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Secure software development with AI

How to reduce cybersecurity risks during software development through the support of autonomous agents.

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A suite of Partners
focused on Cybersecurity

"Security by design" is a mandatory approach to developing applications that are reliable and not permeable to cyberattacks. Reply is harnessing the power of Generative AI and its extensive experience in the cybersecurity domain to develop a suite of agents that provide real-time security warnings during coding, integrate with Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines to highlight security issues, and facilitate code reviews by running automated checks. AI is leveraged for security assessments, including code reviews and penetration testing, offering a comprehensive approach to enhancing code security and mitigating potential risks.

The main features of the Secure Agents Suite


During the requirements collection phase, an agent analyzes developer requirements, identifies potential attack surfaces, and offers best practice recommendations for securing the application.


An agent, functioning as a plugin for the Eclipse development IDE, verifies code adherence to standards like OWASP, ensuring no security holes and providing guidance to developers on eliminating vulnerabilities.

Security Testing

An agent automates security testing by identifying attack surfaces, conducting automatic vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to ensure the application is issue-free.


Combining the best-of-breed of Generative AI and market knowledge

The suite of 3 agents is based on the combination of leading market large language models such as OpenAI and Meta with Reply's knowledge of the cybersecurity market. Updates are ensured through connections to public sources such as CVE, enabling the agents to recognize and highlight any threats in real-time during the preliminary stages. These agents work in various languages and with different coding languages, boasting significant experience particularly in widely used ones like Java, .NET, PHP, and Python.

AI-powered development at its best

The increasing integration of AI technologies into coding practices offers enormous opportunities but has led to concerns regarding heightened security vulnerabilities in the generated code. Reply's secure approach avoids developers becoming complacent and overlooking security risks, by not placing undue trust in AI suggestions. This suite of agents addresses the need for ongoing vigilance and the ethical implications of AI in coding, preventing blind reliance on AI from leading to overlooking critical security considerations.


Spike Reply is the company within the Reply Group focusing on cybersecurity and personal data protection. Its mission is to safeguard the values and privacy of people, companies and processes in order to support the growth of a global, sustainable digital world through innovation. Confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems are top priorities. Together with its partners, the company provides vendor-independent consulting services to help enterprises achieve a group-wide, security-oriented culture.