Best Practice

Restart your business with Arlanis Care

Manage customers relationship and employees safety
through Salesforce CRM solutions

In the context of uncertainty and continuous evolution that we are living today, companies need to communicate effectively to their customers, guarantee employees’ safety and effectively plan business continuity.
Companies need to provide alternatives to support new relationship models based on digital solutions which lead interactions with users through the latest technologies.
Employees need to be equipped with multichannel solutions to securely book their return to workplaces, and at the same time companies should manage space availability and booking, as well as sanitization and employee health conditions monitoring through device integration.

The Solution

Arlanis Reply has designed two solutions to answer the specific needs of organizations during the "new normal" phase.

A portal to manage communication needs

The first solution is based on a customization of Salesforce Community Platform with a portal with different functionalities that companies can use to:

Communicate: to share updates, news, instructions, executive messages, etc.;
Inform: through dashboards, graphs and reports;
Support: through the use of Frequently Asked Questions, Chatbots and Advanced Knowledge Base to redirect the requests to Customer Care in addition to web-to-case functions;
Plan: provide functionalities to book both physical and virtual appointments, support to manage queues at physical stores and contact tracing;
Automate: provide streamline automation of tasks through Inbound Channels;
Innovate: introduce and/or evolve the cloud based solution to enhance the customer relationship, employee safety and business renaissance.

To effectively and timely manage the evolving communication needs, during a crisis and post-crisis phase, the portal can be enhanced with customizable dashboards to increase visibility and monitoring.
The portal provides customer support functionalities such as a chatbot to respond to customers’ requests, a dynamic and personalized Knowledge Base to provide pre-configured information and the possibility to open tickets to the customer support team.

The portal can be customized with a scheduling assistant to book a physical or digital appointment or to manage bookings for different reasons, such as an in-store visit in compliance with the new sanitary indication.

A mobile app to manage occupancy

The second solution is a mobile app supported by a governance board to securely manage occupancy of public space such as offices, agency, magazines and stores.

The mobile app is based on Salesforce Lightning Platform and has the following functionalities:

  • The app can be integrated with body temperature scan devices and it can be used to collect health check data and contact and update the status of people who are positive for COVID-19;

  • Manage bookings: the app provides floor and room availabilities and manages approvals workflow;

  • Through the app, by scanning a QR code, it is possible to manage check-in/check-out procedures;

  • Monitoring resources: check office availability, occupancy and sanitization procedures;

  • Communicate effectively: provide news, information, health and safety measures and real-time notifications;

  • Provide governance and visibility through dashboards and reports.

The app helps employees to securely return to their workplace while guaranteeing the necessary safety measures and the effective management of resources and prevention activities.


These digital solutions allow companies to restart their business providing the following benefits:

Mange the next COVID-19 phases

Manage the next COVID-19 phases through a tailor made solutions based on customers' needs and compliant with government health and safety measures

The back to work

Securely manage the back to work process of their employees;

Information and support

Provide information and support to their customers;


Enhance self service support to reduce customer care pressure.


Arlanis Reply supports companies to implement and customize both solutions based on industry specifics, providing a fast and effective adoption of an enterprise grade solution based on the worldwide #1 CRM cloud-based platform. Improving customer relationship through trustworthy communication and seamless visibility enhances the company’s reputation and brand awareness. Providing an easy to use, lightweight solution Arlanis Reply supports its and its customer’s employees with an intuitive mobile app guaranteeing peoples’ safety and adhering to government guidelines.

Both solutions can be adopted by existing Salesforce clients but can also be provided as standalone tailor-made solutions.