AWS Summit Berlin 2023

Reply is looking forward to seeing you at the AWS Summit 2023 in Berlin. Meet our AWS experts to share ideas and dive into the topics of Cloud, Data and AI, Security and Connected systems. 

May 4th, 2023
Station Berlin
English & German

Innovate and build your digital business

Explore the ways in which cloud technology can innovate your business at the AWS Summit in Berlin.
Deep dive into the latest developments in digital business with Reply, and learn more about advanced technologies with live-demos and featured presentations at our booth.
As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner since 2013 we are dedicated to helping you transform and connect your business to the cloud by offering a range of solutions from digital transformation consultations to managed services.

Join our experts at the D01 booth, attend our breakout session, spotlight talk and our demos to learn more about innovating your digital business with AWS solutions.

Speaker Sessions

Listen to our speeches to find out more about Reply’s AWS experience and the latest advanced technologies.

Break Out Session - 12:45-13:15 Uhr | Race Connect, A Holistic Telemetry System for Racing Teams

Bosch Motorsport developed Race Connect, an end-to-end telemetry system that provides racing teams with a live data transmission, storage and processing solution in the cloud. The gathered data gives insight into the vehicle’s setup and allows racing teams to gain a competitive advantage. Learn how Reply’s cloud expertise supports Bosch along the way.

Speaker: Markus Rösch, Director Development & Production, Bosch Motorsport and Jens Boonen, Storm Reply

Spotlight Session - 13:15-13:30 Uhr | Simplify and Automate Compliance with AWS

The introduction of the AWS ControlTower revolutionises the AWS Landing zone especially in terms of security. AWS SecurityHub and AWS Audit Manager can automate security processes, support compliance, as well as reporting and transparency. Reply shows how compliance can be automated within AWS accounts and how security can be considered at the beginning of the change process using the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Speaker: Maximilian Bartens, Spike Reply

Meet our experts

Whether you are an AWS enthusiast or a new AWS user, don't miss the chance to network, share and learn from each other at AWS Summit Berlin.

At our D01 booth within the exhibition area, Reply presents its solutions on Cloud, Data and AI, Security and Connected systems, featuring experts from Comsysto Reply, Data Reply, Spike Reply and Storm Reply.

What you can discover at our Reply Booth

Bosch Race Connect Demonstrator

The Bosch Race Connect Demonstrator simulates data collection from multiple vehicle sensors used in car races, collected by a dedicated Bosch component. The data is sent to a platform called Race Connect, which is hosted in the AWS Cloud. Users can also visualise this data and perform actions. Storm Reply shows a visualisation of the architecture, in which the flow of data through all components becomes visible.

Data Done Right

Data Done Right: Data Reply not only offers solutions to help companies become data-driven and realize the full potential of their data, but they also offer small, intensive workshops to their clients. These half-day workshops are designed to bootstrap their success and provide them with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve their goals. Our approach ensures that the highest quality standards are maintained throughout the process, resulting in effective and efficient data-driven solutions for our clients. Come to our booth and find out about these workshops. Talk with our experts about possible architecture and data strategies, DWH modernization, MSK migration initiatives, data mesh methods and Data/ML products and general challenges related to innovative topics to find the perfect solution for your project. 

Computer Vision Demo - Quality Assurance ML applications

Learn more about the latest MLOPs strategies and how to approach application-deployment for production using different cloud native technologies. At our booth, we illustrate how the infrastructure, model, and pipeline templates constructed by Data Reply reduce the time needed to take quality qssurance applications to production. This allows manufacturers to unlock the substantial benefits that these Machine Learning applications can offer.

Flavoured AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is a trusted and comprehensive cloud migration program built on AWS's extensive experience in migrating thousands of enterprise customers to the cloud. Enterprise-level migrations can be daunting and time-consuming, but with MAP, you can expedite your cloud migration and modernisation journey through a results-oriented approach. Our program is designed to help you achieve your desired outcome by providing a clear and structured methodology. The Storm Reply experts explain how to meet the unique requirements of each individual customer while ensuring a MAP that specifically meet the needs.

Digital Twin with AWS IoT Twinmaker and Matterport

AWS IoT TwinMaker simplifies the creation of digital twins for real-world systems like factories, buildings, and industrial equipment. By utilising existing data from various sources and combining 3D models with real-world information, AWS IoT TwinMaker enables you to generate virtual representations of any physical environment easily. This allows you to optimise operations, enhance production output, and improve equipment performance efficiently. Meet the Storm Reply experts  at the AWS Summit in Berlin and see a digital twin based on a real-world scenario with a 3D model created with Matterport.

Data as a Service: Building and Serving Data Products with a Serverless Approach

Let’s put data sharing concepts into practice: The Data Reply experts show how a measuring device manufacturer builds and shares data products with its customers using a serverless approach on AWS. Understand the challenges in building both historical and real-time data products that the manufacturer's customers leverage to gain insights into their sensor data. You can also learn how managed services on AWS have been leveraged to keep operational and maintenance efforts at a minimum, while guaranteeing high availability of the data products to end customers.

PKI goes Cloud with AWS Private CA

Automation and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provide enormous advantages over the typical on-prem practice. This is why Spike Reply developed a PaaS-internal PKI service which is superior to on-premises PKI in terms of operational efficiency, cost-savings and flexibility. The solution uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification Manager Private Certification Authority (ACM PCA), and turned it into a new best practice approach on how to operate a PKI for standard use cases. Learn how to dramatically reduce the operational pain of a PKI that becomes manageable with ACMPCA and Terraform for a mission-critical application within the Company’s landscape.

Delta - Driving Bottom-up Change in Organisations

Delta by Comsysto Reply is driving bottom-up change in organisations. Product-focused, pragmatic and communicative. Many large and successful companies that have been established in their industries for decades are facing new challenges that require innovative solutions, especially in the digital sector. When new, high-risk ideas emerge, they should be validated and developed in a lean and agile manner. However, corporate structures with their established work processes are not often the ideal setup for this. The Comsysto Reply experts show a way that enables empowerment and short feedback cycles without ignoring the interface between the two worlds and provides the necessary technical and methodological expertise to strengthen young spin-offs, while keeping in mind the challenges and the bigger picture.

Innovate and Build your Digital Business: Methods and Modelling Techniques

Meet the Comsysto Reply experts and discover that it's not just about having a great technical solution, but the right one when you innovate and build your digital business. Comsysto Reply presents and demonstrates methods and modelling techniques from its own toolbox, such as Wardley Maps, Event Storming, Domain Driven Design (DDD), which can be used to support a structured design approach in the discovery phase and throughout the product lifecycle.

Cloud Security Governance

Cloud security governance refers to the set of policies, procedures,controls and technologies that are put in place to ensure the secure and compliant use of Cloud Services. It involves the management of security risks associated with storing, processing, and transmitting data in the cloud, and the implementation of best practices to protect against threats and vulnerabilities for Cloud based infrastructures, applications and Services. Meet the Spike Reply experts and ask how to put in place the right security roadmap for your cloud transformation or migration.

Cloud Security Automation and Pentesting

Cloud security automation and pentesting are complementary practices that can work together to enhance the security posture of cloud-based systems and applications. Automated security tools and processes can help identify potential vulnerabilities that can be further tested during penetration testing, while penetration testing can validate the effectiveness of cloud security automation measures and identify areas that need improvement. Spike Reply can combine both practices to provide an end to end innovative approach to improve quickly the level of security of any cloud environment.

Smart Grid Solutions

In the energy industry, the demand for smart solutions enabling reliable and efficient energy is increasing rapidly. Comsysto Reply is your partner for solutions such as bidirectional and smart charging or scalable IoT solutions for charging stations or PV system. Also, talk to us for one of Europe's most extensive maps of charging stations in Europe and how you can leverage that data for your business.

Storm Innovator

Storm Innovator is a framework designed to simplify modern application development on AWS. It provides repeatable building blocks, best practices, and built-in security features, resulting in faster time to market and reduced risk. Streamline your development process with Storm Innovator and achieve your goals efficiently on AWS. Meet the Storm Reply experts and discuss how we can help to innovate on AWS with tailored applications

AWS Cloud Operations and AWS Managed Services Competencies

Reply, through its Cloud Operations practice, is committed to providing clients with the highest level of efficiency and reliability in managing their infrastructure and applications on AWS. Our expertise in delivering end-to-end cloud operations, including monitoring, automation, security, and incident response, sets us apart as a leading provider of cloud-based solutions and services. We work with our customers to optimize their costs and scale their operations on AWS, ensuring that they are able to achieve their business goals and remain competitive in a rapidly changing technological landscape, while leveraging the best that AWS has to offer.

Modern Cloud Concierge as the next generation of the Managed Services

As a customer-focused service delivery unit we adapt in case of exceeding changes to the customer needs constantly. Cloud Concierge team has a broad understanding of its industry and technologies, with well-trained technical colleagues and an outstanding technical expertise. With our holistic approach we go beyond Dev/Sec/Fin/Green-Ops, taking care of the ITSM Support, full cloud infrastructure monitoring and process enhancement for projects and organizations. Our highly motivated professionals have also a broad expertise with platform stabilization, implementation of best practices and state-of- the-art for the IT Security, as well as execution of financial operations to leverage from the savings potentials, foreseen for high-volume workload of corporate customers.