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OSS Transformation

In a world going digital, OSSs cannot be excluded. Reply assists customer's transitions from physical to virtualized cloud environments, embracing greater levels of service innovation while staying competitive in fast-changing markets.

What is an Operations Support System (OSS)

Operating Support Systems are those Telco systems designed to help monitor, analyze, and manage telecom networks. The name refers to hardware and software tools used on the operations side of a telecommunications network. Thus, OSS consists of the actual network infrastructure as well as the software used to control the network. OSS enables Telco to preside over a variety of operational functions, such as: Network inventory, Fault management, Service provisioning, Configuration, Service assurance and Network planning.

Reply thanks to strong collaborations and constantly updated technologies offers to its customers an efficient network enabling new technologies.  Reply offering covers OSS Transformation journey, Inventory Creation & Assurance Solutions and Services, Service and Network Assurance and Access Virtualization & SDWAN Solutions.

OSS Transformation Journey

In a world going digital, Reply wants to help customers’ transition from physical to virtualized, cloud environments, embracing greater levels of service innovation, and stay competitive in fast-changing markets. Our journey together with the customers leads towards an end-to-end, zero-touch orchestration for traditional and digital services, including SDN/NFV, cloud, IoT and 5G, and automates operations across complex hybrid environments. Telco operators and service providers in general can win a faster service creation and delivery, while enhancing operational agility and obtaining a lower TCO.

The main benefits that can be achieved are the implementation of integrated processes in a single platform, the improvement of active SLAs target times and the reduction and optimization time and costs for the introduction of new technologies / network service

Network Inventory & Creation Solutions

Network Inventory provides the physical topology of the network and chooses the best matches for virtual machine and network functions. Data plane topology is fed to the SDN controller, which is crucial for effective virtualized and non-virtualized network function chaining.

Network Inventory and Creation System are innovative platforms supporting customers’ network creation process and Network inventory process.


  • Automating a large amount of manual processes related to network analysis and creation

  • Centralizing a unique, rigorous and consistent inventory of  Logical and Physical resources of the entire European and not-European network

  • Aiming at decommissioning of several legacy systems in a single flexible platform

Service & Network Assurance Solution

In the Assurance area, we are capable of supporting our customers in a smart resolution of the most critical issues. We have experiences in the development of innovative unified and service-oriented management platforms for the entire IP network, based on multi-vendor devices.

Our main services in this area are:

  • Scalable microservices Architecture design and delivery

  • Depoly NaaS Solution

  • ELK Stack deep knowledge

  • Agile methodologies

  • Demand Management

  • Management of mission critical platform

Application Virtualization & SD-WAN

Reply as Citrix Solution Advisor, takes a global, enterprise-class approach by offering a rapid transition to VDI/Workspace solution from standard desktop solutions on Premises and Cloud (Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud).

Reply is also able to design solution optimized for WAN and Multisite access through the Citrix Networking solution based on Citrix Application Delivery Controller (Citrix ADC) and Citrix SD-WAN.

We can guarantee an IT Optimization/Semplification through:

  • Office: Office 365 Migration, Windows 10 Migration, Apple MAC Migration

  • Security: Unified Access Management, VPN Replacement, SSO/2FA for SaaS and Web Apps, Web filtering & classification for links in published SaaS apps

  • Remote Access: VDI Expansion/DaaS, Remote workforce, Call center workforce

  • Collaboration: Workflow automation, Content collaboration, Secure file sharing

  • Cloud: Hybrid-multi cloud initiatives, Support Branch office/SD-WAN

Reply Citrix SD-WAN solution guarantee:

  • Multi-site Interconnect and seamless global connectivity to digitalize factory campus.  

  • Aggregating multiple access technologies like MPLS, broadband Internet, satellite and mobile connections (4G/5G) in a single, secure and reliable logical link.

  • 100% Voice Quality: Packet duplication and full QoS per HDX stream

  • Intelligent Security: Integrated Firewall, strong encryption, key rotation, NIST compliance

  • Full cloud choice: AWS, Azure, Office 365

  • Easy Deployment: Zero-Touch Deployment and central management

Why Reply?

OSS & BSS stacks are fundamental to enabling agile service creation and deployment in order to rapidly capture new business offering. Reply continues to be integral partner in helping our clients to agnostically define, develop and adapt the necessary building blocks which will help to realise the desired zero-touch automation, time to market, innovation and scalability

We can provide you with:

  • Management of the Transformation Project

  • Transversal Effectiveness thanks to the acquired Know-how

  • Support customers in the decommissioning of Legacy Systems by develop the efficiency of the Processes