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Evolution of Wireless Network Technology

The introduction of 5G wireless technology marks the leap into a new age of "hyperconnectivity", enabling the connection and interaction of billions of people and things while promising to unleash the potential of technology fields such as Artificial Intelligence or Extended Reality. While this long-term perspective is quite remarkable, in the coming years it will mean above all faster network connections with enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) services.

5g will create the conditions for new business opportunities based on data and connectivity that will transform many industries.

The technology that enables wireless communication between devices has, over the last four decades, delivered first voice services and later mobile data and the Internet. 5G now promises to profoundly change wireless technology as well as society, and not just by simply improving 4G. Rather, 5G has been designed primarily to open up new use cases for businesses where speed, reliability and reduced latency are critical.


Mission Critical Control

A closer look into trending 5G topics

With Sonar it is possible for Reply to gain insight into the main trending topics within the 5G cosmos. Learn more about enhanced Mobile Broadband, Massive Internet of Things and Mission Critical Control.

Enhanced Mobile Broadband

With the global roll-out of commercial 5G networks, the first use cases can be seen in the area of extended Mobile Broadband (eMBB), which enables an increasingly digital and connected lifestyle. The most important trend topics in this area are 5G Livestreaming & Video, Extended Reality (XR) and 5G Ultra High Definition Gaming – namely applications that require very high bandwidth. In keeping with this theme, Microsoft gave a preview of its xCloud project and Google launched its video game streaming service Stadia.

Massive Internet Of Things

With a constantly growing number of connected devices communicating with each other, IoT is increasingly becoming the vital link between "things", "people" and "processes". The 5G standard increases the connection density to 1 million devices per square kilometer (compared to the 4G standard of ~60K) – leading to the age of Massive IoT (MIoT). Consumer IoT, Smart Cities and Smart Buildings are currently the dominant and fastest growing areas of interest.

Mission Critical Control

While early 5G application scenarios focus on enhanced broadband, the next generation of 5G networks will support a range of Mission Critical Communication (MCC) applications with highly specific, sensitive requirements in complex environments where uninterrupted and real-time data exchange is essential. The trends in the Mission Critical Control sector with the highest growth rates since 2018 are Autonomous Vehicles, Industrial Automation, Robots and Drones.

Business implications

Augmented & Enhanced Customer Experiences

5G connectivity is a critical component in the large-scale adoption of XR technology solutions that offer customers an enhanced visual and seamless experience, combined with tailored content, faster response times and mobile applications.

Immersive customer experiences create unforgettable moments, new emotional touch points, new service opportunities and the potential to increase brand loyalty. Strategic partnerships between content and service providers are a promising path to success.

Large productivity gains

At a time of high market volatility, declining margins and shorter product lifecycles, 5G network technology combined with IoT technology will help companies significantly improve efficiency and profitability. 5G will change manufacturing with increasing automation, remote control, AR-supported processes or VR training.

New work environments & remote surgery

A seamless and reliable Internet connection enables remote collaboration and teleconferencing as XR technologies have advanced to the point where participants feel like they are in the same room. Highly skilled employees with rare skills will be able to easily perform tasks remotely, thus addressing the problem of skill shortages in some industries.

Life-saving surgeries or remote consultations by highly specialized doctors will also be possible in remote or rural areas, as they will be supported by fast and reliable image transmission.

IoT-driven Innovation

5G technology will lead to a hyper-connected world with an ever-increasing number of networked things communicating with each other. This, in turn, will create a multitude of new IoT-oriented and data-driven business opportunities and commercial usage scenarios that exploit the real-time data potential.

More and more IoT solutions will be tailored to the specific needs of the industry, adding a digital layer to the analog world, monitoring end-to-end business processes and lifecycles and creating services for a networked ecosystem.

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