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Green web design

Designing sustainable websites and apps

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Surfing, chatting, streaming: Using the Internet causes high climate-damaging emissions. Our white paper shows how developers can design resource-efficient websites and apps.


Saving resources with sustainable design

To reduce the ecological impact of our Internet use, we can do more than just surf less. Green web design makes websites and apps more eco-friendly. The principle behind it is simple: the more efficiently a website uses resources, the lower its energy consumption. The CO2 emissions it produces can therefore be reduced in this way.

Tips and tricks for developers

Our white paper offers more useful advice for developers on how to become more eco-friendly using green web design principles. Using the example of an app, the white paper shows the tricks developers can use to reduce data transfer and thus also energy consumption. It also points out that chic and sustainable are not mutually exclusive.


Your path to sustainable web design with Reply

Do you need further input on the topic of green web design or would you like specific support for your project? Reply has a outstanding expertise in the development of websites and apps. The Matcha Reply method we developed makes it possible to consistently consider and implement sustainability in every step of a project. Our experts will be happy to assist you with your green web design project.

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