GenAI@work: Building Compliance Layers for Financial Services

Milan, 23 April 2024 

How can AI be effectively integrated into processes? What techniques and best practices should be adopted? These answers will be provided by the Cetif Research laboratory.

Cetif-Università Cattolica and Reply announce the launch of the GenAI@work LAB, an initiative dedicated to the development and monitoring of GenAI algorithms in the financial sector. The working group aims to identify practices, solutions and operational techniques to promote regulatory, ethical and technical compliance in GenAI implementation.

The laboratory entitled "GenAI@work: Building Compliance Layers for Financial Services" (GenAI@work LAB), will offer participants the opportunity to work directly on real use cases, implementing and validating solutions in a shared and system environment. The main objective of the LAB is to create shared operational guidelines and standards to introduce Compliant GenAI concepts in the financial sector. These standards will be applicable both in the design phase (ex-ante) and in the monitoring phase (ex -post) of GenAI algorithms. Furthermore, the LAB will conduct pilots of compliance assessment tools - created with the support of Reply - using a risk-based approach, to evaluate the compliance of GenAI use cases in the financial sector.

The GenAI@work LAB is conducted together with the top 10 significant Italian banks that have ongoing GenAI projects or experiments. The objective of the laboratory is to conduct applied research on a topic with a strong technological impact in the financial sector.

Through collaboration within the GenAI@work LAB, participants will have the opportunity to actively contribute to the creation of a shared White Paper, which will summarise best practices and emerging solutions in the application of GenAI in the financial sector.

For further information on the "GenAI@work" LAB and how to participate, please contact:  Cetif –

Cetif - Technology, Innovation and Financial Services Center of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart has been conducting studies and promoting research on the dynamics of strategic and organisational change in the financial, banking and insurance sectors since 1990, aggregating over 30,000 professionals in its network.

Reply [EXM, STAR: REY] specialises in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. Consisting of a network model of highly specialized companies, Reply defines and develops business models enabled by the new paradigms of AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Digital Media and the Internet of Things. Reply provides consultancy, system integration and digital services to the main industrial groups belonging to the Telco & Media, Industry and Services, Banks and Insurance and Public Administration sectors.

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