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Master’s programmE

Your future in digital finance starts today.

Introducing you to Reply's third master’s programme. It is a unique programme, recognized by MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) and developed in collaboration with POLIMI Graduate School of Management. The programme is offered to a selection of highly qualified students to provide a specialised course on the most innovative IT issues in the Finance sector.

The Master’s in Digital Finance programme is open to 50 selected students, and is scheduled to start in April 2023. The course will be in English and will last 18 months. The course is primarily online, with some activities carried out at POLIMI GSoM buildings and Reply offices. Thanks to a great depth of talent, we are training the digital finance experts of tomorrow; professionals who will deal with emerging technologies in the Financial Services context, such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.


A new Master is born.

The 18-month programme is aimed at the most brilliant postgraduates and undergraduates like you! (For undergraduates that have graduated by March 2023 or postgraduates that have graduated by July 2023). To be eligible, you must have completed a course in one of the following: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Automation Engineering, Cybersecurity, Telecommunications Engineering or Electronic Engineering.

You are good, but not quite a Master yet?

We invest in your talent. For you, the programme is completely free. Reply will send the 50 selected candidates a permanent recruitment proposal. Reply will fully bear the costs of the programme upon acceptance of the proposal and commitment to stay for 3 years from the start of the programme.

Still unsure? Remember that we don't just pay for your studies, we also guarantee your step in a great industry.



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Key Info


Target Students

Completed degree by 31 March 2023 in the case of a Bachelor's degree, by July 2023 in the case of a Master's degree - in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Automation Engineering, Cybersecurity, Telecommunications Engineering or Electronic Engineering



13 March 2023 – 14:00 (CET)



50 selected



Reply will cover the participation fee (20.000 €) for the candidates who pass the selection and accept a permanent job offer


Recruitment and Career

Reply will hire the admitted applicants who accept the job-offer and commit to stay for 3 years from the start of the Master's programme



18 months, from April 2023
to September 2024


Teaching Schedule

Executive formula: online, 2 weekends a month (Fri-Sat) + 3 weekends in attendance + project work + thesis.






Online lessons + other teaching activities at POLIMI Graduate School of Management buildings and Reply offices.

We train tomorrow's professionals

The timeline of the initiative


General management

The ‘General Management’ courses will provide the student with the right tools to analyse the company, manage activities and processes, plan and implement innovation and transformation, and understand how to analyse the essential characteristics of a company as well as the context in which it operates. Through these courses the student will learn a company's main functioning processes, how companies can plan and produce in a flexible, agile way, and how to manage transformation and innovation projects.

Deep dive in finance

Through the ‘Deep dive in finance’ courses, the student will explore specific issues in the banking and insurance market. They will gain an understanding of the market itself and understand the financial market landscape, regulation, actors, and activities. The ‘Deep dive in finance’ courses will allow students to understand the financial structure of the company so they can guide fundamental decisions. In this phase of the programme, the student will understand the main financial management tools and the main characteristics of the different areas of financial activity.

Technical architecture in Financial Services

During this session students will go through the evolution of IT architecture in Financial Services. From the monolithic all-in-one system of the 70’s to the modern, cutting edge, digital 24/7 cloud architecture passing through distributed applications and service-oriented patterns. An IT architecture is the accomplishment of business needs. New requirements arise daily and the IT landscape continues to evolve, adding new applications, replacing old ones, and having to suffer inefficiency due to non-de-commissionable systems (i.e., legacy applications). Technology only moves faster and starting every time from a perfect scenario is not a viable option. An IT landscape is a balance of old and new systems integrated according to well defined pattern to ensure adequate performance and an appropriate level of continuity services at acceptable costs.

AI-ML hands-on

This training area focuses on the application of the main Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, such as computer vision, natural language processing, predictive systems and deep learning. The course focuses on the study of cognitive systems offered by two of the leading vendors in the sector and their application in multiple contexts of use such as intelligent process automation, recommendation systems and intelligent analysis. The specialisation is based on case studies from real experiences, leveraging Reply's experience in frontier technologies. Attendees can study the real-world applications of the platforms and frameworks offered by leading vendors in the industry. The implementation of cutting-edge algorithms and models, deep learning techniques and an in-depth study of machine learning tools will go hand in hand with an approach aimed at capitalising on the results from defining of evaluation metrics for the effectiveness of the solutions developed from a business perspective. Technology will be the predominant part of the journey. However, important issues such as bias, fairness and explainability of the model, essential for bringing AI to today's large companies, will also get their fair share of dedicated time.

Data hands-on

In this area of specialisation, a hands-on approach will be pursued with a variety of exercises in which participants will implement end-to-end data pipelines that start from source systems and complete all transformation steps. As a result, participants will understand how to do batch and real-time data ingestion, how to transform and organise data for further analysis, how to industrialise machine learning models and finally how to expose what is extracted from the data. The majority of time will be focused on the practical side, building data architectures in a simplified way to meet typical needs in the FSI world based on AWS cloud and GCP.

Project Work

In parallel with studying, the student will work on concrete projects within teams made up of experts in the sector. An integral part of the activity will be the assignment of a work project on which the student will have to write their thesis.


In the final stages of the master's programme, a thesis document will be drawn up describing the work done during the entire project. The thesis will be presented to a commission consisting of professors from the POLIMI GSoM and REPLY experts who will provide the final evaluation.

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Make Forward

What will I learn by completing this Master’s?


In-depth knowledge of the technologies that are at the basis of the major transformations taking place in the Financial Services Market.


An understanding of how these technologies can be adopted in practice to solve real-life problems.


A specialisation in the key technology areas: Data and Machine Learning.


An awareness of how these technologies are made available by major platform providers and the differences between them.


The Reply methodology: to learn from our professionals based on a practical approach, adopting a distinctive working method focused on excellence and collaboration.

Who will guide me during the learning process?

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The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee made up of members of POLIMI Graduate School of Management and Reply Group professionals, is responsible for designing the training programme and supervising the initiative.
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POLIMI GSoM Instructors

The Masters' teaching staff is made up of professors and researchers from POLIMI Graduate School of Management, experts in the topics covered, who will guide you through this academic experience.
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Reply Instructors

Reply’s professionals will take turns in teaching, supporting laboratory activities and serving as mentors to students during the project work and the preparation of their thesis. They will also give lectures on subjects such as IoT and Security.


How much does the master’s programme cost?

If you’re selected for the programme and you accept our job offer, Reply will cover the programme fees.

Where will the programme take place?

The programme will mainly take place online. Face-to-face activities (2-3 times during the programme) will take place at the POLIMI Graduate School of Management buildings and at the Reply offices, while on-the-job training will mainly take place at the Reply offices in Turin and Milan.

When does the programme start?

The start of the programme is scheduled for April 2023. The exact date will be communicated to the selected candidates once their presence has been confirmed.

How can I apply for the Master course?

It is necessary to register through the master’s page, at master.reply.com and by selecting the "Apply Now" button or by directly accessing this page. For any requests regarding the procedure for sending your application, you can ask for help at master@reply.com.

Is the programme delivered in person or online?

The programme is designed to be done online. However, some activities will take place face-to-face at POLIMI Graduate School of Management buildings or at the Reply offices. However, these activities will be carried out in compliance with the current and any subsequent directives given by the Government in terms of the pandemic.

How many students will be on the programme?

There are 50 places available.

Can I apply if I haven’t graduated, yet?

Yes. Your degree must be completed by March 2023 in the case of a bachelor's degree, or by July 2023 in the case of a master's degree.

Do I qualify for the programme?

There are minimum admission requirements to apply for this programme:

  1. Minimum knowledge of the English language equal to level B2

  2. Master's or bachelor's degree in:

    • Computer Engineering

    • Informatics

    • Automation Engineering

    • Telecommunications Engineering

    • Electronic Engineering

    • Computer security

      Once completed, we will review your application and contact you if your profile matches. The first step in the selection process is a motivational interview with our HR team.

How does the Reply job offer work?

If you pass the selection process, you’ll be offered a permanent contract by a Reply group company. If you accept the offer, Reply will cover the cost of attending your master’s programme.

Will Reply cover accommodation costs?

As a Reply employee, we’ll base travel and accommodation costs on Italian National Labour Contract laws.

Is there an age limit?

No, but preference will be given to applications from people who have graduated within the last three years. In fact, the programme is aimed at recent graduates or professionals with up to three years of work experience.

What language is the programme taught in?

The entire programme is in English.

Is the master’s programme full-time?

No, an "executive" calendar including lessons during two Fridays-Saturdays per month will be applied. For the rest of the time you will be engaged in work activities as foreseen by the company of the Reply group that hired you.

What equipment will I need?

When you’re hired as a Reply employee, you’ll receive all the tools you need to do your job, including a laptop, software and the “renowned” backpack.

Can I leave the master’s programme before it’s finished?

Reply is investing heavily in students accepted onto the programme. To be part of it requires strong motivation to reach your goal. If you leave before the programme conclusion, you’ll have to pay back the full cost of it.