Copilot AI-Scape Room

Copilot AI-Scape Room

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Transform the way you do business with Reply and Microsoft Copilot

Embark on a transformative journey as we introduce our comprehensive range of Copilot solutions tailored to address your unique business needs. From bolstering productivity and fortifying security to streamlining development processes and enhancing collaboration, there’s a Copilot for everyone. 

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From automation to
rapid development

With our expert guidance and support, you can seamlessly implement these innovative solutions into your workflow, harnessing their power to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth.

Whether you're looking to automate tedious tasks, safeguard sensitive data, accelerate app development, or facilitate seamless collaboration, our Copilot solutions are here to empower you every step of the way.



Reply’s role in your Copilot journey

At Reply, we have built customized tools to meet you wherever you are in your Copilot journey. As a preferred partner in Microsoft’s Early Access Program (EAP), Reply has garnered invaluable insights to assist organizations in achieving early successes. Drawing from our employees’ experience in exploring new ways to work and elevate productivity, a collaborative effort with Microsoft has led to the creation of a tailored roadmap to guide organizations through the vast possibilities of Copilot. 


Copilot for Sales

Streamline customer relationship management, freeing up time for sales teams to focus on nurturing client connections.


Copilot for Productivity

Equip organizations with essential technical readiness for successful Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption.


Copilot for Security

Enhance cybersecurity defenses with customized insights and proactive measures.


Copilot for Power Platform

Streamline app development and workflow automation with natural language processing technology.


Copilot for Github

Revolutionize development efficiency with intelligent code assistance.

The path to copilot integration

Focus on adoption

Based on Reply’s experience, taking care of adoption is crucial to let a wider corporate population enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Copilots in different fields. Therefore, a 5-step methodology has been developed to fit the maturity level of the employee population and, at the same time, align to the Microsoft AI Lab vision.


Explore the art of the possible, assess technical readiness, and align with company strategy.


Plan a pilot where early adopters are taken on a journey, with both qualitative and quantitative measurements. Use these results to create a business case and roll-out plan.


Set up a Center of Excellence (CoE) for Copilot, land key messages and provide training using a scenario/functional-specific approach.


Make Copilot Business as Usual (BaU) at your organisation and then manage a dynamic licensing approach and stay on top of new features.


Bring the power of Copilot to wider applications.


Discover the key to working smarter and faster, all while staying ahead in today's digital landscape. Are you ready?

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A guide to landing Microsoft's Copilot at your organisation

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