White Paper

IOT Security Test Unit: making security tangible

Smart factories, smart grids, smart cities: the rise of IoT comes with a lot of potential security issues. We have a strategy to prevent them.

As IoT grows rapidly, security issues get more pressing

Smart factories, smart grids, smart cities… a new world arises, where things communicate with each other. They enable a faster, more efficient, more convenient and safer way of living and doing business. By 2025, we could see 75 billion IoT devices in use, almost double the current figure. Along with these tremendous advantages there are also challenges to cope with. Every tiny IoT device that is part of the infrastructure can be a potential risk.

Exploitation of software vulnerabilities

The threat of an attacker taking advantage of IIoT end device firmware or software vulnerabilities. Such devices are often vulnerable due to lack of updates, usage of weak or default passwords and improper configuration.


The threat of tampering with a device by a saboteur who gains physical access to the OT environment - either an outsider who manages to bypass insufficient physical security measures or an insider who wants to harm the organisation.

IoT communication protocol hijacking 

The threat of an attacker taking control of an existing communication session between two network components, which may lead to the disclosure of passwords and other confidential information.

Brute force attack

The threat of gaining unauthorised access to an organisation’s resources like PLCs or IoT devices through a large number of attempts to guess the correct key or password.

Prevent threats with Reply’s IoT Security Test Unit

Reply’s IoT Security Test Unit helps to demonstrate and test possible attacks so organisations can react fast to security issues and reduce risks of production outages. The Test Unit makes it tangible for IT as well as for OT experts. By doing that, we enable the teams to bridge potential misunderstandings due to natural differences in backgrounds and cultures.

Fundamental factors must be taken into consideration to ensure ideas are developed into successful IoT Infrastructures. However, transforming great IoT ideas into great IoT devices is a major challenge for many companies. The process of defining, prototyping and testing IoT products is crucial for success.

Security in IoT and IIoT

We help in the development, protection and maintenance of profitable networked IT infrastructures. Our expertise in the analysis of IoT and industrial components and entire infrastructures helps companies to eliminate gaps, vulnerabilities and threats in advance. We follow a holistic approach, but we can also be very flexible in delivering just individual components.

1. Preparation

Our advanced industry and loT security Test Units assess the hardware and software security of your device and/or ecosystem and provide prioritized advice on how to close critical and obvious security gaps.

2. Security Assessment

According to our motto - Security by Design - we help you to understand your loT concepts and ideas, ensuring they are integrated into the design from a basic security aspect.

3. Threat Modelling

We create threat models for your loT components to create a clear overview of potential threats and their likelihood and impact to your company and business, so that you can focus on your product development and close critical security gaps.

4. Security Architecture

Our experienced security experts provide detailed recommendations and plans on how to protect your loT landscape and ecosystem from identified threats.

5. Implementation

We support you in the implementation of the loT infrastructure. This includes not only the components and devices, but also all required backend services such as cloud Infrastructure and applications.

6. Security Operations

We support you with our security experts and ensure that your infrastructure and business processes are secure at all times. This includes comprehensive 7/24 security monitoring for your loT infrastructure.