Craft The Right Financial Services Strategy

Financial Institutions are facing a great number of challenges to be tackled at the same time. They have to operate with a new wave of regulations to strengthen their balance sheet structure, to beat the burden of a negative credit cycle and to deeply rethink their ‘go to market’ model.

All this goes together with the Digital Transformation and the new Customer’s behaviors and needs.

Reply offers a 360 degrees of support in mission critical areas where relevant innovation is a must. Reply approach is made of management consulting services and functional know-how with deep knowledge of software solutions and strong system integration capabilities.​​​​​

Main areas of expertise:
• Wealth management
• Multichannel models and solutions
• Mobile Payments
• Cyber Security
• Retail credit
• Government Risk Control service


Capital Market Survey

Which are the opportunities offered by technological innovation to address financial institutions’ main business and regulatory needs? For this purpose, Reply is running a survey that will inestigate: Trading, Treasury, Collateral Management, Risk Management, Investment Strategies, Fund Management and Portfolio Management.


Wealth management


Quantitative Observatory on Wealth Management Reply | Q1 2022

Financial advisory networks report record inflows in early 2022 (€13.9 billion), despite market trends. In the Quantitative Observatory by e*finance consulting Wealth Management Reply, we underline the main highlights on industry trends.

Digital Assets


A digital future for assets

The opportunities created by digital assets, combined with a push by regulators and the new processes enabled by blockchain, have the potential to profoundly transform the financial services market.

A digital future for assets


financial regulations


EMIR REFIT – New Requirements on Transaction Reporting

The EMIR Regulation aims to increase transparency in the OTC derivatives markets and to reduce the systemic risk due to the non-compliance of the derivatives’ counterparties. Reply continuously explores innovative technological solutions that can be applied to financial regulations to improve the reporting process using a data-driven approach.

EMIR REFIT – New Requirements on Transaction Reporting 0


Best Practice

SFDR Impacts on Financial Market participants

Reply, thanks to its expertise on ESG-related issues, can support financial market participants in updating company policy and in the various stages of regulation implementation.

SFDR Impacts on Financial Market participants 0

Risk, Regulation and Reporting

Best Practice

Loan Origination and Monitoring: New Approaches and Future Developments

In an economic scenario revolutionised by the Covid-19 pandemic, Reply leverages AI & ML to support financial institutions in their credit origination and monitoring activities.

financial services


Europe and the central bank digital currencies challenge – are we still in time?

Since October 2020, the market has been insistently debating the Digital Euro, after the ECB published its report on the work carried out so far. This first signal, however, came after years during which the topic of digital currencies had already begun to be widely discussed in the rest of the world. So it makes sense to ask ourselves an important question: are we still in time?

financial services


Digital euro – Reply’s expertise at the service of experimentation led by ABI

Reply, whose approach has always been focused on technological innovation, has partnered with the Italian Banking Association (ABI) Lab, a research centre for innovation that includes the main players in the Italian banking sector and technological partners for the experimentation of the Digital Euro.

Digital euro – Reply’s expertise at the service of experimentation led by ABI 0

AI solution

Best Practice

Smart Data Room to transform labor and paper intensive processes

According to regulatory knowledge, business expertise and technical skills, Reply has designed and developed a “Smart Data Room” solution, designed to be deployed to support the onboarding process for NPL management. The solution transforms manual process by automating the activities performed by NPL Loan Managers, leveraging ML and AI technologies, and transforming the NLP onboarding phase.

Smart Data Room to transform labor and paper intensive processes 0


News & Communication

“Cloud in Financial Services” report shows cloud services transforming how value is created in the financial services sector

“Cloud in Financial Services”, a joint report by Reply and Imperial College Business School, provides a one of a kind, in-depth look at how the cloud is set to transform financial services.


Best Practice

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive: key changes

The proposed directive, published by the European Commission on 21 April 2021, will require European companies, including listed SMEs, to disclose information on the risks and impacts relating to the sustainability of their business activities.


Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive key changes 0

Wealth Management


Sustainability and digital factors in Wealth Management

The integration of sustainability issues in the Wealth Management sector represents both a necessity and an opportunity: Reply is the ideal partner in the corporate sustainability journey, combining regulatory compliance and commercial proposition of ESG contents.

Sustainability and digital factors in Wealth Management 0

White Paper


The birth of a general and structured regulation framing environmental performance of financial institutions creates a series of governance and practical questions within the industry. Its relative nascent stage requires an implementation far from traditional financial and risk reporting. Banks and Insurances, among others, need to anticipate the role of all their business lines, their data and insurers their top governance management in this implementation.

Virtual Assistant

Case Study

A virtual assistant for physical branches

Machine Learning Reply was involved in the creation of a virtual assistant for a leading banking company. The solution consisted of a hologram capable of welcoming customers in a physical branch. Thanks to Artificial intelligence techniques, the assistant helps customers with banking services in a digital interaction, just like a real bank employee would do in a physical branch.


Best Practice

Eurosystem Collateral Management System

Reply presents its vision and skills on the Eurosystem Collateral Management System (ECMS) topic that will go live in November 2023. Regarding the ECMS topic, Reply provides its view and the main changes and benefits to be faced by Financial Institutions.

Eurosystem Collateral Management System 0


Case Study


In many banks, the daily work routine is defined by repetitive processes. However, many of these processes can be automated. Leadvise Reply and Sparda-Bank München eG establish enterprise-wide automation solutions with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


financial services

Best Practice


Financial Services customers face a number of common challenges, from constantly evolving regulatory requirements to the need for active management of security and compliance in a highly dynamic threat landscape. Accelerate your AWS adoption and harden your security posture with AirWalk Reply’s fully automated cloud controls framework.

financial services

White Paper

A paradigm shift in Financial Service Operational Resilience

This whitepaper, developed by Glue Reply, focused on financial services organisations to highlight the upcoming Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) policy which fundamentally shifts operational resilience from application centric to service centric and at the same time broadens governance responsibility to Board and Senior Management Function of the organisation.



COVID-19: Effects on the Financial Services and Insurance sectors

Reply leverages Data and Analytics to gain insights into the development of the Coronavirus pandemic and how it impacts society, consumers and industries. This report focusses on the changes in the Financial Services and Insurance sectors since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak.

UPDATED AS AT 18 May 2020

COVID-19 Effects on the Financial Services and Insurance sectors 0

Robotic Process Automation

Case Study

Gothaer: Hybrid RPA Implementation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates manual processes - but humans and machines must be able to work smoothly hand in hand. Macros Reply introduced a solution from UiPath at the insurance company Gothaer. A hybrid approach ensured that employees and bots work together in a meaningful way, ensuring compliance rules are adhered to.

Gothaer Hybrid RPA Implementation 0

Cloud in Financial Services

Reply has embarked on a 'Cloud in Financial Services' initiative, through webinars, thought leadership piece and a flagship event to shed light on the benefits and challenges that underpin cloud adoption. Aimed at C-Suite and Board Members, it focuses on strategic considerations covering all aspects of Cloud adoption in Financial Services.

Marco Loro


A new way to manage payments through smart objects

It will no longer be the consumer to initiate a payment using digital devices, but the object that will understand the context and pay for the service, then deliver it directly. Pay Reply, with a team of payment architects, is designing and planning digital payment solutions in which it is no longer people who do the buying, but “smart” objects.

Human machine interfaces

Best Practice

Assessing car damage with the use of Image Recognition

Data Reply has developed a framework based on Deep Learning techniques, Data Mining and Natural Language Processing capable of classifying input data, such as the photos taken by appraisers and the repair data recorded by car repair shops.

Assessing car damage with the use of Image Recognition 0

Financial Platform



Definio Reply™ is an integrated platform capable of addressing the needs of management, analysis, reporting and logging of financial assets. The target customers of the Definio Reply™ solution have as their objective the active management and monitoring of financial portfolios.​

The integration of the financial database with the asset database makes Definio Reply™ a viable and complete alternative to vertical portals. ​



Business Impact


The EBA launched a public consultation on ITS

The amendments aim to keep reporting requirements consistent with changes in the regulatory framework and with the evolving needs for risk assessments. The EBA expects to submit the revised draft Implementing Technical Standards to the European Commission in April 2019. The application of the revised requirements will be in March 2018, with the first reporting reference date as of 31 March 2020.



Npl Management: focus on market, main players and servicers offer

Regulator pressure forced banks to improve internal management and to aim to strong de-risking policies, by managing to halve NPL volumes in 5 years. Foreign and non-foreign investors have paid particular attention to Italy for the high levels of impaired loans and for the business opportunities encountered.


Case Study

XME Dindi Intesa Sanpaolo

The new electronic piggy bank to teach children the value of money and savings. In the educational toy culture, XME dindi offers a game-based experience to actively inspire children’s education. Three Reply Group companies partnered with Quercetti, a leading manufacturer of Made in Turin educational toys, to design XME dindi.

XME Dindi Intesa Sanpaolo 0

Digital Transformation

Case Study

Helvetia Austria: more productivity through digitization

The Austrian Helvetia Versicherungen AG has extensively digitized their case processes. Whether by post, fax or e–mail - the upstream post scanning, electronic files and mailboxes enable identical processing regardless of media. The transformation was completed in a two-year project based on the Macros eWorkplace software. The special procedure followed by Helvetia for tendering and implementation is to be regarded as best practice.

Cross-sector lessons

Best Practice

How Retail is inspiring the banking sector

When consumers think of dealing with their bank, the image of an insightful and efficient experience doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. Banking is more of a necessity than a chosen pastime!

29.09.2015 / Milan


Forum Banca 2015

Iriscube Reply and e*finance consulting Reply join the 8th edition of Forum Banca 2015 which take place in Milan on 29th September 2015. The conference is an important reference point for technological innovation and process optimisation within the financial and banking sectors.

Practice note

White Paper

EU Financial Services Outlook 2015

Over the next 12 months the transformation of the financial services industry is set to continue to accelerate. This paper sets out our view on some of the key challenges for firms in 2015 across three key areas: Regulatory Change; Digital Transformation; Business Optimisation.

Multi-channel Banking

Video Reference

BNP Paribas Fortis launches new iPad app with Reply

BNP Paribas Fortis chose Reply to develop a new iPad app for its sales network, that financial advisors can use during sales conversations with their customers.

Practice note

Best Practice

Senior Managers Regime (SMR)

Due to a perception of endemic behavioural and cultural problems within the banking industry and repeated failings of current legislation to address these failings, a new Senior Managers Regime (SMR) is being introduced, with binding rules to be released in early 2015. The new rules will specifically address the perceived problem of accountability where an individual had greater scope to shirk responsibility. The lines of responsibility will now be much clearer, by removing ambiguity and confusion. There will also be much harsher penalties for non-compliance.

Mobile Payments

Best Practice

Embracing the Bitcoin: why mobile operators should prepare for the digital currency shift

This white paper outlines the opportunity at a high level for mobile operators to innovate new services, increase revenues and develop new business lines based on Bitcoin and other key Digital Currencies currently available.

Business Performance Management

Best Practice

FINSIGHT: an application in support of financial planning

In order to effectively support management in the value-added creation, the Finance function must increasingly drive strategic issues aimed at guaranteeing the economic sustainability of business. To this end, thanks to its many years of experience in Business Performance Management, Reply Consulting has developed FINSIGHT, a financial planning application that can be integrated with Oracle Hyperion.

Practice note

Best Practice

Principles for effective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting

In January 2013, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (“BCBS”) issued a set of Principles to improve banks’ risk management practices, decision - making processes and resolvability. Firms designated as global systemically important banks (“G-SIBs”) are required to implement the Principles in full by the beginning of 2016. Like the BCBS, national regulators believe that the principles can be applied to a wider range of banks. This Practice Note looks into the implementation of the Principles to date not only in G-SIBs but also in medium-sized banks.

Practice note

Best Practice

Concrete Solutions for BCBS 239

In January 2013, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (“BCBS”) issued a set of Principles to improve banks’ risk management practices, decision-making processes and resolvability (BCBS 239). Following these new principles, Avantage Reply published a first Briefing Note, identifying quick wins to enable compliance with the Principles by January 2016.

Risk Management Practices

Best Practice

Avantage Reply presents on BCBS 239 Risk Data Aggregation

In January 2013, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (“BCBS”) issued a set of Principles to improve banks’ Risk Management practices, decision-making processes and resolvability (BCBS 239).
Drawing on the lessons learned with our clients in Belgium, France, Germany Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and in the UK, Avantage Reply set out pragmatic solutions to address implementation issues faced by Institutions.

23.09.2014 / Frankfurt am Main


Symposium 2014: New developments in Regulatory Reporting for banking

Xuccess Reply, in collaboration with Meridan Consulting, is organising Symposium 2014: New developments in Regulatory Reporting for banking. The event will be held in Frankfurt am Main on September 23, 2014.

Risk Data Aggregation & Reporting


Avantage Reply presents at Regulatory Summit on Risk Data Aggregation & Reporting (BCBS 239)

Avantage Reply presented its ‘Pragmatic guide to BCBS 239 compliance: Inventorise, Connect and Control” at the Regulatory Risk Summit in London (September 2014).

IOT for Banks

Best Practice

Back from The brink: Smart Beacons in Banks III

This third paper on Smart Beacons presents Reply's expertise in this domain, as well as two projects the Group has worked on which involve the use of Smart Beacon technologies.

Banking System Solidity

Briefing Note

Capital adequacy, cost of the risk and profitability: during a crisis, a real puzzle for Banks

Source: Avantage Reply Observatory
Following the burst of the real estate bubble on the US sub-prime lending market and following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the worst economic crisis since 80 years has now passed through, and in some cases overcome, different stages, both from a real and from a financial point of view. In such a context, the banking industry is still facing several and complex challenges.

IOT for Banks

Best Practice

Back from the Brink: Smart Beacons in Banks II

This second paper provides detailed examples of how Smart Beacons are currently used and have the potential to be used in banks.

IOT for Banks

Best Practice

Back from the Brink: Smart Beacons in Banks

This first paper introduces the use of Smart Beacons within the Banking Sector. It posits that ‘Smart Beacons’ can help bank branches to transform customer experience and offer more personalised services.


News & Communication

Banco Popolare chooses Hi Credits and launches ’Youpay Mobile’

Banco Popolare chose Reply for setting up an application that allows the purchase of services on the move. The application, named "Youpay Mobile" is based on Hi credits, the mobile payments solution from Reply which enables innovative Remote and Proximity Payment services.

Online Banking

Case Study

"Digital Branch" for norisbank

The norisbank from Berlin, a daughter company of Deutsche Bank, decided to close its branch network and wanted to newly position its brand as a pure online bank. The goal was to build the online channel further and create a "digital branch" for the customer. Reply deployed the creative implementation of the new positioning as online bank.

Brand Engagement

Case Study

Employees advocate Nationwide’s transformation journey

Reply worked alongside the Nationwide Internal Communications team to help bring to life their exciting Transformation Journey and communicate the key benefits in a simple and visually Engaging way.

Financial Risk Management


A framework for creating shareholder value

A range of industry-focused solutions that help organisations review and enhance the effectiveness of their risk management and financial performance measurement capabilities.


Wealth Management

Best Practice

Savings management for optimum results

Reply supplies a complete package of system and personalisation services to help achieve a change programme’s overall objectives. Reply’s team of specialists assists customers throughout the project’s implementation, handling all stages of the work from design through to implementation and system maintenance.

Threat Intelligence Services

Best Practice

Underground Security Intelligence for Financial Institutions

Within Financial Sector, Online Banking and Spam Frauds have the most impact for the end user, generating a significant brand damage for the Financial Institution.​

Retail Banking


The Integrated multichannel observatory

The Integrated Multichannel Observatory for retail banking was launched in 2009 to monitor 30 of the main traditional and direct banks. It compares the services they offer across the various channels (web, smartphones, tablets, ATMs, contact centres, and smart TV), their cross-channel marketing campaigns, and their products and services, with a special focus on innovation in technology, processes and communication.


Best Practice

Put your Data at Work: Financial Services

It is time for insurers to get back their own customers data, capturing the driving data streaming from vehicles, to develop proprietary insights and to apply discount rates or more targeted and differentiated fees.


Best Practice


Moving to an “omni-channel” strategy means understanding that what customers see is not several different channels but a single company that they can contact in different contexts in different ways, according to need. It also implies an integrated approach to all the customer-contact touchpoints both at a commercial level and from a technical and organisational standpoint.


Best Practice

Overcome complex challenges in the after crisis market

Following the burst sub-prime lending market and following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the worst economic crisis since 80 years has now passed through. In such a context, the banking industry is still facing several and complex challenges and issues.​

Mobile Payments


Pay Reply

The increasing use of smartphones and mobile commerce services has led to exceptional growth in the demand for remote and proximity payment services. Pay Reply is Reply's centre of expertise, specialising in consultancy services and technology platforms for mobile payments. ​



Best Practice

Insurance for a digital world

The digital revolution has radically altered consumer habits and profiles in all economic sectors, not least in insurance.


Best Practice

Developments in personal credit

In the retail credit market, ever-growing numbers of operators are vying to boost their growth margins. To achieve this objective and to extend their product and service portfolio, the main lenders are now facing changes that are set to turn them into independent banks.

05.06.2014 - 06.06.2014 / Mainz


SAP-Forum for Banks

Reply will participate in the SAP-Forum for Banks, a well-established innovation meeting for financial institutions, from 5 to 6 June 2014 in Mainz.

18.03.2014 - 19.03.2014


ABI Lab Forum 2014

Reply took part in the 10th edition of the ABI Lab Forum, an opportunity for banks and companies to meet and discuss the role of ICT in the banking sector. The event was held from 18 to 19 March 2014 in Milan.


News & Communication

Macros Reply acquires new client in Bavaria’s State Office for Finance (LfF)

Macros Reply prevailed over prestigious competitors in the “Paperless processing in the benefits system” call for tender and has won Bavaria’s State Office for Finance (LfF) as a new customer together with Insiders Technologies.


Press Article


Syskoplan Reply provides support for Application Management in the BI Environment. The IT service provider GaVI has a highly complex SAS system architecture. To win over customers with fast deliveries and high quality, the efficient and effective operation of this system architecture is decisive for success.

23.09.2013 / Düsseldorf


Euroforum "The certified regulatory reporting expert"

Xuccess Reply will participate in the Euroforum Academy “The certified regulatory reporting expert” in Düsseldorf on September 23, 2013. Prof. Dr. Stephan Seidenspinner from Xuccess Reply will give a presentation at the Euroforum Academy with the topic “liquidity regulatory reporting” and will refer to the technical, organizational, methodical, and business-related political aspects of the liquidity regulations and will present liquidity news according to CRR.



"Garante 2" measure: the Data Protection Authority’s clarifications

Spike Reply organised, in collaboration with IBM and with the participation of Gabriele Faggioli (Lawyer and Adjunct Professor at MIP-Politecnico di Milano), a workshop titled "Garante 2" measure: the Data Protection Authority’s clarifications. Provisions on the subject of traceability of banking operations. The event was held in Milan on 25 September 2013.

05.06.2013 - 06.06.2013


SAP Forum for Banks

Syskoplan Reply will be attending the SAP Forum for Banks from 5 to 6 June 2013 in Mainz. Continuously increasing amounts of data, increasing regulatory requirements – for some these are challenges for other opportunities.

behavioural finance

Case Study test your understanding before you invest

"Investimente" is an initiative created using TamTamy, the Reply Group solution for developing Enterprise Social Networks and Communities, for Schroders, one of the world’s leading asset-management groups. The project is based on the science of behavioural finance, it turns theory into practice, offering financial advisers and promoters a useful and innovative tool that is accessible on the move and easy to use in their everyday work.



The aftermath: crisis and legal change

Avantage Reply has taken part in The aftermath: crisis and legal change, a half-day workshop taking place on 29 April 2013 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London.

03.04.2013 / Amsterdam


Avantage Reply Systemic Risk Breakfast Session

Avantage Reply together with the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) organised a knowledge sharing breakfast session on Systemic Risk on 3 April 2013 in Amsterdam.

Best Practice

Can Big Data help in detecting insurance fraud?

By using Big Data technologies companies are able to improve their fraud detection and pattern identification capability. Reply has established a proven methodology to apply a Bayesian model in fraud recognition combined with Big Data analysis techniques.

27.03.2013 - 28.03.2013


ABI Lab Forum 2013

Reply took part in the 9th edition of the ABI Lab Forum, the event where banks and companies received detailed information on the role of ICT in the banking sector, that was held in from 27 to 28 March 2013 in Milan.

18.03.2013 - 20.03.2013


9th EUROFORUM annual meeting Banking Supervision with the EUROFORUM Conference Reporting Date

Xuccess Reply participates in the 9th EUROFORUM annual meeting Banking Supervision with the EUROFORUM Conference Reporting Date from 18 to 20 March 2013 in Frankfurt am Main. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to talk to banking supervision, research and consulting experts about CRD IV, Basel III, MaRisk, KWG and the disclosure of risks.

28.11.2012 - 29.11.2012


Credit Processes of the Future 

Syskoplan Reply will take part in the 2nd Euroforum Conference “Credit Processes of the Future” from 28 to 29 November in Düsseldorf. This year’s motto is “Cost optimization - the key to success.”

06.11.2012 - 07.11.2012


13th Handelsblatt Conference New Trends in Banking Supervision

Xuccess Reply will be at the 13th Handelsblatt Conference "New Trends in Banking Supervision" from 6 to 7 November in Mainz. So take advantage of the Handelsblatt Conference and use it as THE meeting place to discuss with the supervisors, the associations and practitioners within the banking industry about the regulatory changes.



Oracle Customer Showcase Forum

Avantage Reply joined the Oracle Customer Showcase Forum, the event under the motto "Give a new shape to your IT to support innovation and efficiency" which was held in Milan on 5 July 2012.



Reply Xchange 2012

Reply organised the first Reply Xchange UK in London. The event was addressed to Reply’s customers and held on 5th July.

04.09.2012 - 05.09.2012


Banks in Transition 2012

Xuccess Reply participates in the "Banks in Transition"  Congress in Frankfurt am Main from 4 to 5 September. Various questions regarding Positioning, Riskmanagement, Finance Market Architecture, preparation for Emerging Risks and stable income sources will be thoroughly discussed and answered.



Private Banking

e*finance consulting Reply participated in the conference organised by AziendaBanca and in collaboration with AIPB. The event was held in Milan on 30 May 2012.

22.05.2012 - 23.05.2012


SAP Congress for Banks 2012

Syskoplan Reply participates in the SAP Congress for Banks. This year the banking community will meet in the Science and Congress Center in Darmstadt on May 22-23, 2012. The event is the most important event for SAP banking solutions in Europe.

28.03.2012 - 29.03.2012


ABI Lab Forum 2012

e*finance consulting Reply took part in the 8th edition of the ABI Lab Forum, the event where banks and companies received detailed information on the role of ICT in the banking sector. The conference was held in Milan from 28 to 29 March 2012.

Best Practice

Social Media in UK Financial Services in 2011

The findings in this report are based on a preliminary online survey conducted by Glue Reply across a range of UK-based financial services institutions from credit card companies, to banks and insurance companies. The objective of this survey is to cast light on the ‘state of thinking’ about social media in UK financial services.