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Our Unified Enterprise Cloud Vision

Reply’s award-winning companies, Microsoft Gold Partners in Europe, North and Latin America, offer consulting, systems integration and digital services across the Azure portfolio. We are laser focused on business value metrics, resiliency and continual optimization that drives business outcomes for our clients.

Our Azure Professional Services and Azure Managed Services make up our vision for a true unified cloud platform that enables hyper-scale implementations and high performance, agile environments.

Reply’s specialized companies deliver and manage across the cloud lifecycle

Through the experience and expertise of our people, we design, build and optimize on the frontier of digital change.


Azure professional services

Reply’s specialized companies deliver best in class cloud lifecycle management with innovative professional services.

azure managed services

An extension of your team to ensure continuous optimization through continuous management of your transformative investments.


  • 8x5 support
  • Core Infrastructure Support (patching/updates, configuration management, identity management)
  • Basic Security & Compliance monitoring
  • Subscription Management
  • Monthly health reports
  • Dashboards
  • Cost Analysis & Optimization


  • 12x7 support
  • Shared Service Manager (TAM) and architect support
  • Core Infrastructure Support (patching/updates, configuration management, identity management)
  • Azure Resource organization and management
  • Application performance monitoring & optimization
  • Proactive architecture optimization services
  • Advanced threat analytic and endpoint protection
  • Real-time health reports and dashboards


  • 24x7 support
  • Direct access to L3 support
  • Dedicated Service Manager (TAM) and architect support
  • Automation & Orchestration (DevSecOps Managed Services)
  • Proactive infrastructure monitoring and alerting
  • Proactive capacity planning, performance and cost optimization
  • Enterprise Security & Compliance monitoring (WAF, DDoS, Threat Analytics, endpoint protection, email and web protection)
  • Proactive runbook authoring
  • Advanced operational intelligence and custom dashboard on usage, performance, governance, and cost

Reply Microsoft gold companies


Cluster Reply is a global award winning company in the Reply group specialized in consulting and system integration services based on Microsoft technologies. The company is focused on innovation and followed the evolution of Microsoft offering from on-premises to cloud, in the solution areas of Applications and Infrastructure, Business Applications, Data and AI, Modern Workplace.
The strong experience, matured in over 20 years of collaboration with Microsoft, enables Cluster Reply to help their customers in choosing the best solutions from Microsoft, quickly and effectively, adding to the Microsoft certified competencies, a distinctive knowledge of market industries and processes.
Cluster Reply operate in Brazil, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom.  


Solidsoft Reply is a global award winning Microsoft Gold certified partner with over 20 years’ experience in developing custom business applications and integration solutions with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Solidsoft Reply helps customers succeed through its expertise in designing and implementing innovative solutions in Healthcare, through continued commitment and investment in Microsoft technologies, delivered by highly developed and competent people. Solidsoft Reply operate in the UK, with offices in Basingstoke and London.


Valorem Reply is a digital transformation firm with innovation, leading-edge technology and deep commitment to exceptional customer experience at the core of who we are. As a trusted Microsoft Partner, we have the expertise, experience and grit to transform the way businesses worldwide compete in the market place. At Valorem Reply, our focus is delivering high-value solutions that drive your business forward no matter where you are in your digital journey.
Valorem Reply operate in North America with offices in Chicago, Kansas City, Seattle, and St Louis.


WM Reply is a digital workplace expert specialising in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. WM Reply builds SharePoint sites: intranets and websites, social networks, and document management areas to create digital workspaces that are easy to navigate and engaging. It utilises the magnitude of tools in Office 365 to enable clients and their employees to work better, together, faster.
We know Microsoft products at WM Reply - consistently creating valuable business solutions on Microsoft SharePoint has earnt us Microsoft Gold Partner status. Microsoft recognises WM Reply for its work in increasing client productivity through simplifying their access to information and dramatically improving engagement and adoption; enabling a more collaborative and efficent workforce. WM Reply operate in the UK, with offices in Chester, London and Manchester.



Worldwide Cloud Partner of the Year


Worldwide Emerging Azure HiPo Partner of the Year


Cloud Transformation Azure


Worldwide Partner of the Year – Health


Best Azure Solution Provider


Digital Transformation Champ Award


of the Year


Best Azure

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Case Study

DiaSorin simplifies diagnostics by implementing a digital solution

With the support of Cluster Reply and Concept Reply, in only a few months DiaSorin has developed a proprietary IoT cloud solution, based on the Microsoft Azure technology, which can process and report Covid-19 tests.


DiaSorin simplifies diagnostics by implementing a digital solution 0


White Paper

Closed Loop Medicine Management: Co-Producing Effective Solutions

The Digital Maturity of NHS organisations is in the spotlight and refuses to go away. One key element of that scrutiny, that of Closed Loop Medicines management, is an area Solidsoft Reply are focused on supporting their NHS customers with.

Internet of Things

Case Study

CLAAS: Cloud First for field logistics

Product-related services – this is what CLAAS, the European market leader for combine harvesters, offers customers. To ensure that various services work together smoothly, together with Cluster Reply the agricultural machinery manufacturer developed an IoT communication platform based on Microsoft Azure.

CLAAS Cloud First for field logistics   0



From Server Closet to Cloud

Legacy client/server applications common to retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and other verticals are often a barrier to cloud adoption. In this article, we discuss how virtual desktops can provide a stepping stone to modernization. This approach improves resilience and reduces cost and risk—all while creating the foundation for leveraging cloud-native services and development methodologies.



Hyperautomation Testing

Fast-paced development has become the new norm, and it is paramount to ensure quality throughout the agile development process. In this document, we explore Hyperautomation testing, and how it could enable Quality teams to utilize and implement state-of-the-art automation.



A Guide to the Zero Trust security journey

Some organizations are fighting back against cybercrime by implementing a zero trust security model. Zero trust refers to a perimeterless security approach that stipulates that no devices should be trusted.


Case Study

Artificial Intelligence to automate the quality control of clinker

Italcementi has recently collaborated with Cluster Reply to automate the quality control of the analysis processes of clinker, the fundamental component of cement. The solution introduced, which is based on the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, enables the real-time processing of images acquired through electron microscopy, through detailed and in-depth analysis of the samples in question.

Industry 4.0

Best Practice

Smart Maintenance

Industrial machinery and automated production plants are increasingly sophisticated and complex systems, and working on them requires specialised training that can often be carried out only close to the intervention areas. Smart Maintenance is Reply's answer to the need for digital transformation and workforce enhancement through immersive technologies, always keeping human capital at the heart of the solution.

Smart Maintenance 0

10.01.2022 / Cloud Computing


Migrating to the cloud - Follow the 'R's and you’ll do grrrreat

Cloud rationalization is the process of evaluating assets to determine the best way to migrate or modernize each asset in the cloud. In this blog, Cloud Architect, Ken Knight defines and explains the 5 “R”s to consider while assessing your portfolio of applications for cloud migration.

17.11.2021 / Consistent naming strategy


Cloud Naming Convention

Consistent naming strategy is important and should be an essential part of any cloud effort, especially as the number of managed resources grows in an organization. Consistent cloud naming strategy is the first step in achieving even basic levels of consistency and prerequisite to establishing any sort of cloud governance. Good could naming conventions also help associate cloud usage costs with business teams via chargeback and showback accounting mechanisms.



Cloud Migration Success

Cloud migration is quickly becoming status quo for virtually every business trying to grow in the digital era. Reduce costs, increase agility, and boost innovation: who doesn’t want those things?

4 critical steps to realizing the value of the cloud

Mobile Robotics

Case Study

Robotics in Real Estate Operations

Reply, among the first Boston Dynamics Integration Partners worldwide, is testing the "SPOT" robot with ECE to support businesses in benefitting from advanced mobile robotics. As part of the so-called "Early Adopter Program" Reply and ECE have identified multiple possible use cases.

Robotics in Real Estate Operations 0


News & Communication

WM Reply Recognized as a Finalist of the 2021 Microsoft Employee Experience Partner of the Year Award

WM Reply today announced it has been named a finalist of the Employee Experience 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award.

Cloud Adoption Framework


Executing your Cloud Adoption Strategy with Cluster Reply's Cloud Adoption Framework

When embarking on cloud migration, it’s vital to consider the best approach for your business needs. Whether you’ve taken that initial step into cloud, or are further along in your adoption journey, there are many considerations to ensure that you optimise the flexibility and cost models available.

Windows Virtual Desktop


The New Digital Workplace: Empower your Employees to work remotely with Windows Virtual Desktop

Empower your employees with Windows Virtual Desktop, so they can work how they want, where they want with the security and flexibility required to meet business compliance standards.



Case Study


Cluster Reply has helped a customer in the Consumer goods industry to re-design and migrate a line-of-business application over an architecture based on Azure PaaS components that allowed the redesigned application to run entirely on Microsoft cloud managed services.


Case Study


The web portal is designed to be the Interface for customers to interact with connected vehicles. The portal lets customers register, add their vehicles and accessories, download documentation, train through video and informative material, subscribe to additional services.



A luxury sports car aims at laying the foundation to provide the Industrial area with an IT platform that enables the implementation and integrated use of the technologies known as Industry 4.0. Provide near-real-time reliable information, parameters and indicators derived from the data coming from the production infrastructure is the main aim of business stakeholders.


Case Study

Sitecore Website migration to Cloud

Cluster Reply was involved in the migration of 12 Sitecore 8.2 premise websites to Sitecore 9 on the Cloud. The project was required to handle the client EU division fusion with another company and the constitution of a completely new company with dedicated IT infrastructure and applications ecosystem.

Azure solution with web portal

Case Study

TOMRA: Spare parts via the Azure Cloud

How can recycling plant operators identify spare parts in seconds? Together with Cluster Reply, TOMRA Sorting has developed a cloud solution in Azure that aims to make ordering as simple as in the B2C context.

TOMRA Spare parts via the Azure Cloud



Future fit technology: preparing for what's next

Valorem Reply is partnering with industry experts from Forrester and Databricks to share some insight on the future of work and how to refocus your digital strategy and investments for success. Join us for a deep dive into how lagging tech strategies clash with market changes and how organizations are reimagining their approach to technology to keep up.

23.11.2020 / Azure DevOps


Cloud & DevOps

Discover how to bring your application from code to production with a single click.

09.11.2020 / IoT Solution


Building an IoT secure and customizable solution on azure

Do you want a secure IoT system? Do you need to customize at any point your IoT solution in no time? In IoT security shouldn't be underestimated, and also managing updates for your devices may be an issue.

08.10.2020 / Kubernates & Docker


Containerization, Kubernetes & Docker- New Development Trends You Should Know

Containerization has become a major trend in software development with tools like Kubernetes and Docker to help teams better manage their app performance and infrastructure reliability. Valorem Reply Solutions Consultant Muhammed Rizwan explains why this new approach is gaining such popularity among developers and how it can help businesses reduce costs.

24.09.2020 / MULTI CLOUD AZURE



The webinar begin with a brief introduction on how a cloud based approach can improve enteprise processes while saving costs and enables many previously hard to implement solutions.

10.09.2020 / Log Analytics



Cluster Reply explains how to monitor your infrastructures and applications in Azure using Log Analytics, Application Insights and Power BI.

14.08.2020 / Mixed Reality


Building Cross-Platform AR Experiences with Azure Spatial Anchors

The Azure Mixed Reality world is not standing still and Valorem Reply is helping clients and the tech community stay ahead of this emerging tech, by partnering with various AR/VR organizations to deliver.

Building Cross-Platform AR Experiences with Azure Spatial Anchors 0

16.07.2020 / ARR


Azure Remote Rendering Summer Updates

Valorem Reply's Director of Global Innovation Research and Incubation and Microsoft MVP Rene Schulte shares details on some exciting new Azure Remote Rendering (ARR) applications- ARR Showcase App & ARR Asset Tool. Read this article to learn how these new tools will make life easier for Azure and HoloLens developers.



Cluster Reply recognized as Winner in Italy of the 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award

Cluster Reply was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.



Biztalk Migrator – Microsoft’s new tool to migrate integration to the cloud.

At the recent KOVAI Integrate 2020 Microsoft’s Jon Fancey announced during his keynote speech the existence of a migration tool for BizTalk. This, when released, will automate the migration of BizTalk Applications to Microsoft’s Cloud offering – Azure.

02.07.2020 / CAF


Cloud Adoption Speed – A Vital (and often overlooked) IT Modernization Decision

One of the strategic decisions you should consider before using Microsoft’s CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) is the speed of cloud adoption. Cloud Architect, Ken Knight, explains a few strategies behind adoption speeds and modernization motivations that could influence your timeline.


Case Study

Flexibility, speed and scalability of the Azure cloud in minutes, with Cluster Reply and

Cluster Reply, Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP), were selected as the preferred choice of cloud migration partner to architect and support the deployment of the migration to Azure in the most efficient and least disruptive way possible.

Flexibility, speed and scalability of the Azure cloud in minutes, with Cluster Reply and

30.06.2020 / Digital Transformation


3N3 Episode 4- Azure Sentinel

Valorem Reply's 3N3 vlog series covers all things Cloud, Digital Security, Modern Workplace, Modern Devices and Business Process Automation. Our Digital Transformation experts share quick tips and details on transformative technologies that could have a big impact on the future of business.

19.05.2020 / Azure DevOps



Pull requests in Microsoft Azure DevOps can supercharge the software development. In this webinar, Cluster Reply shows possible solutions to set up development projects successfully and transparently.

07.05.2020 / Azure Cognitive services



During this Webinar Cluster Reply explained how Machine Learning and Azure Form Recognizer can be used to extract structured information from heterogeneous documents.

28.04.2020 / Digital Experience


Azure Personalizer – Deliver smarter, more precise customer experience.

The future of the digital experience is personalization. Microsoft's API service, Azure Personalizer, allows you to utilize the power of your customer data to increase engagement, loyalty and advocacy. This article explains how.

09.04.2020 / Azure DevOps



The assurance and visualization of software quality is essential for software development. In this webinar, Cluster Reply presents solutions using Microsoft Azure DevOps and automated integration testing and illustrated the cycles of software testing.

credit management

Case Study

The Fire Group: how data-driven processes are reshaping sustainable credit management

Working as one team with Microsoft and its partner Cluster Reply, Fire has used Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics to unify its data, creating a single source of information at the centre of its operations. It is a solution that stands to benefit both its internal teams and its customers.

05.12.2019 / technology


Creating A PowerShell Module

PowerShell is a great tool for managing your Azure environment via script. This article walks you step-by-step to create PowerShell Modules from a simple script to moving VMs, creating Azure Custom Roles, installing your Module and then sharing it on the PowerShell Gallery (PSGallery).

Creating A PowerShell Module 0

22.10.2019 / technology


Valorem's IoT Digital Twin Experience Now Available at MTCs

Valorem Reply is excited to announce a collaboration with the Microsoft Technology Centers making their newest IoT HoloLens solution available for visitors to experience around the world.

15.07.2019 / technology


IT Operations in a Digital Transformation World

In response to the rapidly changing digital landscape, traditional IT operations processes and practices are evolving to keep up. DevOps...What is it? Should you be doing it? How do you get started?


Best Practice

SAP on Azure

Many blue chip businesses have chosen to migrate their SAP workloads to Azure. Here we’ll set out the incredible benefits this will deliver. SAP is a powerful tool, but often an on-premises infrastructure is not suitable for hosting such workloads and will often cause major problems for the proprietary business. The solution is SAP on Azure.

Flexible Integration Solutions

Cluster Reply has more than 20 years’ integration experience optimising business efficiency and mobile strategies. We offer a clear approach to integrating business systems both internally and externally. Our integration solutions are deployed using the latest, innovative Microsoft technologies and can be deployed on-premises, as a hybrid solution, or in the cloud.

Flexible Integration Solutions 0


Best Practice

Point of Sale Integration In Food Retail

Retail faces big challenges to change its existing business models, in order to stay competitive by offering convincing customer experience and advanced services. Cluster Reply subsequently helped a major UK food retailer achieve a comprehensive, connected and real-time view of its stock, delivery and customers, enabling the retailer to evolve its business in accordance with its customers’ needs.


Case Study

Improving Operational Efficiency to provide a superior Passenger Experience for Gatwick Airport London

The airport's fixed size presents an ongoing challenge for London Gatwick’s Business Systems team as it looks to increase revenue and grow business. This is only achieved by making better use of existing resources. It's about making operations as efficient as possible, whilst still delivering exceptional customer experiences.



Which Microsoft Azure replication service should you use?

Microsoft Azure supports 4 different replication services, locally-redundant storage, zone-redundant storage, geo-redundant storage and read-access geo-redundant storage (also known as LRS, ZRS, GRS and RA-GRS respectively.)



Microsoft Azure Service fabric containers and microservices

Microsoft Azure Service fabric makes use of many new service application methods to allow new ways to develop code in a better, more efficient and more rounded way.



Getting started with Azure ML: Two-Class and Multi-Class Classification

Machine learning (ML) is transforming the way business is run with unprecedented insights to solve the toughest challenges. Discover how easy it can be to start using this advanced technology within your own organization using Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Getting started with Azure ML Two-Class and Multi-Class Classification 0



Identity Management Using Azure Active Directory B2C

In this article we the benefits of Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C component which provides out of the box functionality for identity management. This eases the development and maintenance of applications that require login functionality and credentials management



Azure API Management

Are you developing APIs and want to manage their full lifecycle? Concerned about usage, security and scaling your APIs? Azure API Management provides turkey solution to manage these concerns. Use the API Management portal in Azure to secure, publish and monitor your API Program.



Automating Azure ServiceBus Key Updates in BizTalk

Rotating access keys on a regular basis is good security practice. This post looks at how to simplify the task of updating Azure Service Bus shared access keys in BizTalk Send Ports and Receive Locations.



Serverless Computing with Azure functions

In this article we discuss Serverless computing suing Azure Functions which enables you to build applications without the worry of maintaining or provisioning Virtual Machines in the Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Case Study

Delivering integration using Microsoft Azure

With investment in frontline patient care as the primary objective for NHS Property Services, a change in mind-set was necessary, and executing a robust digital transformation strategy was vital to improve services and accelerate business growth.

Delivering integration using Microsoft Azure 0



The Benefits of Microservices with Azure Service Fabric

In this article, we discuss the benefits of Microservices and how Microsoft Service Fabric simplifies the building and deploying of microservices-based applications.



Comparing Container Services on Microsoft Azure

Want to build Microservices on the Cloud? With Azure Service Fabric and Azure Container Service, Microsoft now provides you the choice to build Microservices with a Paas plaform using .Net or alternatively.



Protection in the cloud; Cybersecurity in Azure

High-profile cyber-attacks have been making the news recently. In this article, we will look at the benefits of using Azure Security Centre to secure your cloud based solution and protect it from threats.


Best Practice

Developing Applications using Microservices and Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

Microservices based architectures allow for increased scalability and agility when developing and maintaining Customer focused services. Solidsoft Reply employs Microsoft Azure Service Fabric, a distributed systems platform to package, deploy, and manage scalable and reliable Microservices and containers while supporting native cloud development.

Developing Applications using Microservices and Microsoft Azure Service Fabric 0


Case Study

Azure Migration

Reply has helped its client migrate more than 400 virtual machines on which their e-commerce and B2B systems are based from RackSpace to Azure environments. Thanks to the use of Microsoft technologies, migrations have been carried out so as to reduce the downtime associated with migration to virtually zero.

Microsoft Technology Solutions

Case Study

Solidsoft Reply supports Glasswall Solutions Ltd in the development of an email gateway

By deploying Microsoft Technology Solutions in partnership with Solidsoft Reply, Glasswall's innovative cyber security solution gives typical customers ROI within four months while growing its business by 250% in year 1. Solidsoft Reply's collaborative approach and expert Microsoft knowledge has saved time, money and resources while delivering a service that keeps enterprise organisations safer, every day.​

Windows server



Is your organization still using these systems? If so, you could be putting your business at risk by continuing to use them beyond the end of support dates when Microsoft will discontinue releasing security updates.

What We Do

Solidsoft Reply specialise in developing tailored digital applications & clinical integrations for the healthcare & pharma industries using Microsoft’s Azure suite. The benefits of our award winning solutions has enabled our customers to be more efficient, increase medicines safety and provide better insight at the point of care.

Read more

Azure expertise

Video Reference

Solidsoft Reply supports Sun Branding Solutions to migrate to the cloud with Microsoft Azure

Sun Branding Solutions are also working with Solidsoft Reply to deliver state of the art products to their customers including enabling self-service Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI and predictive analytics with Azure Machine Learning.



CIE: A New Way to View Your Digital Transformation

At Ignite 2017, Microsoft's annual user gathering, a new learning experience was introduced to give attendees a chance to get up close and personal with new and updated Microsoft technologies like never before. When it comes to cloud technology, business leaders are getting a chance to “try before you buy” like never before!

CIE A New Way to View Your Digital Transformation 0



Azure, or AWS? Making the decision when hosting applications in the cloud

The choice between your cloud services provider is an important one, and making the right decision could save your business money in the long run. This post will help to highlight some of the features of two of the key players in the game: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.



Building Azure Logic Apps for Enterprise Integration scenarios

Building workflow or Integration based apps for the Cloud is a lot more easier now. With Azure's Logic App offering developers can now develop Simple or complex Workflow or Integration apps to be hosted on Azure. For more complex B2B scenarios developers can used the Enterprise Integration pack to integrate on-premises to Cloud business processes.



Creating an Azure Virtual Machine with a Custom Image

When creating a virtual machine in Azure, Microsoft provide a set of images for you to use that your virtual machines get built from. These include simple images such as Server 2012 r2 with nothing installed up to images with different operating systems and various pieces of software already installed, such as Ubuntu, CentOS and many third party applications. There are other reasons why you may want to use a custom image.

Solidsoft Reply


Microsoft Cloud and Integration services

Solidsoft Reply has been engineering creative solutions since 1993 to help over 500 enterprise clients succeed through delivering the following services:
• Business process and application integration solutions with Microsoft BizTalk Server
• Extending your business applications to the cloud with Microsoft Azure
• Business critical application support for Microsoft platforms
• Microsoft Team Foundation Server

Microsoft Cloud and Integration services 0



Making Azure SQL more secure - Part 2

I had planned to review Row-level Security and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), but support for TDE has not been announced yet (even though I can see the relevant system tables in V12 databases). So in this part I will just be giving you my assessment of row-level security.



Making Azure SQL more secure - Part 1

There have been a number of new security enhancements recently to control and audit access to Azure SQL databases. These include Auditing, Dynamic Data Masking, Row-level Security, and Transparent Data Encryption. In this first part I give my assessment of auditing and dynamic data design and how likely I am to be using them.



Can Azure ML replace SSAS Data Mining?

The data mining tools in SSAS (multidimensional mode) have been available since SQL Server 2000, and the range of data mining algorithms that are bundled are generally considered to be sufficient for most requirements.



Is PaaS a safer bet than IaaS for SQL in Azure?

What I fundamentally need to achieve for HADR is a database system that is, as much as possible, always available ('online and accessible'), complete ('no data loss'), and accurate ('no data corruption'). For the purpose of this discussion, I am ignoring backup strategies on the assumption that they exist primarily to roll back databases to a previous known state.

Microsoft Azure

Case Study


Kellwood's business leaders chose Microsoft Azure to meet current datacenter needs and allow future scale. Under the guidance and collaboration of Valorem Reply's cloud migration and digital strategy experts, Kellwood was able to design and deploy a detailed Azure migration plan to seamlessly and successfully move from on premise datacenters to the Microsoft cloud.




Use Custom Reports to close the Azure SQL gap in SSMS

Database management tools, such as SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) are mature products in daily use by database professionals around the world. This makes me wonder why Microsoft bothered producing their Silverlight-based Azure SQL Database Management Portal.



Scaling out databases in Azure with sharding

Scaling out (or sharding) by adding more databases usually requires careful planning and provisioning to ensure even distribution of data. It also adds more administrative overhead, and increases the number of points of failure. In this respect, Azure SQL databases are the perfect candidates for sharding because they can be created or deleted on demand, provide near-zero administration, and have built-in fault tolerance.

Microsoft Azure solutions

Case Study

EFPIA - European Medicines Verification System

After an extensive tender process the ESM technical team chose Solidsoft Reply, using Microsoft Azure for the delivery platform. Solidsoft Reply was the only bidder to propose using a solution with a fully public cloud-based back-office infrastructure on Microsoft Azure with Windows 8.