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O-RAN: the disaggregated mobile access for Telco networks

Reply is operating within the innovative O-RAN ecosystem to enable the appearance of next generation mobile networks.

What is O-RAN?

The O-RAN (Open RAN) is an enabling aspect of the next generation mobile networks, based on the specifications of the “Open RAN Alliance”, which includes the main world operators and vendors. O-RAN’s goal is to break the dependence of operators on big players, removing the vendor “lock-in” in order to create programmable networks, with low implementation costs and disaggregated hardware and software components.

The implementation of the Open RAN approach will bring a new business model, in which RAN Vendors, IT Vendors, Carriers and System Integrators will work together in order to expand the potential of new applications in different types of markets, even different from traditional Telco (i.e. TowerCo, Neutral Host Operators, Enterprise Market, Satellite, etc..).
This will enable the era of RAN-as-a-Service (RANaaS) business model.

RAN-TO-ORAN transition

The transition from Traditional RAN to Open RAN will bring with it a revolutionary approach. Whereas in the traditional approach everything is delivered by a single vendor with a proprietary interface (i.e. a vendor dependent solution), in the Open approach everything can be delivered by multiple Open RAN vendors, with open interfaces allowing vendor swaps. Each software vendor can also work on the hardware, since there is an open interface between radio and software.


Reply’s O-RAN value proposition

Reply is part of the “Open RAN Alliance”, with the aim of enabling the adoption of O-RAN among TelCo and Neutral Host both for coverage and capacity enhancements, in order to build vertical 5G use cases for B2B and B2B2C markets.

Thanks to our experience, we operate into the O-RAN ecosystem, working both for Vendors and Carriers, focusing on our capabilities on Radio domain and RAN services, cloud solutions, and software development. We provide dedicated advisory and technology consultancy services, professional services and with dedicated “R&D teams” for the entire ISO/OSI stack.

We developed a dedicated approach, based on an Agile “methodological framework” that can be used as guideline for customer adoption in “RAN-to-ORAN” transition.


A real use case

Reply can provide dedicated teams to work on both “Near-Edge” and “Far-Edge” of the O-RAN architecture

Reply is involved in network disaggregation and virtualization activities on mobile networks components based on the O-RAN approach. Currently, we’re working with a leading Tier-1 vendor for the RAN-to-ORAN transition, by following four main technological streams:

  • Technology Advisory

  • E2E System Integration

  • Development of O-RAN building blocks 

  • Security compliance & System hardening

Reply can provide dedicated teams to work on both “Near-Edge” and “Far-Edge” of the O-RAN architecture, supporting companies in advisory consultancy, development of local hypervisor systems, development of O-RU/Switch controllers, security and hardening services, and end-to-end validation