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Reply Xchange returns IN 2022:

live and in person!

Join us for the Reply Xchange 2022 to celebrate innovation. Grasp your chance to gain deeper insights into current tech and digital experience trends, to network with experts and to get a glimpse at the technological advancements shaping the future of business.

In 2022 we are looking forward to seeing each other face-to-face again, at the iconic BMW Welt in Munich, located in the city’s scenic Olympiapark.

Once again the Reply Xchange will live up to its name, and provide a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences to the peers of the IT sector, curious minds and creative thinkers of all industries with the goal to ignite a spark of innovation based on deeper understanding of the paradigms transforming business and society.


44 sessions

Profit from lessons learnt and Best Practices presented by Reply experts, customers, and partners.

Tech Zone

Boost your skills and dive deep into tech topics with hands-on live demos and show-me-how sessions.

Featured Topics

Data & AI, Robotics & Connected Products, Digital Experience & Metaverse, Sustainability & more.

Demo Area

Discover new metaverse experiences, the fusion of AI and IoT for Robotics & Automation, the potential of Data & AI for your business.

Fun & Games

To play is human. Have some fun and refresh your synapses having a good time.


Data & AI

Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Intelligent Process Automation: find out how data will lift your business to a new level.


Robotics &

A new generation of autonomous robots and devices bring AI on the move for revolutionary use cases.


Discover how technology can contribute to transforming production, transport and consumption into a climate neutral model.


Understand how the combination of data-driven tech with human creativity can unlock next-gen experiences.

The Metaverse

Digital Experience to the max! What does the merging of the physical and virtual worlds mean for businesses?


Experience and test innovative solutions developed by Reply with your own (and your virtual) hands.
See and feel with your own eyes and senses, how innovation arises from emerging technologies.

Dedicated areas are highlighting:


Reply Xchange is designed to give fresh insights on tech trends, innovation, digital experience and enterprise applications. Reply Xchange is a invitation-only event and it’s open to Reply’s customers and partners. If you want to know more please contact us.

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