Aktive Reply earns a new Adobe Specialization: Adobe Experience Manager Run and Operate

31 January 2020

Aktive Reply has been named by Adobe as Adobe Experience Manager – Run & Operate Specialized Partner in the EMEA region, as a result of its ever increasing level of skills and expertise in designing easily maintained sites and applications, as well as performing ongoing operation and maintenance.

This achievement, that follows the acquisition of the Adobe Experience Manager - Sites Specialization, represents a crucial milestone for Aktive Reply in its path to better assist its clients with their Adobe Experience Manager platform management and consolidates the already strong Aktive Reply & Adobe partnership which started in 2008.

The Adobe Experience Manager – Run & Operate Specialization is given to Adobe Solution Partners who primarily engage with an AEM customer deployment once the project has reached the Run & Operate phase of the deployment. Aktive has been recognized for ability in providing support for installation, configuration, monitoring and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery activities.

Aktive Reply is able to secure this important result thanks to the continuous investment in research and development, the specific skills and AEM DevOps Certified Experts acquired. With an increasing focus on the topics related to Adobe Marketing Suite features like Magento and Marketo, Aktive Reply is ranking among the top Adobe partners in EMEA in terms of breadth of skills on the Adobe ecosystem.

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