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Smart Test Automation

Smart Test Automation is an innovative platform which tests services that are already being used on enterprise systems. Smart Test Automation can report any failure or disruption to ensure timely corrections.

Monitor the heartbeat of your services


Artificial intelligence in use

Smart Test Automation uses Artificial Intelligence on the statistical and predictive basis of collected data.
As a result, this provides useful information to prevent any failure or disruption.

The artificial intelligence module built into the Test Automation Framework uses a model based on neural networks that are trained to “learn” and “recognise” patterns of correct operation.

By analysing specific KPIs and carrying out continuous monitoring, the artificial intelligence module preventively recognises and identifies the components responsible for malfunctions, sending notifications to request a rapid response.

Use cases by industry

Smart Test Automation can be used in any kind of industry. Many of these have already been addressed.

Energy & Utilities

Web platform monitoring for the management of energy resources. By integrating the framework with the client’s system, we have developed responsive dashboards and real-time overviews of active functionalities and test results, ensuring that key platform interactions are running correctly.

Financial Services

The monitoring of all the mobile and web apps that offer payment and saving functionalities for the client’s banks. By means of continuous automatic testing, system operations can be monitored and the client provided with timely and personalised updates on the condition of its systems.

Retail & Consumers Products

Monitoring the condition of the areas of the retail system concerned with managing products and orders. Constant control is maintained over key functionalities, such as search settings and product availability, with the support of automated real-time testing.


Concept Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in the research, development and validation of innovative solutions in the IoT (Internet of Things) field. Today, Concept Reply is also recognised by the market as a centre of expertise and excellence in Testing and Quality Assurance and includes a Business Unit specialised in this type of service. Concept Reply was established in 2009 following the acquisition, by the Reply Group, of Motorola's Research and Development Centre in Turin. Thanks to its laboratories and to an international team of professionals specialising in the QA and Validation fields, Concept Reply is able to provide companies with an end-to-end support for the validation of products and services, while at the same time optimising costs and time-to-market.

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