Case Study

A seamless sales system for Ritter Sport

In-keeping with the well-known slogan “Quality in a Square", the family-owned company, together with 4brands Reply, is setting its sights on digital and future-oriented sales with the SAP Sales Cloud.

Free Hands for the essentials

Since the beginning of 2021, Ritter Sport is breaking new ground in sales, both technologically and conceptually, under the motto of "Free hands for the essentials". The tool of choice is the SAP Sales Cloud, which is fully integrated into the Ritter Sport system landscape. With the introduction of SAP Sales Cloud Ritter Sport is setting the course for intelligent and future-oriented work for the external sales force and key account management.

Situational Sales

Time is a scarce commodity for the external sales force. It is tasked with visiting the relevant customers at the right time, coordinating promotions and leveraging untapped potential. This entails a multitude of requirements for the applied solution.
In addition to intuitive and time-efficient handling it is imperative that relevant information is made available in a central location and that it can be accessed from any device.

It should be possible to control and process sales tasks in accordance with the situation as well as the individual customer. This is the only way to increase potentials quickly and also leave time for what no system can replace: interpersonal contact, which is essential for business success, especially in sales.

The Solution

Ritter Sport and 4brands Reply began implementing SAP Sales Cloud together in 2020 as part of the digitisation strategy. The key objective was to make all relevant processes available in an optimised and integrated form in the new solution for all departments involved. This includes, among other things, intelligent visit execution with direct target comparison or listing maintenance and action planning in key account management. The mapping of template-based promotions including automated order creation was implemented as an key process. This means that Ritter Sport is now optimally equipped for the digital future with the use of the SAP Sales Cloud – be it via iPad on site during a customer visit, in the office or even the home office.

Transparent and uniform view of customers and related processes
Integrated live data reporting
Time-efficient and device-independent work thanks to intuitive links
Support of offline scenarios
All information in one central place
Smooth integration into the existing IT infrastructure

Achieving project success together

From the beginning, Ritter Sport and 4brands Reply have embraced a collaborative and transparent cooperation. This was supported by the employed agile project methodology. The approach was essential for the success of the project especially with regard to the COVID-19 situation and the associated physical separation, and forms the cornerstone for further cooperation.


The Ritter Sport brand stands for modern, high-quality and innovative chocolate for a wide range of consumers. Founded in 1912 in Stuttgart, the family-owned company is now one of the best-known German companies. Ritter Sport was the first major chocolate bar manufacturer to switch its cocoa sourcing to 100% certified sustainable cocoa back in 2018 and was awarded the German Sustainability Award for its sustainable commitment in the same year.

4brands Reply specializes in the consumer goods industry and supports companies in the design of their individual digital transformation processes with innovative IT technologies. 4brands Reply's approach focuses on the consumer with his Customer Journey, which covers the entire value chain of the company. The offer includes process consulting and system integration for the core areas of Customer Experience Management, Revenue Growth Management, management of Demand-driven Supply Chains, Enterprise Management and management of a Digital Data Platform.