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XR technologies

To support workers in the field

A new global social scenario

The impact of Coronavirus is affecting businesses around the world, reshaping social behaviours and influencing how companies are doing business.

XR technologies can provide new ways to connect employees, providers and customers without the need for physical meetings or visits, helping to solve some of the current challenges and return to a degree of normality regarding selling and working activities in today’s new normal.

Definition of XR technologies

XR is an umbrella term used to group technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality together. XR describes immersive technology-mediated experiences where users generate new forms of reality by bringing digital objects into the physical world or alternatively by seeing physical objects brought into the digital world.

XR technologies

Pillar Solution

Remote assistance

The current necessity for social distancing will have a big impact on future developments and adoption of professional remote assistance. The high quality of new generation headsets combined with the possibility of high-resolution video streaming, technical documentation sharing and hands-free work capabilities enable enterprises to carry out on-site support activities by local employees with the assistance of remote experts.
Infinity Reply supports its customers thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality platform for Hololens2/headset mobile devices and Microsoft Teams integration for Realwear headsets.


Mobility constraints encourage companies involved in the design and production of complex industrial plants and productions lines to adopt new forms of knowledge transfer and training for customers and internals. This is most profound in topics where MR and VR find one of their natural use cases because they can help to guide people through the execution of tasks in the field, explore and review the design of a new environment or even provide one. This helps to avoid potentially harmful situations thanks to digital twin technology and real-time description of events in the workers’ environment.
For Mixed Reality projects we support our customers by deploying cloud based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality solutions such as a PTC Vuforia based solution, or by developing fully customized cloud based or on premises software for vertical use cases and VR projects.

IoT integration

In a professional scenario, an interesting challenge is the reduction of contact with physical interfaces such as machines and plants. Thanks to MR (AR Cloud), virtual dashboards can be associated with devices or physical places, allowing users to visualize IoT data and control the systems without the need of touching hardware interfaces. This scenario has great potential for instance in medicine. Thousands of doctors and nurses will need new instruments to help and monitor patients from a distance: for example, new headsets with integrated thermal scanners allow for easier management of control procedures, but they could be also used for digital consultation of clinical data without using haptic devices.
Infinity Reply supports its customers to enable IoT functionalities in MR solutions thanks to Microsoft and PTC technologies as well as with custom system integration.

Remote collaboration

A useful application of MR capabilities is the sharing and remote collaboration between digital objects and projects, from multiple different locations. Through MR it is possible to build collaborative environments where several people can simultaneously view and interact with digital content, e.g. holograms contextualizing designs into a physical environments. MR and VR are also powerful visualization tools that allow users to bring into reality an object or concept that is otherwise imagined, inaccessible or difficult to grasp, helping to make visible the invisible.
Infinity Reply has extensive experience with custom multi user application design and development for virtual and augmented reality devices and headsets.

Adoption Model

One of the major challenges that enterprises in all industries are facing as they explore the benefits of XR, lies in knowing how to get the most from it. As a new technology, there is little existing guidance to help an organization successfully navigate the journey from initial XR exploration to broad adoption, mastering the technology and maximizing the return on investment across the broadest possible set of use cases. As has happened in the near past for other technologies (e.g. Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT) an adoption model should be applied and Infinity Reply has the know-how and competencies to support organizations through this journey.


Infinity Reply has extensive experience in 3D visualizations and the development of customized XR solutions. Based on the latest VR, AR and MR technologies as well as 3D visualization solutions, Infinity Reply enables innovative storytelling and interactive product communication, letting companies experience the latest technologies and 3D solutions in its dedicated laboratory. The portfolio includes XR consulting services, the development of creative and technological concepts, the production and implementation of content based both on established technologies and custom made, system integration services, data formats and interaction devices. Possible applications include product design and development, marketing and sales, training and service, and entertainment. Infinity is partner with PTC and is Microsoft Mixed Reality certified partner.