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How low-code is revolutionizing lead management

Low-code automation can provide quick and accurate lead routing while bridging software gaps and addressing major business and sales challenges across organizations of all sizes. Learn how Reply can help.

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The scenario

Taking charge of lead management and routing

The project, developed for a client operating in the construction industry, outlines the implementation of a Lead Management System (LMS) based on a low-code/no-code platform that is able to bring together Business Process Management and Customer Relationship Management features in one single tool.

In a highly dynamic business context, where lead routing is capillary and subject to several changes, it is critical for companies to own their lead management solutions to adapt to those changes promptly and autonomously. This avoids bottlenecks and improves the accuracy of configuration and as a result, leads are routed according to most critical business requirements.

The challenge

Lead routing complexity

Our client is organized in multiple departments, each of them running a different business in the same industry: construction. The main struggle for our client was to process the many leads (thousands per day) coming from multiple heterogeneous sources. Below are the three critical issues that emerged.


Be able to juggle between different sources and systems to find leads of interest.


Spot lead duplication at first sight.


Understand which leads in each area are in scope of which sales representative.


Flexible routing and configuration were of utmost importance

Each branch has their own sales structure and a way to run operations that should not be disrupted by the adoption of the new Lead Management System.

  • To accommodate differences and support specifics, the solution has to grant the maximum level of flexibility and enable business users to process governance.

  • Growth by acquisition being the main corporate development mechanism for the client, branches and salespeople are frequently changing, so it was mandatory to have a way to let admin users at any level control the routing configuration: Branch Managers, Regional Managers and Directors are all enabled to manage the configuration in their scope.

The solution

Reply’s approach to lead management using low-code

From a technical standpoint, the solution is based on Creatio’s platform, a low-code CRM whose core component (Studio) is an extremely user-friendly Business Process Management tool, supporting BPMN standards 100 percent.

Leads are staged in an external database that feeds Creatio via API

The API is hosted in Azure and leverages Creatio’s .NET SDK to read and write data into the platform. All the configuration needed for the routing is maintained in Creatio. It can be edited in the system directly or imported from Excel spreadsheet.

Users are accessing the system in Single Sign-On (SSO)

User configuration is read from Active Directory and reflects in the system via Just-In-Time (JIT) integration. From the Lead Management System, users can access the original source data in the Lead Supplier’s system via SSO (provided that the Lead Supplier supports this functionality).

Multi-device support

The Lead Management System can be used from any browser or from smartphones, leveraging Creatio’s App available on App Store and Google Play. While business processes are the same, mobile experience can be differentiated from the desktop one to fit better the UI capabilities and grant a smoother user experience.

Maintains lead source quality

Users are able to merge duplicated leads maintaining the richest and most accurate information from each of the sources and in the long term will permit to evaluate the lead source quality.

Lead routing and prioritization

Leads are assigned to branches based on construction type, construction materials and geography. Exceptions occur for special builder that are managed by specific branches regardless the geographic assignment. For each construction project, the system dispatches the lead to the proper branches based on the product offer in the area. For branches offering multiple products, the offering priority is also taken into consideration.

Exploring the benefit of a low-code solution

The main benefit of the solution is the user interface that allows citizen developers (i.e., business users with no development experience) to configure business process and create and update data via excel import. Another great benefit is the capability to visualize leads from different sources in a common layout and be able to evaluate lead sources from a quality point of view.

For any business – big or small, it is key to have a system where they can easily assess incoming leads to do a critical review and quickly decide which one to discard and which one to pursue and a low-code tool such as this can help provide that at their fingertips.

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