White Paper

Lending Transformation

Reply addresses the shifting credit market, which is increasingly characterised by new efforts to reach customers via simplified, digitalized processes and create partnerships between financial institutions and merchants.

The context

An acceleration in digital transformation has led to stark changes in the credit and lending markets

Access to credit for customers is faster than ever thanks to the acceleration of classic lending processes and the introduction of new credit products designed for the growing needs of customers. New loan models are facilitated by online platforms, thanks to services provided by Fintech companies and access to new payment tools. More and more, this is leading to partnerships between merchants and financial institutions which are mutually beneficial to both parties.


Growing fields

Reply’s study identified three fields that are driving digital lending innovation




Customer identity verification and credit risk assessment are easier and safer than ever, allowing more customers quick access to instant loans.


Buy Now,

Pay Later

This increasingly-popular, alternative form of payment serves customers who wish to defer and divide payments, affording them easier access to the products they want.


Embedded Finance and

Lending as a Service

Partnerships between merchants and financial institutions afford the former with easy access to the financial and technical knowledge to embed credit services directly into their payment platforms and the latter the ability to reach a wider customer base.

How we can help

Reply’s services

Reply is helping its customers ride the wave of Lending Transformation,
adapting and profoundly innovating credit processes.

Reply's multi-disciplinary teams can be of help in all stages of transformation, starting from the needs discovery phase, to benchmarking with market standards, to the actual implementation and production of the solutions.