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Digitization of documents to make processes more efficient

Macros eWorkplace is the intelligent suite for document and procedural processing without media breaks.

It is the time to go digital

Due to the Corona crisis many Companies are becoming even more aware that many processes are still manual and non-digital. Efficient and remote (home) work is only possible with digitization. Now is the time to set up the organization of the future.

Macros eWorkplace

Macros eWorkplace is the intelligent suite for document and procedural processing without media breaks: Every step of the case and document cycle – from initial customer contact to response – is completely digital and fully integrated.

At the heart of Macros eWorkplace is the eClient with electronic inboxes and electronic filing systems. Complete integration in core systems, input and output management, incoming post distribution and workflows, makes the processing of standard tasks easier.

Macros eWorkplace is used for efficiently implementing standardised procedures – from the inbox to the outbox. The electronic inbox contains all the processes, orders and messages for which you are responsible, as well as the follow-up items. One click takes you to the electronic file. You can see all decision-relevant information about a customer or a contract, bundled together from various systems into one view. Thanks to its integration, Macros eWorkplace enables the context-related jump to your department systems. Naturally, all common Office, e-mail and back end systems are also seamlessly connected.

360 degree view

As a cockpit for procedural and department processing, Macros eWorkplace provides a 360-degree view of the customer, which is reflected by considerably improved customer service.
Macros eWorkplace means:

  • Efficient processing of incoming documents

  • Automatic, intelligent distribution to individual or group mailboxes

  • Overview of all procedures, messages, documents and appointments in the electronic mailbox

  • Direct jump to the electronic file and other programs: 360-degree view of all information relevant to the context and its processing

  • Short processing times: optimum customer service
    Adaptors to all common archive/storage systems, Office and e-mail systems, specialist applications, core systems, etc.

Macros eWorkplace brings benefits from comprehensive digitisation and optimisation of the complete document cycle – from omnichannel inbox to outbox, from customer request to response.

The benefits of modular solution

The modules from Macros eWorkplace consist of Macros products and partner products that Macros’ regards as the most suitable. Based on the specified needs, the single modules can be combined individually for every system landscape.

The flexible combination of input management modules from Macros Reply and the Macros eNform process line run invisibly in the background and allow you to optimise each relevant step of incoming mail processing: incoming documents are scanned, AI- based automatically classified and extracted with OCR/ICR technology, detected and verified, and automatically distributed to team, group or employee post baskets. Documents that do not require human handling can be processed "in the dark".

Whether e-mails, letters, faxes or other channels: thanks to the introduction of a modern input management solution, like smart FIX from Insiders Technologies, the entire incoming correspondence can be processed efficiently and intelligently, with the fully automatic detection and indexing of documents.

Smart fix, dealing with correspondence automatically

Smart FIX is an intelligent standard product ideal for the automated processing of large volumes of heterogeneous documents without pre-sorting and all general and unstructured incoming mail – irrespective of input channel, format, and structure.

It provides a knowledge-based multiple classification of documents, extraction of all business process-relevant information with technological and market-leading methods according to requirements: complete, quality-assured and efficient. smart Fix has capability for processing all documents in one system offering high data quality due to comprehensive plausibility checks and highly ergonomic post-processing in different languages.


Macros Reply is a specialist in browser based information and document management as well as archive and mailbox filing solutions especially for banks and insurance companies. The company focuses on efficient caseload processing with innovative solutions.