A Guide to Landing Microsoft’s Copilot at your Organisation

A special report of insights and findings brought to you by WM Reply and Microsoft

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The Microsoft Copilot Opportunity

WM Reply’s latest report is a guide to help organisations adopt Microsoft's Copilot, a new AI-powered tool that can assist users with various tasks such as writing code, creating presentations, or composing emails. It’s particularly useful to anyone who is building a business case for copilot or in the early stages of their organisations journey.

The guide explains the benefits of using Copilot for enhancing productivity, creativity, and collaboration in the workplace. It also provides practical advice on how to implement Copilot in different scenarios and domains, such as software development, education, or marketing. The guide showcases some examples and best practices of using Copilot for various purposes and outcomes.

“This new generation of AI will remove the drudgery of work and unleash creativity. There's an enormous opportunity for AI-powered tools to help alleviate digital debt, build AI aptitude, and empower employees.”

Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft

The Value Proposition of M365 Copilot

Copilot for M365 (formally known as M365 Copilot) is Microsoft’s answer to generative AI within the workplace. It is a smart AI assistant within a user’s existing M365 modern workplace tools and its proposition is to understand the context, purpose, and audience of the user’s task to answer a given prompt with a relevant and useful answer. This could be generating text (anything from a few words to an email response to a whole formatted document); analysing data and pulling out a key data point without a formula; and answering a question considering multiple sources across their M365 apps.

Five fast facts from this guide


According to Microsoft's Work Trend Index Special Report 2023, 77% of early Copilot users expressed a reluctance to revert to previous ways of working without Copilot.


The same report also found that Copilot users demonstrated a noteworthy efficiency advantage, summarising meetings at a rate almost four times faster than non-Copilot users.


Copilot users reported a twofold increase in perceived productivity and a 58% reduction in the perceived mental and emotional toll of the summarisation task, according to Microsoft's research.


Copilot reduced the time required for writing a first draft by 39.8% (from 13 minutes and 48 seconds to 8 minutes and 12 seconds), as reported by Microsoft's Work Trend Index Special Report 2023.


Reply's Scaling Artificial Intelligence survey (Reply, 2023) revealed that 82% of senior management is actively engaged in strategic decisions related to the implementation of Al within their organisations.

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