Reply Crypto Investment Challenge kicks off, organised by Reply and Young Platform, to promote conscious investment in digital assets

7th April 2023

The fourth edition of the Reply Investment Challenge kicks off, focusing for the first time on Digital Assets, Crypto, and Blockchain. Aimed at students and young professionals, the international online competition in 2022 counted 13,750 entries from 95 countries around the world and a total volume of 36,000 trades executed.

The objective of the Challenge, which will take place from Monday 8 May to Friday 19 May 2023, will be to bring participants closer to the world of digital assets and Blockchain, promoting an informed use of these financial instruments and paying particular attention to the issue of portfolio diversification. Players will also be able to choose between two different interfaces: a more simple and more intuitive one and a more complete and detailed one, respectively Young Platform and Young Platform Pro.

Participants will be able to practice until 5 May in a protected environment, expanding their skills on digital financial instruments, and in particular on cryptocurrencies, as well as on the Blockchain as an enabling technology. The virtual capital of EUR 1 million that each player will have at their disposal will be made available at the time of registration, and all transactions will be conducted at current market values. In the month leading up to the competition, moreover, on the Challenge platform, all participants will be able to access exclusive e-learning content, created by Reply, Young Platform and POLIMI Graduate School of Management. 

At the start of the competition, on 8 May, the participants' wallets will be re-credited with the virtual sum of € 1,000,000 to be invested in real-time and the challenge can begin. Challengers will be ranked and evaluated based on their investment choices and the strategy implemented in response to the suggestions published by Reply. Only the top three, i.e. those who, more than the others, have succeeded in maximising their portfolio's return through diversification, will win the competition.

This year Reply has chosen Young Platform, Italy's largest regulated cryptocurrency platform, as its partner. Young Platform is a Turin-based scale-up founded in 2018 to make the cryptocurrency market accessible to all. The platform acts as a point of reference for those who want to use digital assets in a simple, transparent, and effective way, even without having specific expertise in the sector. It stands out for its focus on security, training, and the privacy of its users, guaranteeing the use of cutting-edge technologies to protect data and transactions. 

Reply, thanks to its expertise in Blockchain and distributed technology, supports various financial institutions, as well as major players in sectors such as healthcare, energy & utilities, fashion & luxury, and others, in the adoption of digital assets, thus positioning itself as a reference player in the Crypto and Blockchain field.

The POLIMI Graduate School of Management, with its participation in the Reply Crypto Investment Challenge, confirms its commitment to educating and training risk-conscious financial operators in investments.

The Reply Crypto Investment Challenge is part of Reply's Challenges program, which, together with the Masters in Digital Finance at POLIMI Graduate School of Management and in AI & Cloud at the Politecnico di Torino and the Reply Code For Kids program, are just some of the examples that bear witness to Reply's commitment to the development of innovative training models, capable of involving the new generations. Today Reply's Challenges have a community of over 140,000 players. 

Registration for the Reply Crypto Investment Challenge is open until 5 May 2023. All information is available at:

Reply [EXM, STAR: REY] specialises in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. As a network of highly specialised companies, Reply defines and develops business models enabled by the new models of AI, big data, cloud computing, digital media and the internet of things. Reply delivers consulting, system integration and digital services to organisations across the telecom and media; industry and services; banking and insurance; and public sectors.

Young Platform
Young Platform is a Turin-based scale-up founded in 2018 to make the cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone. The platform acts as a reference point for those who want to use cryptocurrencies in a simple, transparent, and effective way, even without having specific expertise in the field. Young Platform offers a wide range of tools and services, including the possibility to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and earn tokens using learning games, and advanced trading tools. The platform stands out for its focus on the security and privacy of its users, guaranteeing the use of state-of-the-art technology to protect data and transactions, relying exclusively on Italian banks. Young Platform considers compliance a priority aspect of technological innovation. For this reason, it has always been committed to developing cutting-edge solutions to manage the risk of financial crime and to structuring specialised blockchain intelligence aimed at combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism, working with regulators and law enforcement agencies. Young Platform is the first company officially registered with the Organismo Agenti e Mediatori (OAM) in Italy and was recently certified as a digital asset services operator (PSAN) by the French Financial Markets Authority.

POLIMI Graduate School of Management
At POLIMI Graduate School of Management, we inspire tomorrow's business leaders and the companies they work in, knowing that they can play a crucial role in creating a better future for everyone. Indeed, we believe that education is of fundamental importance, as it provides tomorrow's leaders with the skills and experience they will need to tackle the most important challenges facing our society. Our School, founded over 40 years ago in Milan as MIP Politecnico di Milano, is today a non-profit joint-stock consortium, made up of the University and a group of leading Italian and international companies. We offer more than 40 master's degrees, including MBAs and Executive MBAs, a catalog of over 200 open programs, and tailor-made training courses for companies. We are innovative and always want to be more so. That is why today our Online MBA is recognised as one of the best in the world and why the digital component is present in all our training offerings. As part of the School of Management, we are one of the few schools in the world to have achieved 'Triple Crown' accreditation. With more than 15,000 Alumni and 3,000 students each year, we are a large, innovative, and entrepreneurial community of people and partners. For us, relationships are a source of constant enrichment, innovation, and inspiration, both personally and professionally. For us, the issue of sustainability is really important and we strive to build a better, fairer, more inclusive, and conscious future. We do this with projects and initiatives that maximise our positive impact on society. This is why, in 2020, we were the first European business school to receive the B Corp certification.

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