Macros ReplyDigitization and
automation with Macros Reply

Optimization of business processes
with document management, ECM,
robotic process automation (RPA),
process mining, process processing
and machine learning

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Macros Reply digitizes and automates the business processes of insurance companies, banks / financial service providers, subsidies and companies in the energy industry.

The basis is the evaluation of the existing process landscape using Process Mining and the subsequent optimization of the modular ECM suite Macros eWorkplace for the seamless document and communication cycle.
Every step of customer communication is supported in a consistent and intelligent manner: from Input Management via individualized forms or with classification and indexing (OCR/ICR), automatic distribution to the appropriate mailbox, processing with the aid of eFiles and ePostboxes to Output Management back to the customer.
As a further result of Process Mining, Macros Reply implements robots using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to relieve the employees of monotonous and repetitive tasks and finds implementation options for an adequate use of Machine Learning Mechanisms.

Macros Reply stands for: Process digitization and automation, transaction processing, eFiles and ePostboxes, intelligent incoming mail distribution, Robotics & RPA, Process Mining, Predictive Analytics, electronic archiving.


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Gothaer Versicherungen • Barmenia Versicherung • Baloise Versicherung • BHW/Postbank • Helvetia Versicherungen • Landesamt für Finanzen Bayern • Merkur Versicherung • Münchener Verein Versicherungsgruppe • LVM Versicherungen • Rheinland Versicherung  • WWK Versicherungen


Revolutionizing processes: This is Macros Reply

With the right advice and technology, time-consuming work steps quickly become a part of the past. Contact our experts at Macros Reply, who can help you automate your processes to speed them up.




Ignite the AI turbo for your Input Management.

This framework ensures automated, digital and, above all, intelligent processing of all documents that reach your company. It combines proven input management solutions based on machine learning with innovative cloud and RPA services and complements these with Generative AI. This means timely feedback for your customers, suppliers and partners.


Robotic Process Automation


Macros Reply - RPA Service

Macros Reply accompanies its customers in discovering, using and further developing their own automation capabilities and implements all RPA projects together with them: trains and coaches their employees, provides frameworks and methods and is available as an on-demand expert for questions - from the process selection via the structure of the CoC / CoE up to the operation. 

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Macros Reply for selected industries

Macros Reply industry solutions: merging specialist knowledge, IT and RPA  in various industries.

- InsuranceSuite + rPA
- BankingSuite + RPA
- PublicSuite + RPA 
- Macros for energy industries and others