Case Study

Chiquita’s rebranding: Originale, naturalmente.

Chiquita needed a change in its way of communicating. To do so in a country like Italy – where it is a love brand – we had to think big. So we created a 360° campaign.

#Digital Experience
#Social Media

The challenge

How to change Chiquita’s positioning

without taking away its essence?

The idea

Chiquita. Originale, naturalmente.

We defined the new positioning for Chiquita in the Italian market with a payoff capable of communicating both authenticity and leadership, adding a touch of irony: "originale, naturalmente.”


To give Chiquita’s repositioning the light it deserved, we executed the campaign’s idea in several fun ways as well as launched it in several different medias:


OOH campaign in the main Italian cities such as Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin, Catania,Bologna, Salerno


Social & digital campaign


“Unlock originality” video manifesto campaign


eSports “Most Original Player” campaign on Twitch


We stayed original even in the harshest time: the pandemic.

To position ourselves in the eye of the target as the original fun brand that we are, we kicked off the Unlock Originality project.

We started with a press campaign that replaced Miss Chiquita with people on the front lines during the pandemic.

Then we launched a post on Facebook where we asked people what was the most original thing they had done at home during lockdown. We received over 700 video responses that we celebrated in a movie.


New touchpoints

Originality takes over eSports

We brought Chiquita to an unexplored field for most brands: Twitch. How? By joining the conversation within the eSports fan community, creating a strong connection with its people.


During a 8-week-long tournament, we invited eSports fans to vote the most original play of the week. We did it through a social media campaign, videos with call to action during tournament streaming, final voting during playoffs, celebration of the winner with custom video and Chiquita Trophy.

The results

Communicating in an original
way, has borne fruit.


cities invaded by yellow


million unique users reached




millions impressions


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