Your path to excellence in the realms of artificial intelligence & cloud

2nd level Specializing Master's Programme from Politecnico di Torino, coordinated by Reply and aimed at young talent.

Artificial Intelligence & Cloud – Master’s Degree

Hands-on Innovation

Reply is preparing tomorrow's Digital Expert for dealing with a set of key technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud. It is a unique programme, recognized by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) and developed in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino, to offer an elite group of highly qualified students a professional specialization in the most innovative fields of the IT sector.

The second edition of the Master's programme on Artificial Intelligence and Cloud is scheduled to start in January 2022 and 40 students will be admitted. The course will be taught in English and is expected to have a duration of one year at Politecnico di Torino's campus and in Reply's offices.

Who is the Master’s aimed at and why enrol?

The 12-month programme is aimed at the most talented students with a degree – including those who will obtain their degree by 31 December 2021 – in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Automation Engineering, Cybersecurity, Telecommunications Engineering or Electronic Engineering.

Are you a talented student?
We invest in your talent and the Master’s is free for you!

Reply is committed to hiring all of the admitted applicants and sponsoring the entire programme for those who accept the job offer and agree to stay for 2 years from the end of the course.

Is this not enough?
For one year you earn, while you learn, and you get a job too!



Key Info


Completed degree by 31 December 2021 – in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Automation Engineering, Cybersecurity, Telecommunications Engineering or Electronic Engineering

Deadline exstension!

29 October 2021 – 14:00 (CET)


40 selected


Reply will cover the participation fee (18.000 €) if you’re selected for the programme and you accept the Reply job-offer

Recruitment and career

Reply will hire the admitted applicants who accept the job-offer and commit to stay for 3 years from the beginning of the Master’s programme.

Time schedule

1 year, from January to December 2022


Class-based training + on-the-job training + thesis




Politecnico di Torino campus and Reply’s offices

2nd level specializing master, full-time

Application deadline on October 29th

A mix of lectures and hands-on experiences

Politecnico di Torino academy expertise

A job in Reply from the Master beginning

7 testimonials from the previous edition’s participants

The timeline of the initiative


Base Courses

Base Courses will cover the main academic lessons, aimed at providing all students with a common theoretical foundation. The topics will cover advanced database concepts, the theory and models related to AI and ML, the infrastructures to support Cloud architectures advanced programming concepts and other applicable subject matters.

Core Courses

(Cloud, Data, Ml)

With the Core Courses, students will acquire competencies on core topics of the master: Cloud, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and Data. Every topic will be articulated through the study of basic concepts and the actual experimentation of how these concepts have been adopted and integrated by “big vendors” on their platforms.

Additional Courses

(Security Lab, IoT)

The master program is than completed with two mandatory training courses: Security Lab – Attack/Defence to concretely experiment an attack/defence scenarios and IoT – Hands-on to get the first introduction to the IoT world with a concrete hands-on approach.

Work Experiences & Project Work

In conjunction with the Core Courses and the Additional Courses, the student will begin to gain work experience within work teams made up of experts in the field. An integral part of the work activity will be the assignment of a project work on which the student will write his thesis.


In the final stages of the Master’s programme, students will prepare a thesis that describes the activities carried out during the project work.

What will I learn by completing this Master’s?

In-depth knowledge of the technologies that are at the basis of the major transformations taking place in all production sectors.

An understanding of how these technologies can be adopted in practice to solve real-life problems.

A specialization on the key technology areas: Cloud, Data and Machine Learning.

An awareness of how these technologies are made available by major platform providers and the differences between them.

The Reply methodology: to learn from our professionals based on a practical approach, adopting a distinctive working method focused on excellence and collaboration.

Specializing in modern technologies

The Master’s in Cloud, Data and Machine Learning illustrates how to use modern digital technologies in practice: from effective data management to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, all through the latest Cloud-based implementation models. The Master’s covers three main areas of specialization:


This area of specialization allows learning the technologies related to the world of Cloud both in IaaS and PaaS shape. It will deal with the proper design of architectures and their correct deployment and management.

The course will deal initially to get the right knowledge on the main cloud provider and with the concepts of microservices architecture, containerization and hybrid clouds delivery architectures. Solutions such as Docker, Kubernetes but also serverless technologies will be considered. The course will provide the necessary skills to effectively design a complex microservices architecture, to manage it effectively through Continuous Integration methodologies on containerized or native architectures. Special focus will be put also on enabling technologies such as network elements and storage and databases services.

The course will be practical and will be developed through a predominance of laboratory hours through which the student will have the opportunity to touch the concepts described above, as well as being able to see how they are implemented by major cloud providers in the market.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

This training area focuses on the business application of major artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques such as computer vision, natural language processing, predictive systems, and deep learning.

The training course is articulated around an in-depth study of the cognitive systems offered by the main vendors in the sector (AWS, Google, Microsoft, Oracle) and their application in multiple contexts of use such as Image Recognition, Digital Assistants, Predictive Maintenance, Intelligent Process Automation, Recommendation systems and Smart Analytics.

The specialization is based on case studies of real-life experiences: leveraging Reply's daily experience on frontier technologies, participants can study real applications of the platforms and frameworks offered by the main suppliers in the sector.

The implementation of cutting-edge algorithms and models, Deep Learning techniques and an in-depth study of Automated Machine Learning tools will go hand in hand with an approach aimed at capitalizing on the results achieved with the definition of evaluation metrics for the effectiveness of the solutions developed from an enterprise perspective.

Technology will represent the predominant part of the path; however, a space will also be dedicated to important issues such as bias, fairness and explainability of the model, essential to bring AI to today's large companies.


In this area of specialization, students will have the opportunity to deepen the technologies and methodologies that enable the adoption of a "data-driven" approach. An initial theoretical part will provide knowledge of the main aspects like technologies (Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Spark, etc.), architectures (Lambda Architecture, Kappa Architecture, event-driven, CQRS, data mesh) and relational data modelling solutions (Snowflake schema, Star schema, Data Vault, etc).

The course will then move to a hands-on approach with a set of exercises in which the participants will implement end-to-end data pipelines that starting from source systems implements all the transformation phases. As a result, participants will have the possibility to understand how to ingest batch and real-time data, how to transform and organize data for further analysis, how to industrialize machine learning models and finally how to expose the value extracted from data.

Most of the hours will be dedicated to the hands-on part and each exercise will be done on a different cloud provider in order to discover the data components made available by the vendors.

Who will guide me during the learning process?

The scientific committee

The Scientific Committee made up of members of Politecnico di Torino and Reply Group professionals, was responsible for designing the training programme and is supervising the initiative.

Politecnico Instructors

The Master’s teaching staff is made up of professors and researchers from Politecnico di Torino, experts in the topics covered, who will guide you through this academic experience.

Reply Instructors

Reply’s professionals will take turns in teaching, supporting laboratory activities and serving as mentors to students during the project work, as well as during the preparation of their thesis. They will also give lectures on cutting-edge subjects such as IoT and provide labs activities on Security.


How much does the Master’s programme cost?

If you’re selected for the programme and you accept our job offer, Reply will cover the programme fees.

Where will the programme take place?

Class-based training takes place at the Politecnico di Torino campus. On-the-job training takes place mainly in Reply’s Turin and Milan offices.

When does the programme start?

It starts in January 2022. We’ll notify successful applicants of the exact date once they’ve confirmed their attendance.

How can I apply for the Master course?

Please register on the portal of Master’s Programmes from Politecnico di Torino and select Master’s Programme “Artificial Intelligence & Cloud: hands-on innovation” to fill in the form and send your application.

Is the programme delivered in person or online?

It’s designed to be delivered in person. However, if there’s another lockdown or any restrictions due to the pandemic, Politecnico di Torino and Reply could move the programme to remote mode. The Master’s programme will comply with the Government regulations.

How many students will be on the programme?

There are 40 places available.

Can I apply if I haven’t graduated, yet?

Yes, provided you’ll have graduated before the Master’s degree starts in January 2022.

Do I qualify for the programme?

There are minimum admission requirements to apply for this programme:

  1. you’ll need confident English language skills (B2)

  2. you’ll need one of the following degree classes:

    • LM-32 Computer Systems Engineering

    • LM-18 Computer Science

    • LM-25 Automation Engineering

    • LM-27 Telecommunications Engineering

    • LM-29 Electronic Engineering

    • LM-66 Cybersecurity

You’ll also need to pass the interview stage.

You can find out more about the selection process on the Politecnico website.

How does the Reply job offer work?

If you pass the selection process, you’ll be offered a permanent contract by a Reply group company. This will start the same day as the programme. If you accept the offer, Reply will cover the cost of attending your Master's degree.

Will Reply cover accommodation costs?

As a Reply employee we’ll base travel and accommodations costs on Italian National Labour Contract laws. No relocation costs will be covered (If you’re not based in Turin, you will take care for your accommodation to study at the Politecnico di Torino, as well as for your on-the-job training).

Is there an age limit?

No, but people who’ve graduated in the last two years will have a better chance of acceptance onto the programme.

What language is the programme taught in?

The entire programme is in English.

Is the Master’s programme full-time?

Yes, and you’ll be employed full-time by a Reply company, as regulated by your contract.

What equipment will I need?

When you’re hired, as a Reply employee, you’ll receive all the tools you need to do your job, including a laptop, software and the “renowned” backpack.

Can I leave the Master’s programme before it’s finished?

Reply is investing heavily in students accepted onto the programme. To be part of it requires strong motivation to reach your goal. If you leave before the programme conclusion, you’ll have to pay back the full cost of it.

Would you like more information?

For any further clarification you might require, write to us at