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Advanced Digital Care

A customer of Arlanis is an innovative company associated with the Pharmaceutical sector and dedicated to the development of integrated Hi-Tech solutions to transform the treatment of chronic diseases into a relationship with a human approach and attention to the end customer.

This solution is representative of a specialized remote-assistance service dedicated to chronically ill patients, and is integrated in a platform of collaborative medicine.

Our Approach

By exploiting the potential of the Health Cloud module of Salesforce, Arlanis Reply has dedicated itself to the design, implementation and maintenance of a multi-channel, scalable platform that guarantees the end customer a solution for strengthening the relationship between caregiver, patient, nurse and specialist. It is accessible 24/7 via email, web and mobile, thus assuring that prompt support is provided to patients and caregivers alike.

By enabling monitoring, messaging and remote assistance functions where necessary, with the option of booking a specialist appointment, the customer was able to raise the level of efficiency of its patient-oriented service.

The main results achieved

  • Over 50% of interventions made by remote assistance
  • 75% of cases resolved without involving the specialist
  • Digitization of the Care Plan
  • Strengthening of the relationship with the patient
  • Optimization of the care given to the patient
  • Scalability and responsiveness
  • Collection of clinical data


  • Salesforce Health Cloud

    Appointed by Forrester as a Leading Provider in the field of Healthcare CRM, Salesforce Health Cloud is the solution that favors 1-1 engagement through the collaboration of the various players involved in personal health care.

  • Salesforce Customer / Partner Community

    Through the Salesforce Customer and Partner Community, Arlanis Reply provides multi-channel access 24/7 to all stakeholders, personalizing the functions based on their specific role.

  • Advanced Customer Care

    Through a Customer Centric approach, Arlanis Reply has set up a scalable and efficient platform for monitoring, request management and remote assistance, with the aim of reducing response times and allowing personalized care through the integration of modern video-call and vocal assistance technologies.

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    Arlanis Reply

    Arlanis Reply specializes in consulting, planning, developing and integrating Salesforce solutions and services. Arlanis Reply provides market leaders with seamlessly integrated solutions for all customer related processes for sales, marketing and services – from the initial contact to the long-term service business.