Information about Coronavirus - assurance for customers and visitors in our offices

12 June 2020

Dear REPLY Customer,

fully aware of our responsibility to maintain the positive results of the strict lockdown measures so far, we at REPLY would like to inform you about the measures we are taking to live up to our continued commitment towards health and safety.

Truly overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic will require heightened vigilance and scrupulous attention to the precautions that we have set in place. This will enable a slow but steady return to a situation allowing for interpersonal social activities between colleagues, customers and partners in our facilities.

As restrictions begin to gradually loosen, it is upon everyone to take responsibility by complying with the health & safety measures at the workplace.

Assurance for Customers and Visitors

For as long as there is no cure or vaccination against COVID-19, Social Distancing remains the most effective way to slow the spread of the virus and help prevent a second wave. At the same time, it is important to gradually resume the operations at REPLY facilities that may necessitate some sort of physical gathering, such as meetings.

REPLY has put the following measures in place in order to reignite the interpersonal aspects of our continuous business operations:

  • Social Distancing: To maintain the benefits of social distancing in ongoing operations, the number of people who are simultaneously present in a given room will remain limited. This is to ensure the minimum distance between people, according to the country specific regulations, is guaranteed at all times. Where the minimum distance is not possible when working together, alternative measures (wearing of mouth‐nose covers) are to be taken.
  • Office Cleaning and Sanitization: The office areas are cleaned daily and surfaces, switches, door handles are disinfected. Information stands at the entrance will make clear all measures in place. Liquid soap and hand sanitization are provided in all offices.
  • Meetings: The occupancy of meeting rooms has been temporarily reduced by at least 50% to ensure the rooms are not overcrowded and 1.5-meter distance is maintained. All participants in a meeting - including visitors and employees ‐ are registered in order to track any possible cross‐contamination.
  • Visitors: Visitors are asked to maintain communication via the established channels to set up appointments in advance. Any visitors to a REPLY office are required to complete a health declaration that they are fit to enter the office and have no symptoms of a viral infection to the best of their knowledge. Visitors must always register at the reception desk and leave their name and Reply host for documentation purposes, in order to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • People Showing Symptoms of Coronavirus: If an employee or visitor shows symptoms of coronavirus, the affected person is sent home immediately. At home, it is recommended that the affected person consults a doctor to determine whether the symptoms are actually the result of a coronavirus infection.

Detailed guidelines are being made available to all employees via the REPLY digital communication channels. External visitors can access the information at the office entrance or request a digital copy from their points of contact at REPLY.

All other provisions taken by REPLY in face of the current pandemic remain in place. Any further restrictive regulation from local authorities will have precedence over any measures laid out in REPLY internal guidelines, ensuring full compliance with local regulation.

For REPLY, the wellbeing of our employees, customers and business partners remains of utmost priority in this phase of gradual restarting of office operations. At the same time we acknowledge the importance to offer physical space that allows for interpersonal contact within the set limits defined by the respective authorities and the REPLY task force.

REPLY actively supports organisations in maintaining operations using digital communication channels. You can learn more about this in our website’s FIGHT BACK - RESTART YOUR BUSINESS section. For companies interested in the impact of the Coronavirus on consumer and business behaviour we provide data-driven information in our COVID-19 Reports.

We continue to closely monitor the evolution of the situation and will proactively communicate novel ways of support we can offer. For further questions, please reach out to your personal point of contact at REPLY.

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