As a partner in the Telco & Media industry, Live Reply empowers your business in an ever-changing world.

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About us

Due to their extensive experience in Telco & Media, Live Reply is able to respond quickly to the customer’s needs, offering a personalised and innovative engaging digital experience. This helps to ensure companies have the right appeal while increasing the revenue and growth of businesses.

We offer a wide range of services and stand out because of our exceptional skills in creating integrated and interconnected digital ecosystems. These focus on providing digital experiences, as well as supporting customers throughout the entire process.

Thanks to our business-oriented vision, innovative thinking, implementation of cross technological innovation, guided by a data driven approach, we are able to face challenges in a constantly evolving context, to ensure effectiveness for our customers.


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In the Telco & Media industry, it is crucial to employ a strategy which is based on actively listenining to the customers and thoroughly analysing their data. Being competent, innovative and able to quickly adapt to the new technologies in the right, smooth and effective way is pivotal for offering the customers a consistent experience in all the distribution channels.

How we support our clients.

We boost the digital proposition through new tech enablers

We change the status quo by introducing new rules, methods and innovative strategies based on edge technologies. We count on the digital services on a software delivery chain which is resilient and can adjust itself to the external changes:

  • Cloud native application
  • API based architecture
  • Total monitoring

We extend video experience within a synthetic ecosystem

We provide front end solutions, allowing customers to enjoy the services smoothly without reducing the quality. We offer support for the video distribution & consumption for both live events and VODs, as well as custom development to allow video enhancement through a synthetic ecosystem. We adapt and integrate enabling technologies by developing custom solutions through innovations such as VR, AR and Metaverse.

We exploit the full value of a holistic, data-driven approach

We actively listen to the customer’s feedback, analyse and evaluate customer interactions to gain insights and adapt the product or service to best match client expectations.

In order to create our customer data-driven decisions and follow the market trends, we approach it in several ways:

  • Using NPL machines
  • Monitoring data sources
  • Building and maintaining a DATA HUB

We offer a fully automated & integrated customer support

We take care of the digital experience of our customers, offering solutions to manage the services provided. We implement services based on customised solutions to meet final users’ needs, boosting the digital transformation during all phases of planning, such as the creation of the self care mobile app. We also enhance the final customer's support by providing digital assistance through AI services, such as digital humans.


We turn our ideas into tangible and meaningful experiences.
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    striving for the best and being
    able to face the changes

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    our curiosity

  • Trust

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Live Reply is highly experienced in the telco industry and has proven know-how of specific telco technologies. Smart offerings provide our customers with value for tomorrow while at the same time they profit from our understanding of today’s business, through end to end projects or long term services. Live Reply is flexible in time, personnel and location. Our competencies vary from core engineering over backbone/backhaul planning towards access networks. In the access area we cover all kinds of access technologies, ranging from (Open) RAN to FTTH fiber planning.



Case Study

Redefining IT system integration with an API-first approach

Sky Italia, with the support of Live Reply, has created a modern and automated cloud platform, capable of optimising quality and time to market for newly created digital services that the broadcaster offers to its customer base. The platform also facilitates the evolution and solidity of those that already exist.

Redefining IT system integration with an API-first approach 0



Meetup - Govern Generative AI and Kubernetes Gateway API with Live Reply & Kong

We are thrilled to invite you to our Kong in-person Meetup in collaboration with Live Reply!We talk about generative Artificial Intelligence. 

05.10.2023 / Webinar


Discover the Benefits of an API-first Approach

How can organizations effectively evolve their core business applications while increasing the pace of development and how can the "API economy" approach help with this? Live Reply looks at these questions and shows the benefits that an API-first approach can bring to businesses. The experts show concepts of the API Economy and Kong Gateway that were realized at Sky Italia.



Modernizing and changing minds at Sky Italia through apiops

During this webinar we delved into the API economy and how it affects businesses. Some benefits and challenges of the API economy and a use case in the Italian market were also explained with the collaboration of Sky Italia.

28.10.2022 - 29.10.2022


Kong Summit 2022

This year's Kong Summit was held in attendance in San Francisco at the Palace Hotel, September 28-29, 2022. In its fifth year, the Kong Summit brings together the Kong community to discuss new ideas, harness developer-driven innovation, and modernize connectivity without sacrificing security and governance.


News & Communication

Live Reply named best partner 2022 at #Kong Summit

We are very proud and excited to have received the BEST PARTNER 2022 award at the #Kong Summit in San Francisco.

Live Reply named best partner 2022 at #Kong Summit 0

Live Reply



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