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The new Italian AWS region

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The new Region

With the launch of the new AWS Region, placed within the Italian national territory, a set of major benefits may be leveraged by companies and institutions. First of all, a series of regulation and organizational constraints regarding the cloud adoption, are accomplished with costs comparable to those of other European regions. Just to mention legal auditing, compliance, confidentiality, procedural reasons (or GDPR) prescriptions, may require to have all ICT resources, data, processing and connection systems within the national borders.

Data on the Italian territory

This may be the case for the Public Administration. In accordance with article 9 paragraph 2 of the DPCM 12/2013, all documentation of national interest must be kept on the Italian territory: institutions have now the possibility to automate the recognition of the text in huge historical archives and libraries using Intelligent Process Automation algorithms and keep the data on National territory.

Region AWS: lower latency maximum competition

Developers, companies, organisations and public administration can benefit from the services offered by the launch of the new AWS Region to run applications with less latency while maintaining control over the hosting contents on the Italian territory. In addition, they can expand and improve their services for end users.

A national data center is also of particular importance to facilitate the transition to the cloud for financial institutions and their information assets, addressing security issues and speeding up the transmission of information with other entities in the same territory.

New possibilities arise from reduced latency and network hops, better jitter and packet loss, more efficient Direct Connect, in all the applications that require a very demanding real-time, such as production control, IoT, advanced robotics, High Performance Computing applications and interaction between devices. This may be a game changer for Companies operating in the Energy and Utility sectors, facing lots of challenges that require instantaneous monitoring: low latency enables real-time applications and allows to explore the frontiers of completely new IoT scenarios powered by advanced analytics and 5G communication, to stay ahead of competition.

This is also the case of the black boxes that are installed by insurance companies on their customers' cars or motorbikes. These devices constantly send data related to vehicle movements; thanks to artificial intelligence and low latency, it is possible to provide an innovative road assistance service for quick and timely interventions.

Finally, electronic payment systems, which require constant dialogue with remote systems, can benefit from the higher speed of data transmission, also reducing the time for machine learning algorithms to process them: this translates into faster analyses, speeding up the "time to market" of personalized promotions or improving the consumer behavior segmentation.

The digital transformation with Reply

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