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Azure Landing Zone

Discover Cluster Reply's support in the creation of a Landing Zone on Azure and start migrating and modernizing workloads today.

Why to choose a Landing Zone on Azure

The creation of a Landing Zone on Azure represents the outcome of applying an adoption framework that ensures the key benefits of the cloud, such as scalability, governance, security, network, and identity management. Establishing an Azure Landing Zone lays the foundation for migrating and modernizing workloads, enhancing the user experience among other things. Cluster Reply offers clients its expertise and competence in different areas.

Cloud adoption

Cluster Reply provides support in identifying the most suitable landing zone topology based on business scenarios and technical requirements, to create a solid foundation on which to build cloud or hybrid infrastructures. We can estimate costs in the short and long term, and optimize Azure Resource cost using a FinOps approach. In addition, we help customers in defining a Zero Trust Architecture, using Microsoft products to prevent common attacks.

Cloud migration

Cluster Reply provides customers with AI based solutions to facilitate Landing Zone deployment, management, cost optimization activities, consumption advisory, and resource usage optimization, with the overall goal of reducing costs and emissions. We have extensive experience in workload migration to the cloud, through a combination of migration strategies tailored to the client's needs, including well-known approaches.


Are you ready for the cloud? We will identify the best solution and approach together according to your business needs.


Cluster Reply is a Reply Group company specialising in consulting and system integration services based on Microsoft technologies. With a proper knowledge of different market segments and thanks to Microsoft certifications, in the areas of Modern Work, Business Application, Digital & Apps Innovation, Cloud & Infrastructure, Data & AI, IoT & Security, CRM, Low-Code and Sustainability, Cluster Reply create solutions that guarantee efficiency, flexibility and security.