of collecting the trends that are currently marking, and will progressively accompany, the global explosion of older adults, we analysed the most relevant studies published during the last two years.

Besides, thanks to SONAR Trend Platform, Reply is able to create an overview and mapping of relevant trends in the field of longevity, based on their occurrence within expert media articles, mass media, patents, scientific publications, and worldwide websites.

Four key trends to consider: Smart Home & Ambient Assisted Living,
Life Science & Wellbeing, Active Ageing, Finance & Business

The trends have been grouped into the areas that represent the domains in which technological,
scientific and product / service innovation is bringing improvements in the quality of daily life and in the prospects of older adults.

Smart Home & Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

The stringent lockdown measures seen in many countries during the recent pandemic have quickly led to a widespread awareness of the need to improve the home life of older adults.

Wearable devices and smart fabrics, exoskeletons and telemedicine are the main areas of innovation experiencing the fastest level of growth on the market.


Lifescience & Wellbeing

Life sciences, medicine, biology, pharmaceuticals and technology: new, cross-discipline solutions, specialised in different areas of longevity, are obtaining significant funding on international markets.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are contributing to the emergence of the “P4” medicine model: predictive, preventive, personalised and participatory.

Active Ageing

An active life increases the possibility of living longer: some of the key factors for improving individuals’ conditions, as well as extending self-sufficiency and independence, are cultural consumption, lifelong learning, autonomous mobility and physical exercise.

The global pandemic has further driven the need for remote communication and online socialisation, in particular through messaging platforms and social media networks.


Finance & Business

Older adults are working longer and longer and safety measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic are forcing companies to integrate tools designed to monitor workers’ health, which has had positive feedback.

Banks and insurance companies see older adults as one of the main reference markets and are actively investing in improving their commercial offer and the consulting services focused on this segment.

Technology and services dedicated to older adults are
key enablers to improve the quality of life

Companies, which today struggle to communicate with older adults, can grab the opportunity to design products
and services valued by a population that is becoming dominant in terms of its size, spending power, and assets.

The Reply Group is supporting several European and North American companies in designing useful products and
services to support the extension of active life and improve the relationship with older adults.

Leverage Reply’s expertise

Artificial Intelligence for preventive medicine

New technologies make it possible to accelerate and improve the detection of anomalies in clinical and diagnostic tests.

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Telemedicine and remote healthcare solutions

Older adults benefit from the telemonitoring and solutions thar can guarantee the continuity of care and welfare.

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Smart home, domotics and ambient assisted living

Internet of Things solutions and devices already familiar to users improve the livability of homes and everyday life.

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Digital and Social Experiences

High accessibility design of web and social platforms to maximise usability also for older adults.

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Remote Well-Being

Tools to maintain and simplify the remote relationship in various industries, including: healthcare, retail, travel, finance.

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Corporate wellbeing platforms

New corporate wellbeing solutions that improve the working environment, with direct benefits on workers' health.

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Banking and insurance products and services

Excellent customer experience, at the basis of new products and services that extend the advantages of digitization to older adults.

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Wealth management and Financial Advisory

Partnership with the main European financial advisory networks to launch new advisory models for different generations.

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E-commerce and remote services

E-commerce also dedicated to older adults and as an opportunity to launch new remote selling services and activities.

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A global opportunity to revive the economy

Reply offers the most innovative service models to understand the business and technological opportunities aimed at serving “older adults” better in everyday life.

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