Case Study

Revolutionizing workplace dynamics with Generative AI

A large multinational corporation active in the sectors of manufacturing, refining, and distribution of petroleum, chemicals, energy, fiber, and paper aimed to boost the efficiency and productivity of its information workers. To accomplish this, the company chose to integrate Copilot for M365 into its operations.

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Accelerating Adoption of Copilot for Microsoft 365 Across the Workforce

Our client’s leadership identified the imperative to enhance employee efficiency, particularly among information workers. With a workforce of considerable scale, the client aimed to implement generative AI technology, specifically Copilot for Microsoft 365, across its organization. The challenge lay in promoting rapid adoption of this technology and ensuring that employees maximized its potential to optimize their workflows.

THE solution

Empowering change through adoptive strategies

To address this challenge, the conglomerate partnered with Valorem Reply’s Modern Work practice to implement a comprehensive Adoption and Change Management strategy, aimed at accelerating the adoption of Copilot and empowering employees to leverage its capabilities effectively.

Training Program

An 8-week program was designed to showcase the possibilities offered by Copilot, present general use cases, and facilitate the transition to new ways of working. The training sessions were structured to accommodate both live participation and access to recorded content via SharePoint, ensuring flexibility for all users.

Engagement and Community Building

Leveraging an existing Super User community, coupled with Technical Change Network Leaders (Tech CNLs), the conglomerate fostered an engaged community to drive adoption from the top down. This involved cascading messaging, promoting the benefits of Copilot, and gathering valuable feedback from users. Regular surveys and feedback mechanisms enabled the conglomerate to gather insights from end users and Super Users alike.

Customized Resources

Valorem Reply developed custom, reusable assets tailored to the conglomerate's specific needs. These resources, including guides and talking points, were instrumental in reinforcing training outcomes and aligning messaging across the organization.



Empowering change with training and community

Valorem Reply’s initiative succeeded through a structured approach that combined education, engagement, and ongoing support. The educational curriculum focused on illustrating the potential of Copilot and facilitating a smooth transition to new work methodologies, using real-world examples to equip employees with the necessary knowledge. Community involvement, particularly by Super Users and Tech CNLs, ensured effective communication and alignment on campaign objectives, allowing the organization to refine its approach based on user feedback. A continuous feedback loop, maintained through regular surveys and feedback mechanisms, provided valuable insights from end users and Super Users, shaping future training sessions and refining the organization's technology adoption strategy.

the benefits

Increased awareness, adoption and efficiency

The multinational corporation has made significant progress in implementing Copilot, thanks to Valorem Reply. This collaboration has equipped employees with essential tools and knowledge, positioning the company to foster ongoing innovation and growth in the digital era.

Increased Awareness and Adoption

Employees are now equipped with a better understanding of the Copilot's capabilities and are actively incorporating it into their workflows.

Improved Efficiency

The streamlined processes enabled by Copilot have resulted in tangible time savings for employees, allowing them to focus on value-generating tasks.

Data-driven decision making

The positive feedback received from customers regarding the effectiveness and personalisation of interactions with the chatbot, reflect a general increase in their satisfaction with the services offered.

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