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Ticuro Reply is a product certified as a CE medical device (MDR - class IIa) and AGID qualified. Xenia Reply is ISO 13485 certified.


  • Remote Consultation

    Secure audio and video connection between professionals and people with real time data sharing.

  • Behavioural Monitoring

    Environmental sensors to check the behaviour of older people living alone at home (such as sleeping times, open doors and bathroom usage).

  • Vital Signs Monitoring

    Through wireless medical devices, vital signals are checked against a monitoring plan outlined by a doctor. If the readings are outside the defined threshold an alarm is triggered.

  • Patient Engagment Awareness

    A system of reminders (e.g. SMS, email) will alert the patient when a specific activity should be performed (e.g. such as when medicine is due, readings reminders and exercise).

  • Personalised Care&Cure Plans

    Ticuro Reply allows the creation of personalised plans (e.g. monitoring, drugs, activities, rehabilitation) from a defined set of information.

Ticuro Reply, Xenia Reply’s telemedicine solution – which analyses behaviour and monitors vital signs – provides the technological basis for the “Meno soli sulle Alpi” project.



Telemedicine supporting children: a step forward in improving the quality of life.

The Ticuro Reply solution supports telemedicine projects which, by means of remote monitoring, facilitate the implementation of continuous care services for children suffering from various diseases. Doctors and health workers are able to obtain more complete data on the health of young patients, gaining a better understanding of their social, physical and psychological condition.

By putting in place a structured process of remote monitoring of vital signs, and an accurate coordination of follow-up processes, the little patients are guaranteed continuity of care and a better quality of life.

Specifically, Ticuro Reply is able to manage the three main strategic areas for the success of these projects: coordination of care, telemonitoring and telemedicine.


Home care with peace of mind: a new care programme for chronic diseases.

With the aim of improving the living conditions of people suffering from chronic diseases, Ticuro Reply guarantees effective communication between the services centred around the patient and their care plan. The platform supports innovative clinical and organisational management models for the proper delivery of all out-of-hospital services, based on care solutions tailored to each patient.

Continuity of care is guaranteed by the integration of different services, coordinated by the general practitioner together with the GP’s assistants, nurses and staff. Ticuro Reply is able to gather all the medical and health-related information concerning each individual patient, and make it available to all operators securely and in compliance with the law.

Patients rely on a specific biomedical sensors Kit to detect the most significant parameters relating to their condition. The same system is also suitable for managing “protected discharge” scenarios, where hospital doctors consider it necessary to impose a significant period of patient “protection”, following the conclusion of the acute phase of the disease managed in the hospital.


Improving the quality of life of frail individuals through an advanced telemedicine and telemonitoring platform.


inCASA is a project funded by the European Commission that aims to improve the quality of life of elderly dependents and reduce periods of hospitalisation, thanks to an innovative system for monitoring clinical parameters and creating a profile of frail individuals' daily routines.

With Ticuro Reply’s contribution, the platform created as part of the inCASA project aims, through the use of technology and the provision of a specific set of services, to extend the period of time during which elderly individuals enjoy a “good life” at home, surrounded by their comforts and their loved ones. This way, by enhancing their independence and minimising the need for hospitalisation, even the frailest individuals can cope with everyday life.


This project, developed by the Dolce Social Cooperative, falls within the scope of an innovative individual health and care solution and aims to provide professional, continuous support. Through the various features made available by the Ticuro Reply platform, an EKG execution service was provided at the facility, with remote reporting capabilities for specialised medical staff.

Extended hospital

Home care and continuity of care designed by Ticuro Reply.


Domicare is an extension of the service that brings the quality and technology of the Fornaca Clinic to the patient’s home: continuity of care is guaranteed through a parameter monitoring toolkit made available to the patient and their family. A “warning” reports anomalies and engages the involvement of the doctor. Supported by the Ticuro Reply platform, Fornaca Domicare is the new frontier of private care, and is increasingly more attentive to the needs of the patient after discharge and during illness, or in periods of momentary frailty.


This project is implemented on the basis of individual patient needs, who is “never alone” and can be followed and monitored by social workers working for the Municipality, as well as by hospital staff. With Ticuro Reply, a solution has been developed to support physical rehabilitation, aimed at anticipating the reintegration of the patient into their usual environment and based on a greater efficiency of the rehabilitative treatment.

Xenia Reply

Xenia Reply is the Reply Group company dedicated to reception and telemedicine services and products, created to respond to the challenges of the new post-pandemic healthcare context and anticipate both the trends of technological and organizational evolutions to serve the new hospital-territory healthcare ecosystem. Xenia brings together and leverages the operational and consulting synergies gained by the Reply network in public and private healthcare along more than 15 years of experience, to accompany healthcare facilities in the digital transformation of personalization of care pathways (Patient Journey) and service access processes (Service Design) with public and private stakeholders and in the orchestration of interoperable services with the National Health Service.





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