Cluster Reply has developed a solution to manage COVID-19 infection chains for the Health Authorities in Bavaria

19 October 2020

Cluster Reply, the Reply Group company specialised in Microsoft technology, has provided a digital solution to support health authorities in Bavaria in managing COVID-19 infection chains. The aim is to use digitalised processes to contain, trace and interrupt the chains of infection. This results in concrete time savings for the health authorities and valuable support for the most complete traceability possible.

The solution is aimed at health authorities and enables the digital management and administration of people infected with the virus, as well as possible contact persons. The system captures new corona cases via an easy-to-use interface to check known infection chains and identify new outbreaks. This solution enables health authorities to monitor the situation in real time, analyse the dynamics of case spread and take immediate action to identify and contain individual hotspots at an early stage.

Via a self-service portal, which infected persons can access directly after activation by their public health department, they have the opportunity to report their state of health on a daily basis (symptom diary) and report the history of their contact persons. This helps the authorities to recognise the emergence of potential new chains of infection more quickly and take necessary steps to isolate them.

The solution meets the highest security standards for data processing. It is also possible to individually adapt the infection chain management to the needs of a federal state or a municipality.

Reply [MTA, STAR: REY, ISIN: IT0005282865] specialises in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. As a network of highly specialised companies, Reply defines and develops business models enabled by the new models of big data, cloud computing, digital media and the internet of things. Reply delivers consulting, system integration and digital services to organisations across the telecom and media; industry and services; banking and insurance; and public sectors.

Cluster Reply
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